Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 163 - A Gorgeous, Ethereal Little Face

Chapter 163: A Gorgeous, Ethereal Little Face

He disliked his stepsister Lu Yunshuang not only because they were not born to the same mother. It was also because he knew that she was a schemer since young.

What he found most unbearable was that she was always framing Weiwei. Moreover, she did it so smoothly every time.

He often worried that she would eventually harm his sister for real.

If not for his father’s and grandmother’s sake, he would not tolerate Lu Yunshuang living another day.

Now that she had married into the Eastern Palace, it also meant that she had departed from the Lu Family. Only then did his worries fade slightly.

His father’s actions today made him very happy.

It had always been Lu Yunshuang’s personal choice to marry the Crown Prince, and it was also what she had constantly sought after. There was no way he would allow her leech onto the Grand Duke Family for support.

“Father, the next time Lil Sis makes breakfast for me, I’ll surely leave some for you,” he said generously, the corners of his mouth lifting.

At first, Lu Hetian raised his eyebrows in surprise, but when he saw the triumphant look on his face, he snapped, “Get lost! Why would I care about your breakfast? If I want to eat, Weiwei will make food for me separately.”

Lu Tingchen smiled faintly, not making any more comments.

The next day, the sun had barely risen when Lu Liangwei went to Lu Tingchen’s Constellation Harvest Court.

Lu Tingchen was already awake at this time. Seeing her arrival, he tossed a set of palace guard clothes to her.

Without another word, Lu Liangwei headed into the bedroom to change.

The clothes were a little big on her, and the armor even more so.

They looked rather comical on her.

Lu Liangwei was speechless as she stared at herself in the mirror. She looked like a child who had stolen an adult’s clothes to wear.

She tugged at the clothes and walked out awkwardly.

Lu Tingchen was getting impatient. “What are you dawdling for?”

“Can I not wear this?” Lu Liangwei tried to negotiate.

Lu Tingchen was annoyed. “Why are you so particular about it? You’re not attending a palace draft.”

“Big Bro, you’ll never get a wife,” Lu Liangwei said firmly.

Lu Tingchen was unbothered. “Great, I don’t want to marry yet.” As he spoke, he smacked her head with a large palm and said gruffly, “Stop your chatter and let’s get going!”

Lu Liangwei put the helmet on her head and glared at him indignantly.

The siblings bantered in the yard, but the moment they stepped out of the court, they immediately stopped joking and went on their way, walking in single file.

After attending morning court, Long Yang returned to Hidden Dragon Palace for his meal.

He still needed to take his medicine after that.

However, it was neither Chief Physician Lin nor Zhao Qian who brought the medicine to him. It was a uniformed palace guard instead.

He frowned, annoyance crossing his features. “Who let you in?”

“It was Butler Zhao. He said that Your Majesty would come back at this time after morning court. The medicine was decocted some time ago and has been kept warm on the stove all this time. You can take it right after your meal, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang was stunned when he heard a girl’s silvery voice echo in the room.

The next moment, the palace guard walked up to him with the bowl of medicine in her hands.

After setting the bowl down, she finally raised her head.

Under the oversized armor was a gorgeous, ethereal little face. The girl blinked her dark, intelligent eyes, and suddenly coming to a realization, knelt before him. “Greetings, Your Majesty.”

When Long Yang came back to his senses, the displeasure on his face had long since disappeared. The corners of his perfectly curved mouth lifted faintly.

He took the bowl and drank all the medicine at once.

Lu Liangwei stood beside him. As she watched him put the bowl down, she suddenly heard him say, “Lu Liangwei, is there huanglian in this medicine?” (TN: 黄连 (huánglián) is an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine and has a bitter taste.)

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