Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 148 - Thought That He Was A Girl

Chapter 148: Thought That He Was A Girl

This child looked young, but he was a boy of character.

He told her that he could earn money with his own hands and feet.

Lu Liangwei admired his attitude very much. She wanted to take him in as her apprentice and teach him some medical skills. If he showed expertise in that area, he could make a living with it in the future.

The little beggar’s name was Youyou. He was very young when he got separated from his family. He only had a vague memory of his family calling him Youyou but could not remember his surname or where he lived. Later on, he came to the imperial capital after wandering around with the old beggar and begged for a living ever since.

Youyou was a little bashful at Lu Liangwei’s words and actions. He lifted his face and smiled sweetly at her. “Things have been pretty good lately. I haven’t met anyone rude or savage,” he replied in a clear voice. When he smiled, two dimples would appear on his face, making him even more adorable.

If Lu Liangwei had not already known his gender, she would definitely have thought that he was a girl.

After Lu Liangwei ordered Zhu Yu to distribute all the things she had bought to the beggars, she began to treat the old beggar’s illness.

Already in his sixties, the old beggar looked thin and senile as a result of long-term starvation. His illness was nothing serious, but it had worsened because of his prolonged malnourishment and inability to pay for treatment. However, it was still not difficult to cure.

He could only lie in bed every day and depend on the young beggars’ support.

As soon as Lu Liangwei had finished examining him, Youyou immediately asked anxiously, “Sister Lu, can Grandpa’s illness be cured?”

Lu Liangwei said with a smile, “Of course. As long as your grandpa takes the medicine that I prescribed every day, he’ll recover in no time.”

Pure joy appeared on the old beggar’s emaciated face when he heard this. “Thank you, Miss Lu.”

Lu Liangwei gave him a meaningful look, then turned to Youyou and said, “Youyou, go decoct the medicine with Sister Zhu Yu.”

Youyou had been jumping up and down in delight when he heard that the old man could be cured. Hearing her instruction, he quickly responded, “I’ll go now, Sister Lu.”

After Youyou left, the old beggar sighed and looked at Lu Liangwei. “You may ask whatever you want to ask, Miss Lu.”

His shrewdness did not surprise Lu Liangwei in the least, and she said, “Sir, I don’t know who you are and what you’ve experienced in the past, but I discovered that you were poisoned before. The residual poison has not been completely cleared, which is what caused your body to weaken day by day.

“The medicinal materials that I brought just now are specifically for clearing the remaining poison in your body. Remember to ask Youyou and the others to decoct the medicine for you every day. You must take this medicine for half a month without stopping, or else it would go to waste.”

The old beggar was astonished for a moment as he listened to her advice.

He had thought that she would inquire about his background, but to his surprise, she did not ask a single question about it.

“Thank you for your effort,” the old beggar said gratefully.

Actually, he had already lost hope for curing his illness. He only prayed that he could hold on for a few more years until these young beggars got older—only then could he pass on without worry.

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “You’re welcome. Just remember to take your medicine on time.” She had a feeling that the old beggar was no ordinary person, but since they were only strangers who met by chance, she did not want to poke her nose into his business.

When she came out from the old beggar’s room, she saw Youyou bringing the decocted medicine in at the same time.

She stood silently in the dilapidated yard for a while until Youyou came back out, then ushered him aside and started asking him questions.

“Youyou, has there been any progress on that matter?”

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