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Chapter 147 - So Tired That You’re Hallucinating

Chapter 147: So Tired That You’re Hallucinating

Ji Qingyuan immediately understood what he meant. Looking at his firm expression, he asked tentatively, “If something really were to happen to His Majesty, I for one think that the Prince of Xiangyang is more suitable to inherit the throne.”

Lu Hetian gave him a sidelong glance. “The Lu family will not be involved in the fight for the crown. We’re only loyal to the Emperor.”

Ji Qingyuan relaxed at these words. “That’s good to hear.” The Lu family has always been a force greatly sought after during factional strifes in the past. However, they held on to an ancestral instruction that forbade involvement in any sort of political dispute. They would only remain loyal to the emperor.

For Ji Qingyuan, Lu Hetian’s words had the calming effect of a tranquilizer.

As long as the Lu family was not on the Crown Prince’s side, the Prince of Xiangyang would have far fewer obstructions in his way.

Lu Hetian glanced at him and reminded him sternly, “You’d better think carefully and not take the wrong side. Otherwise, you’ll drag your whole family down with you to the depths of no return.”

Ji Qingyuan replied grimly, “I know, but I believe in the Prince of Xiangyang’s ability.” Even if he did not care for the Ji family, he would still care for his daughter Linghui.

His daughter had not produced any heirs. The day the Emperor dies, and the new emperor takes the throne, she would either be buried alive or banished to the Cold Palace.

The Prince of Xiangyang had already promised him that he would treat his daughter well if he won the throne.

Having said everything he wanted to say, Lu Hetian did not push any further. “Since you’ve already made your decision, I have nothing to say.”

After going their separate ways, Lu Hetian returned to the Grand Duke Mansion.

The moment he entered, he saw Lu Liangwei walking toward him.

“Dad.” Lu Liangwei was getting more and more accustomed to calling him Dad.

She raced over when she saw him.

This scene sent Lu Hetian into a momentary daze.

It reminded him of a different scene from dozens of years ago—of how that woman came running toward him like a butterfly.

He opened his arms and embraced her tightly, muttering, “Xuehua…”

[TN: Possible author typo as she was previously known as Lihua]

Lu Liangwei, “…”

She was a little uncomfortable being held so tightly by her father. At this moment, she was stunned when she heard the name her father was calling. Sure enough, she lifted her head to see her old man deeply engrossed in their embrace.

The corners of Lu Liangwei’s mouth twitched, and she had no choice but to say, “Dad, are you so tired that you’re hallucinating? I’m not your Xuehua.”

Lu Hetian froze for a while, then abruptly came back to his senses. Hastily letting go of Lu Liangwei, he wiped his face in embarrassment. “You must have misheard.”

Lu Liangwei nodded without exposing his lie. “Maybe I did. I’m going out for a while, Dad.”

Lu Hetian wanted to stop her, but he felt a little awkward when he thought of what had happened just now. In the end, he only reminded her, “Be careful.” He then shot Wang He a glance. “Protect Second Miss in secret.”

Wang He was his personal guard captain and the strongest martial artist among them.

“Of course.” Wang He immediately obeyed and left.

Lu Liangwei did not know that Lu Hetian had sent someone to look after her in secret. After buying some stuff with Zhu Yu, she went to a small dilapidated yard.

This yard was in a remote location where nobody would usually go.

There was a group of young beggars living inside with only one elderly beggar leading the group. However, the old beggar was in poor health and had to depend on these children to take care of him.

Seeing that Lu Liangwei had come, a little beggar about eight or nine years old immediately greeted her happily.

“Sister Lu, why are you here?”

“I’m here to see you guys. How have you been doing these days? Did anything bad happen?” Lu Liangwei stroked his head and asked gently.

This little beggar was the child whom Chen Xuping had injured the last time.

After recovering from his injuries in Hanging Pot Medical Hall, he returned to the beggars’ den, and after passing all the money he had obtained to the old beggar, he continued to beg on the streets every day.

Lu Liangwei wanted to help him, but her offer was turned down.

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