Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 1437 - 1437 Was It Really As She Thought

1437 Was It Really As She Thought

Chu Yi spoke freely once his daughter was gone. He grabbed Chu Qi by the shoulders and said, “You’re still young and you should treat this as early as you can. If you delay this, your condition might become serious later even if you think there’s nothing wrong now.”

Chu Qi flung his hand away. “You’re that one that has a serious condition.”

Chu Yi was not angered by this. Instead, he countered with some delight, “If I had a serious condition, how did Bao Yu come about?”

Chu Qi’s eyes twitched. He did not want to continue the conversation and turned to leave.

Zhao Qian and Chu Yi shared a look, acting as if they solemnly understood his predicament. “Looks like Lil Qi is just too embarrassed. He’s trying to hide his condition even after all of this happened. We wouldn’t have found out about it if he hadn’t let his tongue slip. This can’t go on. I must ask Her Highness to help write a prescription for Lil Qi so we can regulate his health.”

Grand Phoenix Palace.

Lu Liangwei spat out her mouthful of tea after listening to what Zhao Qian had to say. Her appearance was a mess when she looked up to glance at him. “What did you just say? Lil Qi can’t perform?” Was it really as she thought?

Zhu Yu quickly passed her a handkerchief to dry her clothes.

Her Highness was not the only one who was shocked; Zhu Yu was equally shocked after hearing this.

It had never crossed her mind that Chu Qi could not perform when he looked so healthy on the outside.

Zhao Qian sighed and nodded. “It’s true. Lil Qi told us himself. Please aid his health by giving him a prescription, Your Highness.”

Lu Liangwei had calmed down by now and she said with a frown, “I haven’t checked his pulse yet, and I’m not entirely clear about his condition just based on your description. I do have a prescription for this, but I can’t simply administer it for him.”

“Why not let me summon Lil Qi over?” Zhao Qian said somewhat hesitantly.

Lil Qi was easily embarrassed and it might be a challenge to drag him there.

When Lu Liangwei saw how troubled he looked, she said, “It’s fine. I’ll see him myself.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.” Zhao Qian hastily thanked her.

Lu Liangwei waved him off and left Grand Phoenix Palace, making her way toward Ji’er’s Auspicious Palace.

After her three children had grown bigger, they had all wanted a palace of their own, which was why she allowed them to each pick their own place nearby Grand Phoenix Palace.

Lu Liangwei was initially not used to the situation when they first moved out of Grand Phoenix Palace, but her children were now grown up and would naturally want their privacy.

However, her three children were still obedient and made sure to greet her every morning and evening.

She did not want them to tire themselves out, but they had grown up and enjoyed moving around, though they rarely came looking for her. The Palace was a huge place and there were times when she found it difficult to see them during the day. It was only during the morning and evening that she could see them when they came to greet her, and she took those opportunities to speak to them, which was why she did not stop this arrangement.

When Lu Liangwei went to Auspicious Palace, Ji’er was currently at Yaoyao’s Pear Blossom Palace, supervising Yaoyao as she copied scriptures.

This girl had slept on her tummy again last night and Ji’er complained to her Royal Brother about it; he had consequently punished her by making her copy scriptures.

“My good sister, my hands are about to break. Can I stop writing now?” Yaoyao shook out her wrists and put on a pitiful look.

“You’ll be done in two more rounds. You can’t give up halfway.” Ji’er had a ferule in her hand, looking like a small adult.

Yaoyao pouted, “You’re too heartless. Royal Brother wouldn’t find out if I copied two scriptures less if you just keep quiet about it.”

“Royal Brother would find out. He said that he would check your work personally. Stop the chit-chat and finish your work!” Ji’er banged the table with the ferule.

Yaoyao looked at the ferule in Ji’er’s hand and shrank back. She had been smacked a few times and knew how much it hurt. She did not want to get another beating.

She picked up the brush and was about to continue when Bao Yu walked in. After bowing at both princesses, she said rather mysteriously, “I bumped into Big Bro Lil Qi on my way here.”

Ji’er perked up a little.

Yaoyao raised an eyebrow and immediately threw away the brush as she quickly asked, “You look pretty smug. Did something interesting happen?”

Bao Yu chuckled. “It’s not really anything interesting. I just heard Butler Zhao said Big Bro Lil Qi got hurt down there…”

“What do you mean ‘down there’?” Yaoyao asked curiously.

Ji’er stood up as she looked slightly worried. “Did you say Big Bro Lil Qi is hurt?”

Bao Yu was taken aback. “I guess so. That’s what Butler Zhao said.”

When she heard this, Ji’er ran out without saying a word.

When Yaoyao saw this, she chased after her while pulling Bao Yu along.

They bumped into Long Yin on the way and Yaoyao told him what Bao Yu had just said.

“…Royal Brother, where do you think Big Bro Lil got hurt? Butler Zhao didn’t make it clear. It’s so frustrating,” she said as she stomped her feet.

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