Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 1436 - 1436 Because You’re Unable To Perform

1436 Because You’re Unable To Perform

Long Yang turned his gaze away and looked and Chu Qi. He said in a low voice, “Take those paintings with you for now. If there aren’t any ladies you like, I’ll make arrangements with the Ministry of Rites again.”

Chu Qi still wanted to reject the arrangement, but Zhao Qian had already taken the paintings and stuffed them into his arms. He urged Chu Qi, “Hurry up and thank Master.”

Chu Qi did not want to get married. Moreover, he had just promised Ji’er last night that he would not take a wife.

He looked a little stubborn about it and did not speak for quite a while.

When Long Yang saw him this way, he waved Chu Qi off. “Alright. You may leave.”

Zhao Qian felt hugely relieved and quickly pulled Chu Qi out.

Once they left the imperial study, Zhao Qian said with slight frustration, “You silly child, why were you being so stubborn? Master had put effort into your marriage. Why didn’t you show some gratitude?”

“I don’t want to get married,” Chu Qi said with an air of helplessness. He knew his master treated him well, but he also knew that he did not want to get married.

“What’s wrong with getting married? I can’t marry anyone even if I wanted to,” Zhao Qian said despondently.

Chu Qi glanced at Zhao Qian and placed the paintings in front of him. “You take this.”

Zhao Qian’s lips twitched with annoyance.

He placed his arms on his hips and said, “Are you trying to anger me on purpose? Do you think I can marry someone in my condition?”

Chu Qi paused a moment. “If you really want to, there’s nothing stopping you.”

Zhao Qian choked. After a while, he sighed and said, “If I did that, I’ll only be ruining a young lady’s life. I can’t do something so immoral. Of course, if I was normal, I wouldn’t hesitate.”

Chu Qi said, “I don’t want to ruin another person’s life as well.”

When Zhao Qian heard this, he felt that something felt off about such an explanation.

A thought crossed his mind and his eyes suddenly widened. He looked at Chu Qi in astonishment, “Lil Qi, are you impotent?”

Chu Qi, “…”

Zhao Qian’s imagination began to get carried away. “Did you get poisoned while you were fighting in the war in Southern Xinjiang? This would be similar to what Master had experienced in the past. So, you don’t want to get married because you’re unable to perform?”

Chu Qi’s face turned dark.

Unfortunately, the more Zhao Qian thought about it, the more this theory made sense to him. He quickly comforted Chu Qi. “Even so, you shouldn’t worry about this too much. Her Highness is highly-skilled in medicine. You can recover once she prescribes you some medicine and treats you.” With that, he immediately tugged on Chu Qi’s hand and made to move toward Grand Phoenix Palace. “Let’s not delay any longer. We’ll go see Her Highness right now.”

The vein on Chu Qi’s temple throbbed. He quickly brushed off his hand and said coldly, “You’re overthinking this.”

Zhao Qian was taken aback. He regained his composure and tried his best to advise Chu Qi. “Even though it is difficult to open up about such matters, you have to understand that it isn’t your fault. You should seek treatment if you’re sick. You shouldn’t avoid seeing physicians. I know you get embarrassed easily, so I’ll do the talking on your behalf once we see Her Highness.”

“Is Lil Qi sick? Why would he avoid seeing a physician?” At that moment, Chu Yi came walking over to them while holding his daughter, Bao Yu’s, hand. He asked the question curiously when he overheard Zhao Qian’s words.

Chu Qi suddenly had a bad feeling about this. As he feared, Zhao Qian immediately let loose and said, “Lil Qi hurt himself down there and now doesn’t dare to get married because of that. I wanted to request Her Highness to write a prescription for him and treat him.”

Chu Yi’s mouth was shaped into an ‘O’ and he looked at Chu Qi in great shock. “You hurt yourself down there?”

Bao Yu had no idea what was going on. She quickly asked, “Father, where did Big Bro Lil Qi get hurt?”

Chu Yi suddenly remembered that his daughter was present and quickly shut his mouth. He answered vaguely, “Nothing, nothing. Go on and look for your mother. There’s something I need to talk to Big Bro Lil Qi about.”

Bao Yu glanced at Chu Qi and left.

Chu Qi had a feeling that Bao Yu was giving him a weird look, but he did not think much of it.

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