Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 126 - Our Family Will Find You An Adopted Son-In-Law

Chapter 126: Our Family Will Find You An Adopted Son-In-Law

“I heard that many rare and valuable medicinal materials can be found on Sacred Hillock Peak, so I thought I’d gather some for Grandmother and Father to build up their health…”

“I’d like to hear the truth,” Lu Tingchen looked askance at her, coldly interrupting what she was saying.

“That is the truth…”

“Still pretending, are you? I’ll go tell Father then…”

Lu Liangwei hastily pulled him back. “Stop acting so anxious. I’m not lying to you at all. I did come to Sacred Hillock Peak to collect miracle medicines. There are plenty of rare miracle herbs on Sacred Hillock Peak that can’t be bought in the market. Only…” She hesitated at this point.

Lu Tingchen was different from Lu Hetian in that, even though he doted on her as his younger sister, he did not indulge and pamper her on principle as Lu Hetian did. Lu Hetian would turn a blind eye even when he knew something was not right, ignoring it on purpose.

When it came to Lu Liangwei, Lu Tingchen was obviously much more rational than Lu Hetian.

He doted on her, but he did not blindly indulge her.

That was why Lu Liangwei was able to get away with things when it came to Lu Hetian, but she could never slip past Lu Tingchen.

Lu Hetian was normally a very wise, farsighted man. Only when it came to Lu Liangwei was he less clear-headed because, in truth, he doted on this daughter of his excessively.

In many ways, he pampered Lu Liangwei so much that he was willing to forgo his principles. That was also the reason why the original owner of this body had ended up being so stubborn and willful, even going to the extent of finally trying to commit suicide over a man by hanging herself.

When it came to his daughter, Lu Hetian never seemed to be able to speak harshly to her, much less lecture or punish her.

Noticing Lu Tingchen’s uncomfortably keen gaze on her, Lu Liangwei did not conceal the truth from him. She lowered her voice and murmured, “I needed a guiding herb to treat His Majesty’s illness.”

Lu Tingchen had never expected this to be his sister’s reason. His gaze darted to and fro. “The guiding herb is on Sacred Hillock Peak?”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Yes.” As she spoke, she patted the bag she carried alongside her. “I’ve got it.

This guiding herb was much too important, which was why she had not placed it in her large cloth bundle, but stored it in her bag.

Lu Tingchen was thrilled. “You’ve already found a way to save His Majesty?”

When Lu Liangwei saw him looking so overjoyed, she smiled as well. “That’s right.”

This older brother of hers was utterly loyal to the Emperor. He was genuinely happy that His Majesty’s illness finally had a cure.

After receiving Lu Liangwei’s affirmative reply, Lu Tingchen reached out to tousle his sister’s head energetically. “If you really can cure His Majesty’s illness, you’ll definitely have performed a service of great merit. When the time comes, you can request His Majesty to arrange a marriage with any young man you’ve set eyes on, from any family—no, actually, you can have your pick of all the men in the entire imperial capital.”

Lu Liangwei’s expression turned sour. She had not expected that her brother would be happy because of something like this!

Her pretty face now looked downcast. “Hey, are you really looking forward so much to not seeing me? Why are you so eager to kick me out of the house?”

The smile on Lu Tingchen’s face widened. He was in an excellent mood. “If you don’t want to get married, that’s fine too. When the time comes, our family will find you an adopted son-in-law.” (TN: Traditionally, the woman will take the man’s name in an Asian family. However, there are instances when the man will ‘marry into’ the woman’s family and their children will take the woman’s name, especially when the woman comes from a wealthy/noble family with no male heirs. For more details, please refer to

Lu Liangwei could not help being slightly intrigued when she heard this.

She was certainly not against marriage; furthermore, this was an olden society that would not tolerate her remaining an old maid her entire life. She would need to marry when she came of age.

However, what benefits were there in marriage?

Her father, brother, and grandmother treated her very well, and she could not bear to be separated from them. It would be wonderful if their entire family could remain together for the rest of their lives.

An adopted son-in-law was a good idea. This way, she would not need to marry into another household, and her wish to never leave her family would be fulfilled.

“Big Brother, what do you think—if I successfully cure His Majesty’s illness, would he be willing to bestow upon me the title of County Princess?” She suddenly asked, indulging in the wildest of whims.

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