Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 125 - You’ll Probably Never Be Able To Get Yourself A Wife

Chapter 125: You’ll Probably Never Be Able To Get Yourself A Wife

Then there was also Lu Liangwei…

His eyes narrowed. He had never realized this girl could act so adorably sweet and coquettish when interacting with Lu Hetian. A strange feeling welled within him, something that could not quite identify.

Chu Yi did not notice anything strange with his master. He was watching the pair of father and daughter from afar. He said a little enviously, “The Grand Duke sure is lucky. He has such an obedient, caring daughter in Second Miss Lu, who is also pretty and adorable. I’d like to have a daughter just like Second Miss Lu. Master, when we return, please bestow a marriage to me. I suddenly feel like having a family too…”

Chu Yi turned to look at Long Yang, but all he saw was Long Yang pulling on his horse and walking out. Long Yang had ignored Chu Yi’s words.

Chu Yi, “…”

Did he just bare his heart for nothing?

Outside the forest clearing, Lu Hetian, Lu Liangwei, and the rest were long gone.

Chu Yi quickly mounted his horse and gave chase when he saw his master exiting the forest.

Long Yang sat there on his horse, his gaze following the group as they went further away.

It was a long time before he said lightly, “Let’s go.”

“Yes,” Chu Yi stared at his master’s figure from the back. For some reason, he suddenly thought his master looked quite lonely.

His master had shouldered so much for all these years, sacrificing so much for the country and the people, yet the heavens did not provide him with a healthy body.

Chu Yi suddenly felt quite downcast.

He prayed Second Miss Lu would be able to cure his master’s illness so that he would be able to be healthy and live a long life.

Lu Hetian had prepared a carriage for Lu Liangwei. The coachman driving it was Gu Er.

Right then, Lu Liangwei was lying comfortably in the carriage while snacking on cakes and fruits specially prepared for her under Lu Hetian’s orders.

As the group journeyed halfway, they bumped into Lu Tingchen, who was galloping swiftly to where they were when he got wind of the news.

He had found out later that Lu Liangwei left for Sacred Hillock Peak on her own. Like Lu Hetian, he was beside himself with worry for her.

He sped toward the peak as fast as he could, afraid that he would have arrived too late to save Lu Liangwei from the clutches of danger.

Yet, he ended up bumping into them halfway through his journey.

He could not control his temper as well as Lu Hetian could. After passing his horse over to Lu Hetian’s personal guards, he jumped straight into the carriage.

He yanked open the blinds on the carriage only to see Lu Liangwei lying comfortably inside while snacking. He sized her up quickly and after making sure that she was okay, he pulled her up roughly.

“Lu Liangwei, are you asking for a beating?”

As she watched his hand about to land on her, Lu Liangwei quickly shouted with all her might, “Father, Big Brother wants to hit me…”

“Lu Tingchen, are you asking for a beating? If you dare touch a hair on Weiwei, would you believe that I will kill you?”

Lu Hetian’s raging voice could be heard from outside.

Lu Tingchen’s face turned dark as his raised palm slowly landed onto Lu Liangwei’s head, and he rubbed it with all his might in his anger. He only let go when her hair was tousled so much that it became something resembling a bird’s nest on her head.

“You wretch, you’re really something, aren’t you?”

Lu Liangwei tried to smoothen her extremely messy hair and when she saw the raging anger on the face of the brother she had gotten through transmigration, she mumbled, “You’re so unruly, you’ll probably never be able to get yourself a wife.”

“What did you say?” The veins on Lu Tingchen’s temples pulsed.

Lu Liangwei quickly changed the topic. “Nothing. I just wanted to say that Big Brother must be really tired and thirsty from rushing all the way here. Take a seat and have some fruits.” As she said this, she quickly handed him some fruits, eager to please him. Her beautiful dark eyes blinked continuously, looking innocent and pure.

Lu Tingchen scoffed coldly as he snatched an apple with gusto and bit into it, but he did not forget to interrogate her. “Why did you suddenly go to Sacred Hillock Peak?”

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