Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 116 - Would It be Disrespectful If She Put Her Mouth On It Directly

Chapter 116: Would It be Disrespectful If She Put Her Mouth On It Directly

All the medicinal materials here appeared to be in good condition and were fairly aged. It was impossible to buy them outside even if price was not an issue.

If she did not have the urgent task of looking for Frostbite’s guiding herbs, Lu LIangwei would not hesitate to collect more of these materials and bring them back to give Grandmother and Father’s health a boost.

When they reached the top of the mountain, Lu Liangwei was exhausted and drenched in sweat, but Long Yang and Chu Yi did not seem tired at all.

She plopped herself down on a rock.

Seeing her panting from exhaustion with her face flushed, Long Yang passed the waterskin in his hand to her. “Drink some water.”

Lu Liangwei took it, removed the cork, and was about to put it to her mouth when she suddenly thought of something and stopped herself abruptly.

She glanced at Long Yang subconsciously, and only after confirming that he was not looking her way did she raise the waterskin.

She did not let her mouth make direct contact with the waterskin but poured the water instead.

This waterskin belonged to Long Yang. If she put her mouth on it directly, would it be considered disrespectful? She decided to drink in an awkward way just to be on the safe side.

Long Yang, whose gaze had been focused elsewhere, turned around suddenly.

Just in time to see her drinking the water.

He pursed his lips— be it from displeasure or some other emotion—and his expression became even colder.

After Lu Liangwei had finished drinking, she sealed the waterskin, returned it to Long Yang, then trudged to the cliff edge to look for the guiding herb.

The guiding herbs for Frostbite were very rare. She did not even see a single trace of it along the way here. She could only hope that she could find it on this mountaintop.

Otherwise, their trip here would be in vain.

Knitting her brows, she squatted on the edge of the cliff and searched carefully.

“Second Miss Lu, what does the guiding herbs you’re searching for look like? Please tell me so I can search together with you.” Chu Yi saw that she was struggling with the task alone and could not resist coming over.

Lu Liangwei shot him a glance. Given the unreliable things this fellow had done earlier, Lu Liangwei had no intention of asking for his help and refused tactfully. “That guiding herbs are very difficult to recognize and have a similar appearance to a poisonous plant. I doubt you can tell the difference.”

“Really?” Chu Yi eyed her incredulously and casually pointed his finger to a spot. “Then do you think that that plant looks like the guiding herb you’re talking about? I don’t think I’ve seen this type of plant before—it looks poisonous to me. I’ll go pick it and show you.”

Lu Liangwei did not want to pay attention to him, but she remembered that there were indeed a lot of poisonous plants growing on this cliff edge; she had even come across a few just now. If the plant was really poisonous, it would be terrible if Chu Yi touched it carelessly and got poisoned.

So when Chu Yi said that he was going to pick it, she stopped him beforehand. “Which plant are you talking about? Let me take a look.”

Chu Yi pointed to the spot. “Right there.”

Lu Liangwei looked in the direction and saw that there was indeed a blade of pitch-black grass growing in the cracks of the rocks on the cliff edge.

Lu Liangwei’s eyes lit up. Shoving Chu Yi aside, she dashed forward.

“I’ve found the guiding herbs!”

She was exhilarated.

Her calls attracted the attention of Long Yang, who was standing on the other side.

It was not surprising that Chu Yi thought it was a poisonous plant—the guiding herbs were completely pitch-black and looked very similar to another type of poisonous plant. The only difference was that this herb had purple veins on its leaves.

While Lu Liangwei was lost in thought, she suddenly heard Long Yang’s roar from behind her, “Lu Liangwei—”

The panic in his voice made Lu Liangwei shudder. The next moment, her eyes widened at the sight of the creature slithering up the cliff edge.

A giant serpent?!

It was a massive, pitch-black serpent with scales covering its body. Baring its fangs, it lunged at Lu Liangwei.

The impact of the unfolding scene was so overwhelming that Lu Liangwei’s mind went blank. Her body stiffened, and she could not think of what to do at that moment.

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