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Chapter 115 - Long Yang Harbored The Faintest Of Expectations

Chapter 115: Long Yang Harbored The Faintest Of Expectations

When Lu Liangwei saw how messily the bandage was wound around Long Yang’s body, she was so exasperated she did not even have it in her to criticize Chu Yi’s handiwork.

Long Yang darted a glance at Chu Yi and tugged his inner garment back up, which had been pulled down as far as his arm.

For some reason, Chu Yi suddenly felt a twinge of uncertainty.

Perturbed, he ran through things in his mind—he had done quite a good job of bandaging, right?

Lu Liangwei handed Long Yang the outer robe she was holding.

Long Yang’s face looked even paler than before, most probably because he had lost a lot of blood.

He glanced at her and took his outer robe from her in silence.

Lu Liangwei was not sure whether or not she should say something.

Even though she had dressed his wound, Long Yang, in his position as Emperor, had shielded her from the wolf’s attack. If nothing else, this meant she owed him her life.

She deliberated for a while, then said gratefully, “Your humble servant acknowledges she is still alive, all thanks to Your Majesty. Thank you, Your Majesty, for coming to my rescue.”

Long Yang paused amidst fastening his belt, lifting his eyes to glance at her. “That’s all you have to say?”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

In her heart, she could not help grumbling. What more did he want?

Could it be…

“Your Majesty, to repay you for saving me, this humble servant is willing…”

Chu Yi’s eyes widened. Was Second Miss Lu about to repay his master by marrying him?

Long Yang’s hands, still on his belt, clenched tightly. His enigmatic dark eyes harbored the faintest trace of expectation.

“… If Your Majesty does not object, please accept this humble servant as your goddaughter. I will be completely filial to you in future.”

“Cough cough cough…” Chu Yi choked on his own saliva and began coughing violently.

Was Second Miss Lu serious?

He did not dare look at his master’s expression right now.

However, from the sudden chilliness in the atmosphere, this appeared to have infuriated his master greatly.

Even though his master was indeed old enough to be Second Miss Lu’s godfather, the way Second Miss Lu had brought this up sounded as if she were reminding his master that he was already in his dotage.


For some reason, Chu Yi felt sorry for his master.

In all honesty, his master was not old. Long Yang was only thirty years of age. However, compared to Second Miss Lu, it did seem, somehow… hmm, somehow a little old.

Long Yang’s eyes narrowed as he glanced at Lu Liangwei, his gaze unfathomable. His tone was more freezing than the snow found at the highest point of the North Pole.

“I have no interested in taking in any goddaughters, nor do I need any goddaughters to be filial to me.”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

If he did not want any goddaughters, then so be it, but why did she feel that the Emperor’s expression was so unpleasant?

“Your Majesty is right. Your humble servant will definitely find an antidote for the poison within you. Once Your Majesty’s body is fully recovered, you can sire as many children as you desire, and it will not be a problem,” Lu Liangwei said with complete confidence.

Long Yang darted a glance at her. “Are you a Fertility Bodhisattva? You seem to be very knowledgeable about these matters.”

Lu Liangwei choked. She would just pretend she did not say that.

Long Yang snorted coldly as he put on his outer robe, ignoring her.

This time, he took the lead. Chu Yi did not even dare to breathe loudly.

The atmosphere was slightly oppressive throughout the entire journey.

Lu Liangwei could clearly sense that Long Yang was angry.

She felt somewhat confused about this.

Why would he get angry for no good reason?

Something suddenly occurred to her, and she blinked.

Could his anger have been caused by her mentioning he could sire as many children as he desired with no problems, and it had pricked him on this one sore point?

That was very likely what had happened. Long Yang had been troubled by Frostbite all these years, and his body had suffered serious damage. It was a problem for him even to have intercourse, much less sire children.

What she had said earlier had obviously upset him, had it not?

She was slightly vexed about this.

It made her even more determined to find Yin guiding herbs to help cure Long Yang’s Frostbite.

Along the way, she had managed to collect a considerable number of rare herbal plants. They were all miracle herbs used for curing ailments, but so far, she had not seen the Yin guiding herbs she sought.

No wonder Sacred Hillock Peak was truly a treasure mountain of renown. Besides various rare and valuable herbs, there were also many restorative medicines such as Ling Zhi and Ginseng—medicinal materials that were of great age.

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