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Chapter 101 - Grant One Of My Requests Too

Chapter 101: Grant One Of My Requests Too

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Lu Liangwei was privately amused.

He had clearly predicted what his father was about to say and slipped away in advance.

Watching Lu Tingchen walk away, Lu Hetian felt a tinge of displeasure. “That little brat. The older he gets, the harder it is to ask him to do something.”

The corners of Lu Liangwei’s mouth curved upward slightly.

Her brother disliked Lu Yunshuang and asking him to visit her disgusted him more than making him eat a fly. There was no way he would agree to it.

At this moment, Lu Hetian’s gaze fell on Lu Liangwei, and he gave a gentle smile. “Weiwei…”

Lu Liangwei felt her scalp tighten as a sudden feeling of dread arose in her.

“After all, you and Shuang’er are sisters. Seeing as she injured her face, can you visit her for me?”

Lu Liangwei wanted to refuse instantly, but if she did, Father would probably go to the Eastern Palace himself to visit Lu Yunshuang.

If that happened, would that not be presenting Lu Yunshuang an opportunity?

She would surely take the chance to intercede for Aunt Zheng.

Father would undoubtedly yield for her sake. If Lu Yunshuang continuously swayed him with both reason and emotion, Aunt Zheng might even be brought back.

No matter how much she despised Lu Yunshuang and Long Chi, she knew she could not reject this mission.

She fiddled with her handkerchief, pretending to look troubled. “I can agree to that, Father, but you’ll have to grant one of my requests too.”

Lu Hetian eyed her with amusement. “I’m just asking you to take a trip to the Eastern Palace, and now you’re bargaining with me?”

Lu Liangwei humphed. “I still have to do all the bowing and greeting at the Eastern Palace. It’s far less comfortable than being at home…”

Lu Hetian did not want to go to the Eastern Palace because he disliked bowing to his daughter. Now that he heard Lu Liangwei say this, he instantly felt somewhat reluctant to let her go.

He was about to tell her that she did not have to go when Lu Liangwei carried on quickly, “But I’m her younger sister after all. It’s no big deal for me to bow to her, and it’s still definitely more appropriate than you doing it.”

Lu Hetian’s heart warmed at her words, and he stroked her head with his large hand, feeling very comforted. “Only Weiwei cares for me, unlike your brother. He only knows how to run off when something comes up. I can’t ask him to do anything at all.”

Lu Tingchen, who had just returned to Constellation Harvest Court, gave a sudden sneeze.

Lu Liangwei blinked. “I’m willing to do anything for you, Father. But I want to go hang out at our holiday home after visiting Big Sis at the Eastern Palace. Will you agree to that?”

Lu Hetian was a little surprised. “Why do you suddenly want to go to the holiday home?”

Lu Liangwei made up a simple excuse. “I heard that there’s a peach forest at our holiday home, and as it’s a good time now to admire them, I’d like to stay there for a few days.”

Lu Hetian frowned. “But I am not very free lately, and your brother will likely be on duty as well. I’ll be worried if nobody accompanies you.”

Lu Liangwei privately thought to herself, how was she supposed to go to Sacred Hillock Peak if they tagged along?

“Don’t worry, Father. The holiday home is just in the capital suburbs. It’s not that far. I’ll stay there for a few days just to take a break, and I’ll be back after that.”

Lu Hetian did not want to agree at first, but when he heard her say that she wanted to take a break, he could not help but overthink things.

Could it be that Weiwei still had not let go of that damned Crown Prince?

His heart ached at the thought.

Whenever he recalled how his daughter forced herself to act strong all this time, his heart hurt agonizingly.

“Alright. The holiday home has pretty nice scenery. I’ll settle matters at the army camp first, then go with you after two days.”

Hearing this, Lu Liangwei hastily said, “Father, since you’re busy with official duties, you don’t have to go out of your way to make time for me. The holiday home is not far anyway. I plan to go there directly after visiting Big Sis tomorrow.”

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