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Chapter 100 - Blaming Long Yang

Chapter 100: Blaming Long Yang

Just as the siblings were about to enter the mansion, Lu Hetian returned from being out.

He had come home directly from the army camp and was still in his armor.

When he saw the siblings outside the mansion gates, he was rather surprised.

“What are you two doing here?” Dismounting from his steed, he passed his horsewhip to his subordinate as he strode up the steps. His gaze skipped past Lu Tingchen and fell on Lu Liangwei—he was obviously delighted to see her.

Lu Liangwei fluttered her lashes at him. “We were specially waiting here for you to return, Father.”

Even though he clearly realized she was telling fibs, Lu Hetian was still very happy. His large hand stroked her head, and his stern face gradually gentled. “Is that so?”

“Of course.” Lu Liangwei did not even bat an eye when she lied.

Lu Hetian laughed happily but paused when he saw the mountain of gifts heaped to one side. “Who delivered all these things?”

Lu Liangwei had already anticipated her father’s thoughts once he found out the answer.

In her heart, she could not help blaming Long Yang for this.

Did he have so many items in the National Treasury that he could no longer fit anything else in there?

He had bestowed so many gifts upon her that she was forced to explain things over and over again whenever anyone asked about it.

“The Emperor did.” Even though she felt it would prove problematic, Lu Liangwei decided to be honest about it.

Just as she had expected, a thoughtful look flashed across Lu Hetian’s face when he heard that the gifts had been presented by the Emperor.

Fortunately, Lu Hetian did not ask any more questions, and Lu Liangwei could finally let out an inward sigh of relief.

She quickly changed the topic of conversation to stop her father from inquiring further into the matter. “Oh, that’s right—the Crown Prince and Crown Princess stopped by just now.”

Lu Hetian was a little surprised. “What were they here for?”

Lu Liangwei secretly found this rather amusing. If Lu Yunshuang were here and had heard Father say this, she would certainly have been cut to the quick.

“I don’t know either, but they left before even coming through the door.” Even though she said this, Lu Liangwei knew very well that Lu Yunshuang’s sudden return with the Crown Prince must have had something to do with Aunt Zheng. Lu Liangwei was afraid that her sister had come here to beg for mercy for Aunt Zheng.

It had taken such a lot to get Aunt Zheng sent away finally, and the mansion was so much more peaceful now. How then could Lu Liangwei allow Aunt Zheng to return so easily?

That was why—after she had become aware of the reason for Lu Yunshuang’s trip back home—she had pricked Lu Yunshuang with the doctored silver needle when they were entering the mansion together, causing her sister to embarrass herself in public.

With Lu Yunshuang’s prideful personality, she would find it impossible to meet the Dowager Duchess and Lu Hetian sporting a face that was so appalling to look upon.

However, this was merely a temporary thing.

Lu Yunshuang was now the Crown Princess. How could she ever allow herself to become a laughing stock in everyone’s eyes because of Aunt Zheng? She would certainly not stand for it.

Nonetheless, Lu Yunshuang had taken quite a nasty fall; her face probably would not recover for some time.

The mansion would at least be able to enjoy some peace for a while.

Lu Hetian’s brow furrowed, and he seemed rather displeased. “If they didn’t want to, there’s no need for them to come at all.”

Lu Liangwei saw that he had obviously misunderstood Lu Yunshuang, so she explained, “Actually, it’s not that. The Crown Princess was too anxious to see you and Grandmother, so she moved much too quickly while crossing the threshold. She ended up tripping and injuring her face.”

Lu Hetian’s steps paused. With a frown, he asked, “Why wasn’t she more careful?”

Lu Liangwei observed Lu Hetian closely. From his subtle change in expression, she could see that Father was still quite concerned about Lu Yunshuang.

“If you’re worried about her, Father, why not visit her in the Eastern Palace?” she inquired, testing the waters.

Lu Hetian shook his head. “It’s fine. She’s now the Crown Princess, and her status is different from what it was previously, so I won’t go over there.” He paused momentarily at this point to look at Lu Tingchen and was about to say something when Lu Tingchen interrupted, “Father, I still have some matters to attend to. I’ll take my leave first then and head back.”

With that, he sent Lu Liangwei a meaningful glance and hurried away before Lu Hetian had the chance to say anything.

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