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Chapter 7 - Moving to a New House

Chapter 7: Moving to a New House

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Su Xiaolu smiled at her two silly brothers.

Su Chong and Su Hua were very happy.

“Sister smiled. I like it.”

Su Chong could not help but laugh, and so did Su Hua.

Madam Zhao’s heart warmed. At this moment, she forgot her sadness and couldn’t help but smile.

The panic about the unknown difficulty was gone at this moment. Now, there was only warmth and peace. It was a pity that such peace did not last long before it was broken.

Voices came in from outside.

Madam Li deliberately raised her voice and said, “You’ve finished. Third Brother, you’re here to pick up my sister-in-law and the kids, right? I just saw Chong and Hua coming home.”

Su Sanlang didn’t start a conversation with Lee, but glanced at her.

Madam Li immediately shut her mouth. She had heard that Su Sanlang had done something indecent in the past and could not be provoked.

After being chased out, he might be holding back his anger now. If he were to vent it on her, how unlucky would she be? Madam Li regretted her words earlier.

At this moment, Madam Wang came out of the main room and said with a cold expression, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and bring your family over to clean up while it’s still early. I’ve already given you all what you need. We won’t be cooking for your family tonight.”

When Madam Li heard this, she secretly rejoiced. With this, Madam Wang had directed all of Su Sanlang’s hatred to herself. Compared to her sarcastic tone just now, Madam Wang’s words were more heart-wrenching.

Su Sanlang looked at Madam Wang. His mother’s gaze was very cold, and it made his heart ache. After just one look, he lowered his eyes and clenched his fists, before turning around and walking towards the back room.

Old Master Su came out and said to Su Dalang and Su Erlang, “Call Shun, Qing, and the others. It’s still early. Let’s go to the fields again.”


Su Dalang had three sons. Due to the incident today, everyone had returned home. Now, they had already gone out to play.

Su Erlang had two sons and a daughter. His daughter had been taken by his wife, Madam Zhou, to visit her maiden home, so his two sons naturally went out to play too.

Since their father had spoken, the two of them naturally did not dare to disobey. After all, their sons still needed his father to pay for their studies.

Hence, they each picked up a few baskets. They went out with Old Master Su and called their children to the fields.

As for Su Sanlang’s family, they had already been separated. The crops that the family had not finished collecting had nothing to do with his family.

The conversation in the outer room entered Su Sanlang’s ears. He stopped outside the door for a long time and waited for Old Master Su and the others to leave before reaching out to open the door and enter.

He thought that Madam Zhao was still asleep and was thinking about how to explain the situation to her, but when he got used to the dim light, he saw that his two sons were already packing up. When he met Madam Zhao’s gentle eyes, Su Sanlang choked. “My dear wife…”

Madam Zhao’s eyes were gentle and a little tearful. She said gently, “Sanlang, don’t say anything. As long as our family is together, it’s better than anything.”

“Yes,” Su Sanlang answered, his voice nasal.

He would feed the family, he vowed. At worst, he would go hunting in the mountains.

The next step was to pack up the family’s belongings.

Madam Zhao wanted to help pack up, but Su Sanlang stopped her. He said, “Don’t move. Let me handle these small matters. I’ll bring Chong and Hua there to prepare the beds first. When Sanmei comes back later, tell her to stay by your side. I’ll come and pick you up soon.”

Anything that could be used in this house belonged to his family, so he had to take them with him.

Today, Madam Zhao had stained a blanket with blood. Although it was dirty, they still had to take it. It could still be used after washing.

All the needlework in the house and the small wooden stools were to be brought along as well.

Even the window paper that Madam Zhao had saved was packed away.

Su Sanlang and his two sons moved some bedding over, leaving Madam Zhao and Su Xiaolu in the house.

Not long after, Su Sanmei returned with the medicine bag. When she returned home, she saw that the house was empty and felt a little uneasy. Madam Zhao called her gently, “Sanmei, come here. Come to Mother.”

Su Sanmei went over obediently and quietly. She didn’t understand why the house had changed so much after she’d only been out for a while.

Madam Zhao gently stroked Su Sanmei dry hair and said gently, “Sanmei, we’re moving to a new house. Your father, eldest brother, and second brother have already gone over to prepare the beds. They’ll come and pick us up in a while.”

Su Sanmei understood. She seemed to want to say something but didn’t. She looked at Su Xiaolu, who was awake, and saw her smile. She smiled back. “Mother, Simei is so beautiful.”

Seeing that Su Xiaolu was smiling again, Madam Zhao couldn’t help but touch Su Xiaolu’s little face. She said gently, “Yes, and she’s very obedient. She hasn’t drank milk for so long but she didn’t cry.”

“Sanmei, you must be tired today. Come and sleep for a while. When your father and brothers come back later, Mother will wake you up.”

Madam Zhao said gently to Su Sanmei.

Su Sanmei was only six years old, but she still had to work. It was tough for her to carry a huge basket on her back.

Today, their family had been chased out, but it was also the rarest day of leisure.

Su Sanmei climbed into bed and quickly fell asleep beside Su Xiaolu.

Su Xiaolu yawned and continued to sleep. After moving to a new house, Madam Zhao should be able to eat. She would also be able to eat soon.

Madam Zhao looked at her two obedient daughters and her heart softened.

After less than ten minutes, Su Sanlang returned with Su Chong and Su Hua.

The only things left in the house were the mattress under Madam Zhao and the blanket covering her. There were also three small stools.

Su Sanlang wrapped Madam Zhao in a blanket and carried her on his back.

Su Xiaolu was carried by Su Sanmei while Su Chong and Su Hua took the remaining stools. When the family came out of the room, Madam Li and Madam Wang stood in the courtyard and watched.

Seeing that Su Sanlang treasured Madam Zhao so much, Madam Wang mocked coldly, “What’s so good about her? If it were me, I would have long pressed her into a bucket and drowned her.”

Su Sanmei was very afraid of Madam Wang. Upon hearing Madam Wang’s harsh words, she quietly hugged Su Xiaolu tighter.

Su Chong and Su Hua did not understand the vicious meaning of these words. In the past, when they were scolded, they would just lower their heads and admit their mistakes.

This time, it was different. They couldn’t help but look at their father, Su Sanlang. Were they still going to admit their mistake?

Su Sanlang did not stop walking or look at Madam Wang. He gently called out to Su Chong and Su Hua, “Chong, Hua, walk faster.”

Su Chong and Su Hua obeyed and immediately stopped hesitating.

Madam Wang felt uncomfortable. She really wanted to see Su Sanlang kneel down and beg her to change her mind, but Su Sanlang did not. Madam Wang did not stand on ceremony either. She went straight to the kitchen to scoop a ladle of water and splashed it closely behind Su Sanlang’s family.

Accompanying the splashing sound was Madam Wang’s extremely sarcastic words. “The jinx will die far away from my family. Bodhisattva, please bless our family with fortune and wealth in the future.”

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