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Chapter 6 - Two Silly Brothers

Chapter 6: Two Silly Brothers

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When Su Xiaolu woke up, she felt hungry and uncomfortable. She wanted to cry, but she held back when she felt her weak mother beside her.

Madam Zhao survived, but she was still very weak.

Therefore, Su Xiaolu imitated her previous actions and put her little hand to Madam Zhao’s mouth to feed her the spiritual spring water.

Madam Zhao was weak and tired. She was in a deep sleep and subconsciously swallowed the water.

When Madam Lee pushed the door open, Su Xiaolu retracted her hand.

At first, she thought that her father was back, but the person did not say anything and her aura was not friendly. When the person walked in, Su Xiaolu vaguely saw that it was a woman.

She hadn’t seen her before and didn’t know who she was, but when she thought about it, there was only one person who could come here.

It was none other than her mother’s sister-in-law.

Madam Li sat down by the bed. She did not notice that Su Xiaolu had woken up. She gently pushed Madam Zhao and shouted, “Third Sister-in-law, Third Sister-in-law, wake up. I have good news to tell you.”

Madam Li could not help but smile smugly.

Madam Zhao was woken up by Madam Li.

Madam Zhao said in a daze, “Sister-in-law.”

Madam Li said with a smile, “Third Sister-in-law, I have to congratulate you. You’ve finally made it. I’m so envious of you. In the future, you don’t have to live in fear of our mother-in-law anymore. Although the old house is a little dilapidated, it’s definitely enough for your family of six to live in. Although Chong and Hua are not clear-headed, as long as you teach them well, they will definitely be good at work. The land is also close to the back of the house. If your family diligently takes care of it, it will be fertile in a few years. Just thinking about it makes me envious.”

“Also, Mother gave your family two chickens, a male and a female. If they lay eggs and reproduce, there will be a large group of them next year… She also gave you ten catties of meat, and thirty catties of green vegetables. You will have meat and vegetables to eat during your confinement period. It’s said that you have to rely on the mountain to eat. When Third Brother is free, he can even set up a trap or something nearby so that you can hunt and eat wild animals often.”

“Third Sister-in-law, you’re really lucky. I’m so envious of you. Don’t be too excited. Rest well. After Dalang, Second Brother, and Third Brother have moved everything, Third Brother will come and bring you and your daughter over.”


After Madam Li finished speaking, she saw tears in Madam Zhao’s eyes. She pretended not to see them and left with a smile.

Madam Zhao quickly understood from Madam Li’s words that her family had been separated.

Moreover, they had been given so little. Madam Zhao knew very well what this meant. She had just calmed down, but she now felt as if she had swallowed a bitter pill.

How was their family going to survive this winter?


While Madam Zhao was in pain, she was pulled back to reality by a weak cry.

She turned around and saw that Su Xiaolu was pouting. She cried softly.

When Madam Zhao looked at her, Su Xiaolu smiled.

“Simei, are you comforting mother?”

The baby’s smile seemed to have the power to heal. It warmed Madam Zhao’s heart and cheered her up.

She was a mother, and she had children. No matter how difficult it was, she had to keep going.


Yes, yes, I am comforting you, Su Xiaolu thought.

Su Xiaolu looked at Madam Zhao and laughed again.

From the woman’s words, she knew that they had been separated from the family and was in a very difficult situation. She also had two older brothers who were silly and they did not have much.

Su Xiaolu understood what this meant. Life in the olden days was difficult. It was hard to say if their family could survive this winter, let alone the following years. .

If the land was bad, it meant that there would never be enough food to eat. If there was not enough to eat, there would be no extra food to exchange for money. Without money, they could not afford to hire a doctor when they got sick. It was a vicious circle. Being separated like this was undoubtedly a dead end for their family.

But the good times would come slowly. She wasn’t a real baby. For her own sake and for her family’s, she had to work hard to help them live a better life.

Spiritual spring water could nourish the body. If the family drank it, they would be healthy and have the strength to farm.

If there wasn’t much land, then they would have to expand it. Their lives would eventually be better.

However, Madam Zhao did not think about this, so Su Xiaolu tried her best to comfort her.

It was not easy for Madam Zhao to survive. It would not be good if she was angered and bled again.

Thanks to Su Xiaolu’s efforts, Madam Zhao’s frown disappeared.


A noise came from outside. Madam Zhao couldn’t help but ask, “Sanlang, are you back?”

A low voice came from outside. “Mom, can Hua and I come in?”

Su Chong asked from outside the door, fidgeting his fingers awkwardly.

Ever since he heard from Shun that his mother had given birth to a baby girl, he had been thinking about it. The baby who moved around in his mother’s womb had been born. He did not know what she looked like, so he had brought his little brother, Hua, along.

He tried to peek inside, but it was too dark to see anything. He even accidentally pushed over a piece of wood by the door, making a noise.

“Mother, I want to see my sister too.”

Su Hua also spoke quietly.

When Madam Zhao heard the voices of her two silly sons, she sighed and said, “Come in.”

Su Chong and Su Hua were both mentally ill. Su Chong was better, and Su Hua was worse. She often said, “Chong, you have to work hard. You have to listen to your father and don’t wander around.” “Hua, you have to listen to your father and your brother. You can eat well if you work well.”

Under her subtle influence, other than the fact that his two sons had not grown up mentally, they were considered good. They could listen to their parents well and help with the work, although they did not do it very well.

They were obedient and did not hit anyone. Even if they were hit, they would not retaliate. Because of this, they were injured by others several times. Thinking of her two silly sons, Madam Zhao did not feel good.

After obtaining Madam Zhao’s approval, Su Chong and Su Hua pushed open the door and entered. Soon, they arrived beside Madam Zhao and lay beside her to look at their sister.

Su Xiaolu, who was awake, also watched her two silly brothers to recognize them.

“Our little sister is so cute. Her eyes are like grapes. Grapes taste sour. What about her eyes?”

Su Chong asked Madam Zhao.

Madam Zhao said patiently, “Simei’s eyes can’t be eaten. Her eyes are used to look at you. You have to protect them well. If you eat them, she won’t be able to see you.”

Su Chong seemed to understand and agreed with a smile. “No, I won’t eat them. Sister, look at me.”

Su Hua didn’t say anything, but he seemed to be considering what Su Chong had said. Finally, he thought about it, shook his head, and smiled at Su Xiaolu. “No, I won’t eat them.”

Su Xiaolu screamed, “Ah—”

Hearing her two silly brothers’ questions made her a little nervous, but after listening to Madam Zhao’s guidance, she was relieved.

The sad part was that these two brothers were really out of their minds.

Ordinary people would not be asking such a question. She did not know if drinking spiritual spring water every day would help them to improve. She did not know if their stupidity could be cured. She would only know when she grew up and took their pulses.

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