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Chapter 37 - No Choice

Chapter 37: No Choice

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Madam Wang said coldly, “You don’t have to wash my dirty clothes. When Madam Zhao comes back, she will wash them. That b*tch must be feeling great after lying down for a few months. When she comes back, I’ll have to teach her a lesson. Sanlang has always been filial. He must have been instigated by her to drive a wedge between us. If I don’t teach her a lesson, I don’t know what shameless things she will do.”

“If we don’t teach her a lesson, she will lead our Su family astray.”

Madam Wang narrowed her eyes. That sinister gaze made Madam Li and Madam Zhou shiver.

They could not help but rejoice that they were not the ones that Madam Wang hated the most. Fortunately, their sons were healthy, and fortunately, they were not bought into the family by Madam Wang.

Madam Wang’s hatred for Madam Zhao had been deeply rooted since Madam Zhao entered the family.

Madam Zhao was brought to the Su family by a peddler and cost one tael of silver.

Madam Wang suspected that Madam Zhao was not a virgin, but there was a bloody handkerchief the day after their wedding night.

Even if this proved Madam Zhao’s innocence, it did not stop Madam Wang from hating her deeply.

At the end of the day, she was bought. This meant that she was lowly and could be stepped on by others.

“Third Brother is really too much. He forgot about his mother after marrying his wife. Third Sister-in-law’s manipulation made him not care about anything. He has no skills at all and has become a good-for-nothing.”

When Su Dalang heard Madam Wang’s disdain, he chimed in.

Madam Wang spat out a mouthful of blood and said coldly, “It’s my fault for being blind back then and choosing such a wife for Sanlang. Giving birth to a few useless things harmed Sanlang. As long as Sanlang is capable of it, he can just chase that useless thing away and I will find another one for him.”

After Madam Wang said that, Old Master Su made plans.

Su Dalang and Su Erlang had nothing to say.

It was impossible for Madam Li and Madam Zhou to speak up at this time. They were not stupid.


With Madam Wang’s anger directed towards Madam Zhao, as long as Madam Zhao returned, their lives would be better than before.

No one knew that Su Sanlang, who was hesitating outside the door and did not know how to face his parents, had heard all of this.

He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

His heart ached with anger.

His eyes were cold as he raised his hand and knocked.

The sudden knock on the door startled everyone in the room.

Su Erlang asked, “Who is it?”

Su Sanlang replied coolly, “It’s me.”

Su Sanlang’s voice stunned everyone in the house. It was Old Master Su who came to his senses first and said to Su Erlang, “Open the door.”

Su Erlang stood up and opened the door. He smiled and said happily, “Third Brother, you’re back. We’re eating. Have you eaten? Let’s eat together.”

As he spoke, Su Erlang was about to grab Su Sanlang’s arm when Su Sanlang coldly avoided him. He looked at Old Master Su and said coldly, “I’m here for one thing only. I’ll leave after I’m done.”

“I’m here to tell you that you can’t take back what you’ve spilled. I, Su Sanlang, am doing very well. My wife, my children, and I won’t return to this family to get in your way. From now on, my family’s life and death will have nothing to do with you. When we separated from the family, Father said that I don’t have to worry about you and Mother when you retire. I want to say that a man should keep his word.”

Su Sanlang looked straight at Old Master Su and finished speaking.

Old Master Su’s expression darkened. Before he could react, Madam Wang threw the bowl at Su Sanlang and scolded, “You bastard, are you heartless? You are going to be struck by lightning!”

Su Sanlang did not stand there foolishly and let Madam Wang smash him. He turned to the side and avoided the attack. When he looked at Madam Wang, his expression did not change. He said coldly, “Even if I’m going to be struck by lightning, it has nothing to do with all of you.”

Su Sanlang clenched his fists. Even though he had been hurt by Madam Wang many times and had warned himself not to care, he still felt pain in his heart. He felt so much pain that he wanted to die.

After all, Madam Wang was his biological mother and the person who had given birth to him. If not for the fact that he had no choice, he would not have ended up like this.

Madam Wang did not simply treat Madam Zhao badly. She hoped that Madam Zhao would die, and his children were not human in Madam Wang’s eyes. At most, they were livestock that could do hard labor.

Su Sanlang’s decisiveness was unexpected to everyone.

Old Master Su looked at Su Sanlang and said coldly, “Sanlang, if you treat your parents like this because of that woman with unknown backgrounds, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Su Sanlang looked at Old Master Su. He did not say anything and just stared at him. His determined eyes were filled with coldness.

Old Master Su’s face was ashen. He slammed the table and roared, “Su Sanlang, whose place do you think you’re living in now? It’s mine! Do you really think I don’t dare to chase your family out? Do you think that what you’ve achieved today is your own doing?”

Old Master Su was furious. He had always known that his son, Su Sanlang, had a rebellious streak. Su Sanlang had guts, but when he saw how Su Sanlang had disobeyed him for a woman and was so rebellious, Old Master Su wanted to suppress Su Sanlang’s arrogance.

“The ancients always said that when parents are around, they don’t separate the family. Do you think it’s really that simple to separate from the family? Do you know what it means to be separated when parents are alive?”

Old Master Su’s expression was cold and unprecedentedly stern.

No one in the room dared to speak. After all, in their opinion, Old Master Su was the heavens. The ground trembled when the heavens were angered, let alone people who lived under the heavens.

Madam Wang was frightened. She had bit her tongue when she shut her mouth just now. It was extremely painful, and the blisters in her mouth had burst. There was a bloody taste in her mouth.

Under Old Master Su’s storm, no one dared to disobey him.

Su Sanlang’s expression did not change. He looked into Old Master Su’s eyes and said calmly, “Father, are you saying that chasing our family out was just to punish us? Is it because Madam Zhao gave birth to a daughter, or because she spent a couple hundreds of copper coins to buy medicine? Is it to wait for my family to finish all our food and suffer the cold before kneeling down and begging you?”

Su Sanlang’s sarcasm made Grandpa Su even angrier. He thought that if he was angry like this, he would suppress Su Sanlang. Su Sanlang would kneel down and apologize. However, Su Sanlang did not. Not only did he not, he even mocked him.

“Alright, alright. Looks like you really don’t want to be part of the Su family. You want to cut off your roots as the Su family, right?”

Old Master Su used his final trump card. He had to deal with this unfilial son who had disobeyed him. If he could not, he would have to cut him off completely.

If Su Sanlang said yes now, Old Master Su would expel him from the Su family.

Everyone present understood, but no one stood up for Su Sanlang’s family.

Not only was Su Sanlang not stunned, he threw his head back and laughed. “Hahaha, looks like I never had a choice to begin with.”

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