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Chapter 36 - Never Going Back

Chapter 36: Never Going Back

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When Su Sanlang looked into Madam Zhao’s teary eyes, he felt as if his heart was being squeezed by a hand, making him suffocate and hurt.

After a few moments of silence, Su Sanlang said, “What are they doing here? Did they hit you?”

As he spoke, Su Sanlang’s eyes were filled with anger. He stepped forward to check if Madam Zhao was injured.

Madam Zhao felt Su Sanlang’s concern and could not stop her tears. All her grievances seemed to have found an outlet, making her throw herself into Su Sanlang’s arms. She choked and said, “Sanlang, they didn’t hit me. They were here to make us go back to the main family. They said that at the end of the day, we’re still family and we can’t be separated. ”

Madam Li and Madam Zhou did not hit her, but it was even more painful than that.

Su Sanlang was also stunned. He didn’t know how to describe his current mood. He felt ridiculous and pathetic.

He held Madam Zhao’s face and wiped away the tears on her face. He solemnly promised Madam Zhao, “Darling, we won’t go back. Even if we die, our family will die outside.”

How could he go back? In the first few days after he came out, he had also hoped that if his brothers could help him and his parents could let him go home, he would definitely not hesitate to bring his family back.

Even if he had to do a lot of work, he could tolerate being wronged.

However, no one helped him. Chen Hu, who helped him, was not his biological brother. Even if his own life was tough, they still came to help him.

He’d been afraid he wouldn’t make it back then, but he’d made it. His real family hadn’t let him come home during the worst of it. Couldn’t he see that?

Now that they’re asking him to go back, it was because they knew that he never left mountains empty-handed. Now, he had money and he would be useful. That was why they wanted him to go back.

So he would never go back.

Su Sanlang was determined. Madam Zhao saw it clearly. She knew that Su Sanlang’s heart was broken. She was sad, but she was also at ease. Madam Zhao said, “Sanlang, I don’t want to go back either. I’m not afraid of suffering, but I’m afraid that Chong, Hua, Sanmei, and Simei won’t have enough to eat or wear. My heart aches just thinking about it. When Eldest Sister-in-law and Second Sister-in-law came today, Yu Fang also came. She actually told Sanmei that when we go back, Sanmei’s clothes will be hers. I…”

Madam Zhao pressed her chest. These words were as uncomfortable as digging out her heart.


If she had never been shrouded in sunlight, she would gladly die in the dark.

The light-shrouded days had given her hope in life, and she refused to lose it.

Madam Zhao’s breakdown made Su Sanlang very sad. He hugged Madam Zhao and comforted her, “Darling, don’t worry. No one can snatch Sanmei’s clothes away. Our family won’t go back. Over lives have nothing to do with others.”

Su Sanlang wiped away Madam Zhao’s tears and looked at her firmly, letting her know that he would not change his mind.

However, his sisters-in-law had come over. No matter what, he had to make a trip back.

Su Sanlang looked at Madam Zhao and said, “Darling, since the other party has spoken, I should go and reply. I’ll go. Stay at home with the children and wait for me. I’ll be back soon.”

With that, Su Sanlang turned and left.

Madam Zhao chased after him for two steps. She leaned against the door and watched Su Sanlang’s back. She sighed softly until he disappeared from her sight. Then she turned around and saw the three children standing nearby with Su Xiaolu in their arms, looking at her worriedly.

Madam Zhao forced a smile and said, “Don’t be afraid. Your father will take care of it. Sanmei, take good care of Simei. Mother will cook for you.”

Looking at the pheasant that was still alive on the ground, Madam Zhao boiled hot water and skillfully gutted the pheasant.

She had no idea where Su Sanlang’s visit would lead, but she had to prepare for the worst.

In the past, she could only bear to cook half of the pheasant. Today, not only did she cook the entire pheasant, she also took half a rabbit and stewed it.

Everyone was quiet. There was no more laughter.

Su Chong and Su Hua seemed to understand something, and their innocent eyes were filled with distress.

This was the first time Su Sanlang had walked into the once-familiar home since moving out.

Fortunately, it was dark and everyone was eating at home. No one saw Su Sanlang come.

Old Master Su’s family was eating in the main house. No one noticed Su Sanlang entering the courtyard.

Su Sanlang went under the roof and was about to knock when he heard voices coming from inside the house. The contents made him lower his hand again.

In the main room, Old Master Su said, “Sanlang is coming back tomorrow. The matter will be over once he and Madam Zhao apologize. Don’t keep pulling a long face, do you hear me?”

Madam Wang said coldly, “How can I be nice to that heartless little bastard when he comes back? He was the one who angered me. It’s already good enough that I don’t hit him.”

Today, under Madam Wang’s strong request, Old Master Su could not stand her anymore and asked his eldest son to carry her to the main room to eat. When they were eating, Madam Wang kept cursing. Old Master Su could not help but make a comment.

When he heard Madam Wang’s words, Old Master Su frowned. “No matter what, he’s still our son. It’s fine as long as he admits his mistake after being outside for a few months.”

“I get angry just thinking about it. After getting so many things in the mountains, he didn’t even want to send some home. He fed that b*tch so well that she gained weight. He even got new clothes for that loser to wear. Why couldn’t he use this money to buy some pen and paper for my eldest grandson?”

Madam Wang rolled her eyes and said angrily.

When Madam Li and Madam Zhou returned, they told Madam Wang about what they had seen at Su Sanlang’s house with some exaggeration. Madam Wang was immediately so angry that she was itching to beat him up.

When she thought about the dozens of cured meats that Madam Li mentioned, she got angry. Those could sell for good money.

Su Shun looked up from his food and said with a smile, “Grandma, if you buy me pen and paper, I’ll definitely study hard and become the top scholar in the future to bring glory to our Su family.”

Su Dalang was overjoyed. “Good, as expected of my son.”

Madam Li was also amused. “Then I’ll be the mother of the top scholar in the future.”

Madam Zhou gently nudged her youngest son beside her.

Su Qing reluctantly put down his bowl and chopsticks and said, “Grandpa, Grandma, I want to take the examination and become the top scholar too. When I do, I’ll build a big house for you to live in and get many servants for you to order around.”

Su Erlang smiled and said, “That’s good. The day our Su family stands out is just around the corner.”

Madam Zhou touched Su Qing’s hair and said to Old Master Su with a smile, “Father, Qing is so filial.”

Looking at his two ambitious grandsons, Old Master Su smiled.

He said, “I reckon Sanlang has about ten taels of silver in his hands. When he comes back and gives it up, Grandpa will take you to the school to register.”

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