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Chapter 191 - Madam Wang's Request 1

Chapter 191: Madam Wang’s Request 1

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Madam Qian knew that Madam Zhao was sad. She looked at Madam Zhao firmly.

Madam Zhao’s eyes were filled with tears. She held her hand and said, “Sister-in-law, I know.”

Chen Hu also said, “Big Brother, I’ll follow you for the rest of my life. I’ll follow wherever your family goes.”

All his roots had been brought to him by Su Sanlang. He had decided that Su Sanlang’s family would lead them forever.

All he knew was that Su Xiaolu had treated his leg and the scar on Madam Qian’s face.

His house was built by Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao. The two girls who were confident in their eloquence were raised by selling sauerkraut and pickles with Madam Zhao.

The words his son, Chen Shi, recognized were taught by Su Chong, Su Hua, and Zhou Heng.

Even if the king was in front of him, he would not do anything to make Su Sanlang’s family sad. A person’s heart was only so big. How could he be so magnanimous?

This was the only family he could trust and follow wholeheartedly.

Chen Hu was so excited that his face turned red. He was not good at sweet-talking, but everything he said was sincere.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao were very touched. Su Sanlang reached out and patted Chen Hu’s shoulder. “Hu, your sister-in-law and I understand your intentions. It’s fine. Xiaozhi and I are different. I don’t blame her. As long as she doesn’t do anything to harm our interests, she can decide her own matters. She’s her, and I’m me.”

Chen Hu and Madam Qian nodded.

The couple left together.

Su Sanlang was holding Madam Zhao.

Madam Zhao sighed. “Sanlang, no matter what, it’s fine as long as we’re together.”

Su Sanlang nodded, responding faintly.

He was already much better, but that would have been very uncomfortable just now.

Actually, after he calmed down, he could figure all these things out. There was no right or wrong. They were just on different sides.

But after this, Su Xiaozhi would be different to him.


When Madam Cao returned home with the children, she let them play by themselves while she entered the house.

Su Xiaozhi was sitting in the house. When she heard the sound, she hurriedly wiped her tears to hide her crying.

Madam Cao sat down beside Su Xiaozhi and sighed. “What request did she make again?”

“Mother, my mother didn’t say anything.”

Su Xiaozhi felt bitter, but she didn’t want Madam Cao to worry, so she didn’t want to tell her.

Madam Cao sighed again and said, “Xiaozhi, you can lie to others, but you can’t lie to me. If you don’t tell me, who else can you tell? If you tell me, we can share the burden. If you don’t tell me, you’ll feel burdened alone and your body will be hurt.”

Seeing how much pain Su Xiaozhi was in, Madam Cao knew that she had already cried secretly.

Thinking of Madam Wang, Madam Cao also felt a trace of resentment in her heart.

Madam Wang was greedy. Last year, she secretly came to look for Su Xiaozhi and cried her heart out. After Su Xiaozhi softened and forgave her, her true colors were revealed.

She wanted Su Zhizhi to show filial piety and give her money.

If she didn’t give it to her, it would be as if he had done something treasonous.

This time, she did not know how much she wanted. She had come to ask for money in the name of buying New Year’s goods before the new year.

Seeing Su Xiaozhi cry, Madam Cao sighed and reached out to wipe her tears. She asked helplessly, “What did she ask you for this time?”

Su Xiaozhi pursed her lips and bit them until they were bloodshot. Then, she said with difficulty, “She asked me for fifty taels and said that she wanted to give them to Su Chao, Su Lei, Su Cai, Su Shun, and Su Qing for their marriage.”

Su Xiaozhi was dying of pain in her heart. Madam Wang was simply asking for too much. She was even certain that she would definitely give it to her.

She really couldn’t say anything. Madam Wang even threatened her that if she didn’t give it to them and caused her nephews to be unable to get married, she would hang herself at their doorstep and let the village poke their backbone.

“Mother, what should I do?”

Su Xiaozhi felt extremely uncomfortable. How could she have so much to give? Madam Wang only knew how to ask for money. She did not have that much money at all.

Thinking about how she had given a lot of money to Madam Wang last year, Su Xiaozhi blamed herself bitterly.

Madam Cao sighed and patted Su Xiaozhi’s back. “Xiaozhi, have you ever thought about what your mother wants you to do?”

How could Su Xiaozhi take out fifty taels?

Their family had come to Southern Mountain Village with the help of Su Sanlang. She, Su Xiaozhi, and Hu Shuangshuang had calculated their salaries.

Fifty copper coins a day. In a month, the family earned three taels. The year before last, they paid back what they owed Su Sanlang. Last year, the family slowly became richer. However, just as their lives were getting better, Madam Wang came knocking on their door.

Now, she was demanding an exorbitant price. Su Xiaozhi had never thought about what Madam Wang really wanted to do.

It was probably not as simple as 50 taels. What Madam Wang wanted was the entire Shi You Wei, right?

Seeing that Su Xiaozhi was silent, Madam Cao sighed and said, “Xiaozhi, I didn’t say anything about your mother before, but this time, you can’t agree anymore. There are some things that if you don’t keep your bottom line, there will be no bottom line. You’ve already hurt your third brother and the others. You have to think for them.”

“You haven’t done anything wrong by interacting with them, but that doesn’t mean you’re doing the right thing. I won’t say anything else, but let’s talk about Dashan. They won’t help you when you’re in trouble. Xiaozhi, think about it.”

Madam Cao did not feel good either. She did not know how much Xiaozhi could take to heart.

Su Xiaozhi had changed since she gave money to Madam Wang.

She was afraid that once her days were better, she would forget about her painful past.

“I’m sorry. It was my fault.”

Su Xiaozhi was ashamed.

Madam Cao was also worried about Su Xiaozhi. She looked at Su Xiaozhi and said, “How much money is there at home? Take it out. We’ll take care of Shuangshuang and my salary. If you’re still willing to take your money to give them, then take your share.”

Su Xiaozhi was the daughter of Madam Wang after all. It was normal that she could not sever this connection with Madam Wang.

However, she could not be like Su Xiaozhi and use her own house to subsidize Madam Wang without any complaints.

She thought about how she had indulged her for the better part of last year. It was only today that she let Su Sanlang and Chen Hu know about it under such circumstances that Madam Cao felt ashamed and sobered up. She could not continue being confused. She had to think about the Hu family.

Su Xiaozhi was still young. When his son, Hu Daniu, was alive, he said that he could not stop Su Xiaozhi from marrying another man.

She would not stop them. The descendants of the Hu family belonged to the Hu family. If Su Xiaozhi married another man, she would protect the children well.

“Okay, I’ll take it to my mother.”

Su Xiaozhi was sad. She got up and took the box containing the money. There were only about ten taels left. She handed it to Madam Cao and said guiltily, “Mother, take care of it in the future. I know I did something wrong. I also know that it’s too late to say anything now. I’ll get back to them now. I won’t agree this time, and I won’t agree in the future.”

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