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Chapter 190 - Feeling Uncomfortable

Chapter 190: Feeling Uncomfortable

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Madam Cao explained to the two families, hoping that they would feel better.

There were tears in Madam Cao’s eyes. She raised her hand and swore, “I, Madam Cao, swear to the heavens that if I lie, I won’t let my son rest in peace in the netherworld. Believe me, Xiaozhi has only contacted them. She hasn’t done anything disadvantageous.”

“If she does that, then I’ll be too ashamed to live here.”

Madam Cao sighed, feeling terrible.

She treated Su Xiaozhi as her daughter. Su Xiaozhi was soft-hearted, and Madam Wang was Su Xiaozhi’s biological mother. Madam Wang cried her heart out. Su Xiaozhi could not bear it, so she could not bear it either.

Madam Cao felt guilty every time she faced Su Sanlang and Chen Hu’s families. Now that Madam Wang had come looking for her like this, it was even more embarrassing.

“Don’t say that, Auntie. I trust you and Xiaozhi. It’s all right.”

Su Sanlang forced a smile and said to Madam Cao.

It wasn’t a big deal. He just felt bad.

Looking at the dispirited children, Su Sanlang sighed inwardly. He calmed himself down and said in a gentler tone, “Xiaozhi is different from me. It’s reasonable for them to have some contact. As long as she hasn’t done anything that’s disadvantageous to our families, it’s fine.”

“Auntie Cao, don’t take it to heart. I have the same thoughts as Third Brother.”

Chen Hu and Madam Qian had always regarded Su Sanlang as their leader. This matter would pass like this, but if a person left a knot in their heart, it would not disappear.

No one was a saint who could hold back anger from anything.

His family and Su Sanlang’s family had never forgiven them because the scar in their hearts was there and would never disappear.

The absence of reprisals was their greatest mercy.

“Okay, okay, thank you both.”

Madam Cao lowered her eyes. She had made herself clear. No matter how guilty she felt, she could only sigh in her heart.

This was her choice and Su Xiaozhi’s choice. She deserved to suffer the consequences.

“Okay, okay, eat more food.”

Madam Zhao smiled gently and said.

Madam Qian also smiled slightly.

Madam Cao felt guilty and put down her chopsticks not long after. Hu Shuangshuang also stopped eating silently.

Hu Changshou and Hu Changyang were also very sensitive. Because of this incident, everyone was very uncomfortable and did not know what to do.

No one really blamed Su Xiaozhi. That was her choice, but they couldn’t smile if she wanted them to agree with her.

The meal was soon over.

Madam Cao took the children back.

Chen Hu’s family stayed behind to help clear the dishes.

“Xiaoling, will we still play with Shuangshuang and the others in the future?”

Chen Erniu couldn’t hold it in anymore and asked softly.

Su Xiaolu could not help but look at Su Xiaoling.

To be honest, she was stunned just now. This aunt… sigh…

Anyone would feel uncomfortable about this.

In Su Xiaolu’s opinion, they were good friends and Madam Wang was her enemy. As their good friend, she shouldn’t have anything to do with the enemy.

If there were interactions, then her position in her heart would be different. She will not be an important person. She will definitely treat her coldly.

Su Xiaozhi made the relationship between the families fall into a strange state.

It was a difficult question to answer.

Su Xiaoling didn’t say anything because she was also in a difficult position. Could she say that it would be the same as before? She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t say that truthfully.

“Little Brother Heng, do you have any good ideas? This feels terrible. Uncomfortable, but powerless.”

Su Chong was very vexed. They had never encountered such a thing before.

No one knew what to do anymore.

Su Hua could not help but look at Zhou Heng.

Everyone looked at him.

Su Xiaolu was also looking forward to what Zhou Heng could say.

Zhou Heng’s expression was calm. Seeing that everyone was looking at him, he fell into deep thought.

He thought for a moment, then said, “It’s actually quite understandable.”

As soon as Zhou Heng spoke, everyone listened quietly.

Zhou Heng smiled faintly and said, “Let me make an analogy. A tree is like a home. As it grows bit by bit, it will be divided into many branches. These branches are like siblings in a home. As the tree grows taller and taller, although the branches and branches are on the same tree, they are getting further and further away. Everyone has nothing to do with each other.”

“Suddenly, a cluster of branches is close. They rely on each other to grow together for a period of time. During this period, they will shelter each other and support each other. However, after a period of time, the branches will also grow elsewhere. Everyone will still work hard to grow. Other than having the same root, they will never intersect again. However, as the branches and leaves flourish, we don’t know when we will intersect again. It’s the same for a family. As long as we support each other when we intersect and grow separately, it will be fine. The two different branches can have no intersection, but the roots connected to the branches can’t be cut off. Be yourself and have a clear conscience.”

As long as Su Xiaozhi did not hurt them, she would be like that cluster of branches that leaned over and supported each other for a period of time. She would just grow elsewhere.

Su Sanlang and Su Xiaozhi were different to begin with. Su Xiaozhi had not experienced the pain that Su Sanlang had experienced, so she could not be ruthless to Madam Wangy. However, as long as she did not do anything that would harm Su Sanlang and Chen Hu’s families, she was not wrong.

But Su Sanlang didn’t feel good. He was cold to her, and he didn’t do anything wrong.

Actually, everyone was not wrong. They just stood on different sides.

Everyone pondered Zhou Heng’s words. For a moment, no one spoke.

None of them were ignorant kids anymore.

One could understand the deeper meaning by thinking more.

They might do what Su Xiaozhi did today in the future.

It was like the division of one family into another.

“If only I could never grow up.”

Chen Daniu sighed.

It was just a shame that no one could stay a child forever.

“Su Chong, Su Xiaolu, come and practice your swordsmanship.”

Gui You’s cold voice came from next door.

Su Chong and Su Xiaolu didn’t think too much about it. They tiptoed and flew across the courtyard wall to the other side.

Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu were envious. Unfortunately, they did not have a good foundation. It would be good enough if they could learn a few moves to protect themselves.

“Second Brother, Third Sister, Brother Zhou Heng, we’ll go back first.”

Chen Daniu also went back with Chen Erniu and Chen Shi.

Su Xiaolu and Su Chong also began to practice their swordsmanship.

Su Hua looked at Zhou Heng and said, “Little Brother Heng, let’s go study.”

Zhou Heng looked at Su Xiaoling. Su Xiaoling smiled and said, “I’ll go and watch Big Brother practice with Xiaolu.”

Zhou Heng nodded slightly and returned to his room with Su Hua.

Inside the kitchen.

Everything was packed. Chen Hu and Madam Qian were preparing to go back. Chen Hu seemed to have something to say, but he scratched his head and did not know how to say it. Just as he was about to leave, Madam Qian suddenly turned around and grabbed Madam Zhao’s hand tightly. She said sincerely, “Big Brother, Sister-in-law, no matter what, Hu and I will always be on your side.”

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