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Chapter 99 - Third Livestream (1)

Chapter 99: Third Livestream (1)

Chapter 99 – Third Livestream (1)

On a Saturday night three weeks later…

“Peace, really is wonderful.”

While leaning his body against the sofa, Chen Yu held a set of playing cards in his hand. He was currently playing landlord[1] together with Chen Yike and Chen Erke.

As for Chen Sanke, she was collecting the discarded cards and acting as the referee.

“Three points. I want it.”

After drawing the last card, Chen Yu immediately revealed his hand.

6, 6, 6.

“Big Brother, you’re shameless!” Chen Erke pouted in dissatisfaction.

“How am I shameless?” Chen Yu asked with his brow raised.

“You’re shameless! You keep winning!”

“That’s because I’m more skilled. How can you call that being shameless?” Stuffing the three cards back into his hand, Chen Yu said, “If you don’t have more crayons to lose, let Third Eldest play.”

“I’ll play! I’ll play!” Chen Sanke’s eyes glowed in excitement upon hearing Chen Yu’s words. In the next moment, she lay down before the sofa and pulled out a bag of French fries she had hidden beneath the sofa. “I… I have a lot of wedges…”

“It’s called a wager,” Chen Yike said.


“Okay.” Nodding, Chen Yu said, “Come play, then.”

“No!” Clenching her poker cards tightly, Chen Erke said, “I still have over a dozen crayons left. I can win them back.”

“You won’t have any left if you lose again. I won’t buy more for you either.”

“I can definitely win them back!” Chen Erke said, her cheeks bulging. She then pulled out a card and slapped it onto the coffee table, saying, “Three!”

“You’re not…the landlord, why can go first?” Chen Sanke questioned, playing the role of the referee to her utmost best.

“It doesn’t matter,” Chen Yu said as he waved his hand. “Let her go first.”

“I’ve shed my hand.” Pointing at the card on the table, Chen Erke said, “It’s a 3.”

Nodding, Chen Yu drew out four cards from his hand and revealed them, saying, “Four 3s, bomb!”

Chen Erke: “…”

“What’s wrong? Is there a problem?” Chen Yu asked.

“You’re shameless!” Chen Erke’s face flushed red immediately.

“How am I shameless?”

“I just played a 3, yet you actually bombed me! Nobody plays like that!”

“…Fine, fine.” Retrieving his four 3s, Chen Yu switched them with a single Jack. “J, go ahead.”

“Q.” Chen Yike placed a Queen on top of the pile.

“Small King!” Chen Erke’s anger instantly transformed into joy as she played the Black & White Joker. In a smug tone, she asked, “Will you follow?”

“Yes. Double King bomb.” Chen Yu discarded a Colored Joker and B&W Joker into the pile. “It’s the end of the chain. I’ll continue with four Js. Are you following?”

In response, Chen Yike also played a bomb, “Four Qs.”

Chen Erke: “…”

“Be crushed to death, four Ks.”

“Bomb, four Aces.”

Chen Erke: “…”

“Bomb, double Joker.”

“You continue, you continue.”

“10, J, Q, K, A.”

“Bomb, four Qs.”

“Bomb, four 2s.”

Chen Erke: “…”

“I can’t keep up. You continue.”

“Double 4s, double 5s, and double 6s; Airplane. I’m out of cards.” Spreading his hands, Chen Yu said, “I win.”

Chen Erke: “…”

“I will gratefully accept my winnings.” With a smile on his face, Chen Yu stretched out his hands and took away all of Chen Erke’s crayons. He then took 10 exercise books from Chen Yike.


The three of them had different wagers.

What Chen Yu wagered were Nintendo Switch game cartridges.

What Chen Yike wagered were her exercise books.

What Chen Erke wagered were her precious crayons.

After several rounds of landlord, Chen Erke had won a total of five exercise books and one game cartridge. In return, however, she had lost all of her crayons…

“Shameless, shameless, shameless…”

Chen Erke’s eyes reddened as she reluctantly watched her crayons get taken away.

“You’re out of wagers. Step down and let Third Eldest join,” Chen Yu suggested.

“Okay! Okay!” Chen Sanke excitedly pushed Chen Erke aside and started shuffling the cards with her tender little hands.

“What are you wagering?” Chen Yike asked.

“My snacks!” Picking up her bag of French fries and opening it up, Chen Sanke said, “We’ll count them piece by piece.”

“That’s unfair.” Shaking his head, Chen Yu said, “Your elder sister is betting her exercise books, while I’m betting my game cartridges. Both are more valuable than your fries.”

“T-T-Then… What should I do?”

“How about this? We’ll count each point for two fries; three points for six fries. Since you’re the youngest, your elder sister and I will give you a handicap.”


Feeling as if she had just gotten a significant advantage, Chen Sanke hurriedly nodded for fear that her elder brother and sister would go back on their word.

After shuffling and grabbing her cards, Chen Sanke eagerly pulled out a card and said, “3!”

In response, Chen Yu immediately discarded four cards, “Four 3s, bomb…”

As Chen Yu returned to his room with a pocket full of crayons and fries, he heard Chen Sanke’s loud wailing coming from the living room.

“Landlord really is fun.”

Chen Yu had difficulty holding back his smile as he placed his winnings on his study table.

“Mr. Chen, I wish to play as well,” Little Peach said as she removed her invisibility. “Can I play?”

“Put on your clothes first.”

“Okay.” Putting on the dress Chen Yu bought for her from overseas, Little Peach said with an eager look, “Let’s play~”

“Landlord needs at least three people to play. Moreover, there needs to be a wager. What can you wager?”

After thinking for a moment, Little Peach reached into her mouth and pulled out a small object, saying, “The springs in my body.”

Chen Yu: “…”

“Are we playing?”

“Go write codes!”

“Oh…” Crestfallen, Little Peach sat before the study table. After looking at Chen Yu for a while, she pulled out another small object from her mouth and asked, “If springs are no good, what about pulse capacitors? If that’s still not enough, I can wager a hydraulic lever as well.”

“Go write codes!!”


Grabbing a handful of fries, Chen Yu sat down on his bed and started resting while eating.

Buzz! Buzz, buzz!

A short moment later, his phone suddenly started vibrating, notifying him that he had just received a message.


Chen Yu frowned at this situation.

Even without looking, he already knew the message’s sender was that female agent named Xing Biqi.

Unlocking his phone, Chen Yu entered WeChat.

Sure enough, it was a message from Xing Biqi.

[Xing Biqi: “Good evening. Have you eaten?”

[Chen Yu: “I did. What’s the matter?”]

[Xing Biqi: “I have another math problem I don’t know. Can you teach me at school on Monday?”]


[Chen Yu: “I was so rough with you, yet you’re still coming to me for questions?”]

[Xing Biqi: “The greater a person’s temper, the greater their abilities are. You are a capable person. Since I am the one seeking knowledge, it is only natural for me to be reprimanded.”]

[Chen Yu: “…”]

Exiting WeChat, Chen Yu tossed aside his phone and sighed irritably.

For reasons unknown to him, the development of the plot was somewhat wrong…

He felt as if he had fallen into some kind of trap, and he was having a difficult time breaking free from it.

Failing to find a good explanation for his predicament, Chen Yu had no choice but to chalk it up to the other party’s professionalism.

To complete her task, his opponent was actually willing to endure all kinds of hardships.

Laying back onto his bed, Chen Yu looked at Little Peach and said, “Come here and hypnotize me.”

“Are you sleeping?”

“Mhm. The third livestream’s product is arriving tomorrow. I need to recharge my energy and go all out.”

“Okay.” Happily jumping off the chair, Little Peach picked up the Hypnosis Rattle and said, “Mr. Chen, let’s start now!”

“Huh? Why are you so ea-”

Ding, ring!

Ding, ring!

Ding, ring…


TL Notes:

[1]landlord: a card game in the genre of shedding and gambling. It is one of the most popular card games played in China.

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