Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 100 - Third Livestream (2)

Chapter 100: Third Livestream (2)

Chapter 100 – Third Livestream (2)




“One hour left.”

Inside the conference room of an unlisted courtyard in Beijing, the middle-aged team leader of the special situation team sat at the meeting table’s head. As the man stared at the large screen on the wall before him, his finger rhythmically tapping the table.

Meanwhile, filling the seats on both sides of the conference room were special agents, military men, professionals of various fields, and university lecturers wearing solemn expressions.

Every professional present also had numerous assistants and employees accompanying them.

In the conference room’s southeastern corner, a small area had also been temporarily segregated for a technical department. Unkempt wires and converters were scattered all around this area. Five printers also continuously spat out printed material. Aside from the sound of machines, the staff members’ footsteps and the sound of over 20 technicians busily typing away on their laptops also echoed throughout the room, the noise annoying the other occupants of the room.

After looking at his wristwatch for the time, the middle-aged team leader asked solemnly, “Has there been any news from the two points monitoring Target A?”

“It’s all routine news,” Xiao Li, who sat next to the middle-aged team leader, reported as he slid his finger across the tablet he held. Summarizing the reports submitted by the various units, departments, and teams, he continued, “Target A, Chen Yu’s bedroom curtains have not been opened even once. As both observation teams have not received any further orders, they have not tried taking a closer look.”

“Do not make any close-range observations,” the middle-aged team leader said, waving his hand. “Maintain proper distance. Currently, we are the weak and ignorant ones when it comes to technology. All forms of electronic eavesdropping and surveillance are prohibited! We must be cautious! We cannot take any gambles!”


In response, Xiao Li nodded and started tapping away at his custom-made tablet.

As the leader’s personal assistant, he knew that the leader wasn’t saying these words to him. Instead, he was speaking to certain “bigwigs.”

There were significantly varying opinions among the government officials on what kind of attitude they should take against the entity known as “Transdimensional Review.” There were both radical and conservative factions, and both sides were never able to reach a consensus.

In fact, many people were suggesting that they should arrest Chen Yu after this livestream ended.

This situation caused the middle-aged team leader, who was already burnt-out, to grow even more exhausted.

“Leader.” Sitting on the other side of the middle-aged team leader, Big Sis Wu put down the thick stack of documents she held and rubbed her swollen temples. Hoarsely, she said, “The Eagle Team has already locked onto four ‘black spots.’ Transdimensional Review’s livestream is about to start soon, and they are behaving more sensitively. Should we ‘polish’ them now?” (Note: The black spots refer to the foreign agents, while polish means to capture them.)

“Let’s wait a little while longer. We still have a few points we need to dig up. Pay closer attention to the points in Lanhe District.”


At this time, a staff member working in the background approached the middle-aged team leader and said, “Team Leader, this is the 16th edition of Target A’s psychological portrait Professor Li Mei sent over.”

“Mhm.” Accepting the thick stack of documents, the middle-aged team leader took a deep breath before he started carefully reading the report.

“Team Leader, this is the lab report of the item the target left in Shanghai.”

“Mhm, leave it aside. I’ll look through it in a moment.”

“Team Leader, this is the information on all of Chen Yu’s relatives.”

“Set it aside…”

Due to Transdimensional Review’s next livestream approaching, both he and his core team members had not closed their eyes for two consecutive days. They were all relying on the support of drugs and the medical team.

Half an hour later, Xiao Li reminded softly, “Leader, it’s eight fifty-five. It’s time for you to report to the higher-ups.”


Setting aside the report he was reading, the middle-aged team leader raised his head, picked up his phone, and left the conference room.

Outside the door, a dozen people wielding weapons with live ammunition stood on guard. Four of these guards split up and escorted the middle-aged team leader into a specially outfitted room.


Taking a deep breath and filling his lungs with oxygen, the middle-aged team leader dialed a number on his phone. He then put the phone by his ear and said, “Hole, hole, two, turn, hook, five, leak, transfer…”

Roughly three minutes later, the middle-aged man had finished conveying all critical information to his superiors. He then returned to the conference room and sat back into his seat.

Now, there were only two minutes left until nine o’clock.

Although Transdimensional Review’s livestream did not always start at nine o’clock, most people inside the conference room had stopped working and focused their gaze on the main screen hung at one end of the room.

This, was a protracted battle…

“This is a goddamned protracted battle.”

While sitting on his bed, Chen Yu dangled his legs impatiently.

He had woken up since six in the morning, and he had been waiting ever since. And the closer it got to nine o’clock, the slower time felt to him.

He was only a high school student. He utterly lacked the patience of a professional, so he was already growing impatient.

“Mr. Chen, why don’t you eat something first?” Little Peach, who was currently dressed in her usual cheongsam, grabbed a handful of friends from the table and passed them to Chen Yu. “Why are you so anxious, anyway?”

“I don’t know.” Taking a look at the time, Chen Yu said, “I won’t eat the fries. Return them to Third Eldest once we’re done with the livestream.”

“Aren’t these your hard-earned winnings from playing landlord?”

“Do you have some kind of misconception toward the word ‘hard-earned?’ Moreover, the important thing about playing cards with your family is to be happy. Do I look that greedy to you?”



“Mm!” Little Peach hurriedly shook her head.

Standing up, Chen Yu put on his haori and opera mask. Taking a look at the time again, he wondered, “Why does the time go by so quickly when I’m playing games, yet it’s moving so slowly now?”

“You can play games for a while,” Little Peach suggested.”

Chen Yu: “…”

At this moment, the numbers displayed on his watch finally jumped to 9:00.

However, contrary to Chen Yu’s expectations, the wormhole he was looking forward to did not appear. Instead, he received a message on WeChat.

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Are you there?”]

[Chen Yu: “If you have something to say, just say it. Don’t ask if I’m here or not.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Okay. I hope you can remember these words.”]

[Chen Yu: “It’s nine o’clock. Why hasn’t the product arrived yet?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “I’m contacting you because of it. A problem has cropped up with the delivery.”]

Chen Yu immediately frowned when he saw this message.

[Chen Yu: “Problem? What’s the problem? Will the delivery not arrive?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Mr. Chen, please rest assured. It isn’t a big problem. It’s just that this product is slightly big, and it can’t fit in your room.”]

[Chen Yu: “You scared me. If it’s a problem of size, that’s easy to solve. Hold on. I’ll warp to an empty plot of land.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “An ordinary plot of land is too small as well. You’ll need to look for a bigger place.”]

[Chen Yu: “What about the Sahara Desert?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “No deserts. I recommend choosing the ocean.”]

[Chen Yu: “???”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Moreover, it should be somewhere far from shore.”]

[Chen Yu: “What the hell is this item?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “You just need to find a place that’s far away from shore. We will automatically locate your coordinates.”]

[Chen Yu: “Fine. Gimme a minute.”]

Putting down his phone, Chen Yu walked up to the Interstellar Portal and called up the holographic Earth. He then quickly slid his finger across the hologram.

“Ocean… Ocean…

“Let’s choose the Yellow Sea that’s close to Qingdao City, then…”

After establishing the spatial link, Chen Yu pushed open the portal.


Immediately, the sea breeze and salty smell of the ocean assaulted him.

Meanwhile, beyond the door was an ocean that had no end in sight–the Yellow Sea.

“Mr. Chen, is our livestream location in the ocean?”

“Mhm.” Nodding, Chen Yu leaned half his body through the door and looked at the rough ocean waters raging beneath him. Taking out his phone, he quickly typed out a message.

[Chen Yu: “Is the Yellow Sea fine?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “It’s totally possible. I’ll have the express delivery sent to your location. The space-time portal is opening now Please wait a moment.”]

As soon as Chen Yu received this message, space above the Yellow Sea suddenly distorted, and a wormhole so big that it dumbfounded Chen Yu gradually took shape.

“How is this ‘slightly’ big?!”

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