Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 77 - All Must Die!

Chapter 77: All Must Die!

Chapter 77 – All Must Die!

After finding out that spending his points wouldn’t affect his evaluation, Chen Yu could finally rest at ease. Raising his wrist, he swiftly swiped across the screen of his watch and entered the Transdimensional Store’s interface. Upon entering the store’s interface, the information of five products greeted him.

[Transdimensional Store Recommended Products (Refreshes at midnight every day.)]

[1. Portable Enhanced Nintendo Switch: Released by Nintendo Co., Ltd. in the year 2022. The Portable Enhanced Nintendo Switch ran at 1080p resolution. Compared to the original Nintendo Switch, battery life is increased by 35%, CPU performance is increased by 42%, GPU performance is increased by 45%, and usability experience of the JoyCon and linear motor are optimized. The selling price is 1 point.]

[2. Sure-fire Football: Released by the “Insufficient National Football Coaches” Sports Company in the year 2031. Designed specifically for the national football team. The Sure-fire Football has a built-in GPS positioning system and a built-in MediaTek CP991 high-performance chip that allows it to accurately distinguish between friend and foe. When allied athletes dribble the ball, it will intelligently avoid the enemy’s tackles, interceptions, and blocks. When kicked toward the enemy goalpost, with the help of aerodynamics, there is an 83% chance of the ball hitting the goal. The selling price is 2 points.]

[3. Pear First Generation Mobile Phone: Released by the Pear Company in the year 2057. Focused on security, the Pear First Generation Mobile Phone has a CPU with 32 cores and 64 threads and a high-pressured water cooling system for heat dissipation. It also has a built-in epoch-making blood unlocking technology, granting it a security rating of A++. Only a small knife is needed. It is also possible to use the phone to test for blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood sugar levels. When the phone is separated from the owner by more than 10 meters, it will instantly explode and destroy all information contained on it. The selling price is 4 points.]

[4. Smart Window Application: Released by the Smart Window Company in the year 2033. The Smart Window Application allows humans to be free from the need to actively searching for information. Through the use of a smartphone’s camera, users can take pictures of objects or people and quickly find all available data. The available information includes, but is not limited to: brand, prices, and purchase links of clothing, the history, culture, and individuals related to a particular building, your boyfriend’s recent expenditure in hotels and KTVs, your girlfriend’s lipstick number, her change in hairstyle, anniversary dates, and her hospital abortion reports. The selling price is 3 points. (This application requires the support of the Smart Window Company, so it can only be used in the year 2033 and onwards.)]

[5. Hypnosis Rattle: Released by Aike Medical Products Company in the year 2107. The rattle has a built-in ZM224 EEG signal transmitter. Even without professional knowledge in hypnosis, so long as the hypnosis target is cooperative, it is possible to induce the target into a hypnotic state. The Hypnosis Rattle can effectively relieve a variety of human physical and psychological discomforts such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, panic, memory difficulties, nerve pain, and mental abnormalities. The selling price is 9 points.]

[The listed products can be refreshed for 10 points. Multiple refreshes within 24 hours will cause the refresh price to increase by tenfold.]

“I can’t help but feel that these products are a joke…”

After pondering the matter for some time, Chen Yu eventually chose to purchase the fifth and most expensive product–the Hypnosis Rattle.

He felt that he been under a lot of pressure recently. Relaxing himself with the help of hypnosis was undoubtedly a smart choice.

[10 points expended (product + tax). Remaining points: 2]

Along with the appearance of these words on the watch’s screen, a small space-time wormhole appeared before Chen Yu. A little white box then fell out of this wormhole.

“This damned…! There’s actually a tax still…”

Not in the mood to make complaints, Chen Yu picked up the box and removed the seal. He then pulled out a bell the size of a child’s fist from inside the box.

The bell was smooth and dense, and black stripes were covering the top of the bell. Overall, the bell looked exquisitely crafted.

“Little Peach, do you know this thing?”

“I don’t,” Little Peach said, shaking her head after giving the rattle a few looks. “There’s still a solar charging panel on it. It should be an old antique.”

Chen Yu: “…”

Placing down the rattle, Chen Yu picked up the instruction manual inside the box and hooked his finger at Little Peach. “Come over here. We’ll read it together. Once we know how to use it, use it to hypnotize me.”

“Yes, sir.”

Following this, the two of them read through the instruction manual page by page, spending roughly five minutes to learn how to use the Hypnosis Rattle.

“Take it and hypnotize me,” Chen Yu said as he passed the rattle to Little Peach. He then laid on his bed and shut his eyes, saying, “Go on.

“What kind of scenery do you want?”

“The beach, soft sand, and sunshine.”

“Very well.” Nodding, Little Peach walked up to the side of the bed and shook the rattle three times.

Ding, ring.

Ding, ring.

Ding, ring.

At the same time, radio waves started spreading out from Little Peach’s attractive eyes. The waves reflected back and forth against the bedroom’s walls and rapidly merged with the subtle brain waves Chen Yu released.

“You, are looking at the ocean…” Little Peach gently said. “You are stepping on a soft, sandy beach. The sun is shining on your body, giving you a warm and comfy feeling.”

Chen Yu’s eyes rapidly moved along Little Peach’s words, his consciousness falling into a hazy and illusory state. “Warm… Comfy…”

Ding, ring.

Ding, ring…

Seeing that Chen Yu had already been hypnotized, Little Peach shook the rattle two more times according to the instruction manual, further strengthening the hypnotic effect.

“Where are you?”

“At… At the beach…”

“What do you see?”

“I see… I see sand…the sun…bikinis…”

Stunned momentarily, Little Peach frowned and said, “There are no bikinis.”

“No… No bikinis…”


“There are three-point swimsuits… So many three-point swimsuits… Ah…”

“There are no three-point swimsuits, either!” Little Peach declared while clenching her fist.

“No… None…”

“Right! There are no bikinis or three-point swimsuits! There is only the sandy beach, the waves, and the sun!”

“Sandy… Sandy beach…” While in a subconscious state, Chen Yu excitedly raised his legs and said, “The beauties… The beauties on the beach aren’t wearing anything… No bikinis… No three-point swimsuits…”

“There are no beauties!” Little Peach declared with a dark expression. “You’re the only one there, bastard!”

“Only… Only myself…”

“Yes, only you.”

“Only me…” Chen Yu gradually quietened down at these words.

Wiping off the simulated sweat that had formed on her forehead, Little Peach continued softly, “You’re lying on the beach. You feel very relaxed and comfortable.”


“Your stress has disappeared, and you feel light and fluffy.”


“You are soundly asleep by the sea, on the beach, and under the sun.”


After murmuring these words, Chen Yu’s muscles relaxed entirely as he fell into a deep sleep.

Seeing this, Little Peach placed down the rattle and leaned against the bedside, her eyes staring at Chen Yu’s profile without blinking. Gradually, a gentle and happy smile formed on her face.

“This human…

“He is the first person I saw.

“Never. I will never leave him…”

Loyalty did not require many reasons. With a reason, it would no longer be pure loyalty, but a logical act instead.[1]

Meanwhile, as an artificial intelligence, there was no form of loyalty purer than this…

“Mr. Chen…”

However, the “warm” smile on Little Peach’s face did not last long. Three minutes later, as if a bug had appeared in her programming, her expression suddenly changed as she raised her palm and gave Chen Yu a slap!


Chen Yu instantly awoke from his slumber. Abruptly sitting up from his bed, he looked at Little Peach in horror.

As for Little Peach, she was in the midst of earnestly looking at her own palm.

“You… Why did you hit me?!”

“There was a mosquito on your face,” Little Peach said as she extended her hand, showing the mosquito corpse on her palm. “I killed it.”

“…” Calm gradually returned to Chen Yu’s face when he saw the mosquito corpse. However, after a moment of silence, he suddenly shouted, “Why didn’t you just shoo it away?! Is there a need to hit me?!”

“Heh.” A cold glint flashing across her eyes, Little Peach said, “All who dares touch my man must die.”

Chen Yu: “…”

“Also…” Pointing at Chen Yu’s crotch, Little Peach said, “Your pants are wet.”

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