Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 76 - Stupefied

Chapter 76: Stupefied

Chapter 76 – Stupefied

At night, only five people sat around the Chen family’s dining table. Father Chen had yet to return home due to working overtime.

“I’m done eating,” Chen Yike said as she stood up. After placing down her chopsticks, she promptly left the kitchen while avoiding Chen Yu’s gaze.

“Hah…” Chen Yu sighed deeply, finding the food in his bowl to be tasteless.

As an elder brother, the most painful thing he had to endure was being treated as a pervert by his little sister.

Meanwhile, it was naturally even more painful to be treated like a pervert by two of his little sisters…


At this time, a shadow flashed under Chen Yu’s eyeballs. By the time he had snapped out of his daze, he had discovered that Chen Erke had snagged a chicken wing from his bowl.


Slamming the table, Chen Yu shouted, “Give it back!”

Holding up the chicken wing with her chopsticks, Chen Erke stared at Chen Yu before stretching out her tongue and giving the chicken wing a thorough licking. Afterward, she pushed the wing at Chen Yu and said, “Here.”

Chen Yu: “…”

“I’ll eat it if you don’t want it!” Chen Erke said, squinting her eyes as she bit off the wing’s skin. She then started swaying her head around and deliberately putting on an expression of ecstasy.

“…Eat it, then. The fatter you get, the better you’ll be able to take a beating.”

“Mom! Look at my big brother!” Chen Erke said as she sidled up to Mother Chen.

A cold glint flashing across her eyes, Mother Chen glared at Chen Yu and said, “Let me see if you can take a beating or not, then.”

“If you hit me, I’ll hit her.”

“I’ll hit you whether you hit her or not,” Mother Chen angrily said as she raised her chopsticks. “Can’t you yield to your little sister a little? Behave like an elder brother for once.”

Looking at Chen Erke’s gleeful expression, Chen Yu sent her a glare that said, “Just you wait” before hurriedly emptying his bowl and putting down his chopsticks. He then said, “I’m done eating.”

Just as Chen Yu was about to stand up from his seat, he noticed Chen Sanke staring at the ceiling in a daze.

“Third Eldest, why aren’t you eating? What are you daydreaming about?”

Turning to look at Chen Yu, Chen Sanke puffed up her cheeks aggrievedly and pouted, “My biscuits and milk disappeared…”

“Oh.” Standing up, Chen Yu walked up to the kitchen’s exit before saying, “Why do you have such a one-track mind? If it’s gone, then it’s gone. You must’ve eaten it at some point.”

“That’s not possible. I remember that I still had half a bottle of milk and 15 pieces of biscuits.” Sighing, Chen Sanke muttered, “Where did they go…”

After returning to his bedroom and locking the door, Chen Yu laid on his bed. Seeing this, Little Peach came out from her invisible state and put on a coat. She then approached Chen Yu and said, “My King, your livestream has already been edited. They will be released on the three platforms at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning. Moreover, I have also arranged for your four previous videos to be released on DouYu and Youtube tomorrow.”

“Mhm.” Chen Yu nodded. “Right, don’t call me ‘King’ when we’re not on camera. It sounds too chuunibyou[1]. Just continue calling me Chen Yu.”

“Very well, Mr. Chen.”

“Chen Yu.”

“I understand, Mr. Chen.”

“…Forget it. Just do your own thing,” Chen Yu said in resignation. He then raised his wrist and swiped on his watch’s screen.

During the morning livestream, he had gained a total of 12 points. This also meant that a total of 120,000 real viewers had participated in his livestream, with the majority of them coming from Bilibili’s site. As for DouYu and Youtube, the two platforms added together might not have contributed 10,000 real viewers.

Let’s hope I’ll gain more popularity on these two platforms once my review videos are uploaded there tomorrow…

After thinking for a moment, Chen Yu picked up his phone and contacted the Transdimensional Marketing Company’s staff.

[Chen Yu: “You there?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Connard!”] (a curse in French)

[Chen Yu: “What does that mean?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “It means I am delighted to see you.”]

[Chen Yu: “Oh! Connard to you too!”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “…Mr. Chen, what business do you have? Do you want me to reclaim the Interstellar Portal?”]

[Chen Yu: “No, no, no. I have many uses for this door. I definitely won’t be replacing it. What I want to ask is whether my livestream today met the required advertising effects or not? I gained a total of 12 points.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “I can’t say for sure. You’ll first have to conduct three livestreams and undergo the company’s quarterly evaluation to know whether you’ve passed the company’s requirements or not. The company judges you based on multiple angles, multiple aspects, and multiple values. If you are merely a partner with the lowest potential, you might pass the evaluation with just one point. However, your current potential is very high. Having just 12 points might not be enough to secure you a pass.”]

[Chen Yu: “So, that’s how it works.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Indeed. Do you have any more questions?”]

[Chen Yu: “An app called ‘Transdimensional Store’ has appeared in my watch’s interface. There are quite a few products inside. Didn’t you previously say that I can exchange for items using my points? Are you talking about these items?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Indeed. Do you have any more questions?”]

[Chen Yu: “If I spend points to buy these things, will it cause me to fail my quarterly evaluation?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “The goal of the evaluation is to judge whether you have met the required advertising effects. Even if you spent all your accumulated points, it would not affect your rank. In fact, you are even free to use these exchanged products to conduct additional livestreams and increase your popularity.”]

[Chen Yu: “Oh! I see!”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Indeed. Do you have any more questions?”]

[Chen Yu: “Why does it feel like you’re annoyed of me?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “You jest. Do you have any more questions?”]

[Chen Yu: “I do! I previously ran out, but now I have more.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Please speak. :)”]

[Chen Yu: “I can’t help but feel that three platforms are too few. Can that number only be increased if I rank up?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Indeed. Your current access level is D-, so you are only allowed to host your videos and livestreams on a maximum of three broadcasting platforms. If you raise your access level, that number will increase to five. At level D+, you can host on 10 platforms. Meanwhile, the greater the number of platforms you can host on, the greater your popularity will become.”]

[Chen Yu: “What happens if I reach level C?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “At level C-, the company will set up a second team for you to be responsible for hosting your content on all available broadcasting platforms on the internet. At level C, in addition to online broadcasting platforms, you’ll also gain access to one satellite or one network TV station. Upon reaching level C+, the number of satellites or TV stations you’ll have access to will be tripled. “]

Seeing this message, Chen Yu couldn’t help but be shocked.

[Chen Yu: “There are TVs even in the future? In our year of 2020, barely any people watch TV anymore.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Even after 5,000 years later, the term TV still exists. Only, the external and internal forms are constantly changing. Regardless of time, the television remains the most stable, most formal, and most communicable media platform for humanity.”]

[Chen Yu: “Alright, I think I understand.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Do you have any more questions?”]

[Chen Yu: “I do! I can go on for the entire night!”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “…Connard!”]

[Chen Yu: “Thank you. Connard to you too! What changes will there be after I reach level B?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “…At level B-, all content you put out, such as videos, livestreams, TV shows, voice recordings, and so on, can be simultaneously broadcasted on all media platforms around the world. If your access level reaches B, then congratulations. You may select a country and broadcast your livestream on every electronic display in said country. Unless a display is damaged, it cannot stop your livestream from playing on it otherwise. At level B+, you may choose up to three countries.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “I know you will definitely ask me about level A. I’ll say it, I’ll say it all. After reaching level A-, our company will disregard all costs and broadcast your livestreams on every operational display in the world.”]


At this moment, Chen Yu became thoroughly stupefied.

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