Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Daily Life

Chapter 50 – Daily Life


After opening the security door and entering his house, Chen Yu noticed his mother cooking in the kitchen. Smirking, he walked up to her while carrying his schoolbag and said, “Mom, you’re cooking?”

“Yes, I’m cooking.”

“How many pans do we have at home?” Chen Yu asked.

Turning to eye Chen Yu skeptically, Mother Chen countered, “What are you trying to do?”

“I’m just curious, that’s all.”

“Aside from this wok I’m using, we have a saucepan and a steamer. What are you trying to do?”

“Aside from those, do we have any spare pans?”

“No. Just what are you trying to say?”

“Oh, nothing.” Whistling, Chen Yu pulled his bag’s zipper and fished out his five monthly test papers. He then gleefully waved them before Mother Chen and said, “Your son’s results are out.”

“Oh? What place did you get starting from the back?” Mother Chen asked as she resumed stir-frying vegetables.

“Second place in class! Starting from the front!” Chen Yu said as he extended two fingers.

Upon hearing Chen Yu’s words, Mother Chen froze. She then turned around and asked skeptically, “Starting from the front? Second place in class?”

“That’s right.” Giving his bangs a swipe, Chen Yu said, “My lord mother, it’s time to keep your promise. Eat this wok.”

“Did you copy your class’s number one?”

“What copy?! I took the exam alone! I relied entirely on my own abilities!” Chen Yu said. Pulling out his phone, he continued, “If you don’t believe me, call my form teacher and principal and ask them.”

At these words, Mother Chen still asked skeptically, “Really? You really got second place in class? You?”

“You’re looking down on your son too much.” Putting on an arrogant face, Chen Yu pointed at the steel wok Mother Chen was holding and said, “Mom, eat up! Just a bite is fine! You must honor your bets!”

In response, Mother Chen picked up the rolling pin lying on the kitchen counter.

Three minutes later, Chen Yu trudged into the living room while holding his swollen ear, his gait making it seem as if he had just disowned all his relatives.

However, despite having received a beating, he was very happy.

Taking a seat on the sofa, Chen Yu said pompously, “Eldest, pour me some water.”

In response, Chen Yike sent Chen Yu a glance, clicked her tongue, and resumed memorizing the words in her English textbook.

“Second Eldest, go pour it for me.”

However, Chen Erke did not react even the slightest bit to Chen Yu’s words, fully focused on her drawing board.

“Third Eldest, can you pour a glass of water for me? I dote on you the most.”

“OK!” Nodding her head, Chen Sanke grabbed the empty cup on the tea table and toddled away.

“Kekeke.” A wide smile on his face, Chen Yu took out his five test papers and slapped them on the tea table, saying, “Oh, my results are out.”

Chen Yike was still memorizing words.

Chen Erke was still drawing.

“My results are very good!” Chen Yu said, raising his voice.

Chen Yike changed her reading position.

Chen Erke was still drawing.

“I got second place in my entire class! Aren’t I amazing?!”

Chen Yike subconsciously picked her feet and sniffed her finger before she continued memorizing words.

Chen Erke was still drawing.

After a moment of silence, Chen Yu bellowed, “Can’t you guys pay attention to me for a moment?!”

Chen Yike was still memorizing words.

Chen Erke was still drawing.

Chen Yu: “…”

“Big Brother! Water!”

At this time, Chen Sanke returned with a glass full of water and handed it over to Chen Yu.

Grabbing the glass with his left hand, Chen Yu picked up one of his test papers and showed it to Chen Sanke, saying, “Third Eldest, look at Big Brother’s marks! Isn’t it awesome?”

Widening her eyes in surprise, Chen Sanke said, “Wow! Awesome!”

“Amazing, right?”

“Wow! Amazing!”

“Hahaha!” Satisfaction filled Chen Yu immediately upon hearing his little sister’s praise. He then took a big gulp of water while patting Chen Sanke’s head and said, “Third Eldest is the best.”

“Mhm!” Chen Sanke nodded her head heavily in response to Chen Yu’s words. She then asked, “But what are marks?”

“…Cough, cough, cough, cough…”

Chen Yu choked on water and started coughing in agony.

“You…cough, cough… Doesn’t your kindergarten have marks?”


“How are you ranked in your tests?”

“We see how many red flowers we have.” Earnestly evaluating Chen Yu’s test paper, Chen Sanke scratched her head and asked, “Are marks red flowers?”

“…Forget it. Go do your own thing. I don’t wish to speak to you anymore.”

Sighing, Chen Yu gulped down the water and placed the glass back on the tea table. Shaking away the water that stained his palm, he frowned and asked, “Third Eldest, how did you pour the water? The outside of the glass is drenched.”

“I got it from the toilet bowl.”

Chen Yu: “?!!”

Chen Yike abruptly lifted her head.

Chen Erke abruptly lifted her head.

“I got my hands wet too,” Chen Sanke said while raising her wet little hands.


After a moment of silence, Chen Yu abruptly got up from his seat and dashed to the toilet before heaving violently.

Blergh! Blergh! Cough, cough… Blergh!

Putting down her English textbook, Chen Yike looked at Chen Sanke with a stunned expression on her face as she asked, “You… Why did you get water from the toilet bowl?”

“I can’t reach the tap!” Chen Sanke said as she proudly puffed up her chest and pinched her waist.

“Th-Then, when you get water for yourself, do you get it from the toilet bowl too?!”

“Nonsense!” Pouting, Chen Sanke said, “No matter how thirsty I am, I won’t get water from that place. It’s too dirty.”

Chen Yike: “…”

Chen Erke: “…”


The heaving sounds coming from the toilet intensified at Chen Sanke’s words.


An hour later, dinner in the Chen family was served.

After pushing open the door to Chen Yu’s room, Chen Sanke looked at his lifeless body and shouted, “Big Brother! Time to eat!”

“…Go away.” Pointing his index finger at Chen Sanke, Chen Yu said, “I don’t want to see you.”

“But it’s time to eat.”

“I’m not eating. Go away.”

“I’m sorry. It was my mistake. There won’t be a next time.”

“You think there will be a next time?!” Abruptly sitting up in his bed, Chen Yu shouted, “Get out! I’m not eating!”

“I… I didn’t do it on purpose,” Chen Sanke said as she lowered her head and played with her fingers in an aggrieved manner.

“Not on purpose? You said yourself that the toilet bowl’s water is… Blergh! Dirty! Blergh…

“That’s why I don’t drink it.”

Blergh! Go away…”

“Time to eat, Big Brother.” Since her words weren’t working, Chen Sanke walked forward and grabbed Chen Yu’s ankle with both hands. She then pulled with all her strength.

“No! Don’t touch m—”


Before Chen Yu could finish speaking, he suddenly got dragged to the floor.

Chen Yu: “…”

“Time to eat, Big Brother.”

“Let go of me! I’m not eating!”

Afraid that he would injure Chen Sanke if he kicked his legs, Chen Yu had no choice but to grab his bed and try to pull himself up. However, before he could climb back onto his bed, Chen Sanke yanked his ankle once more and dragged him a meter away.

“Crap! Let go of me!”

“Time to eat!”

“S-Stop pulling! Did your DNA get mutated? Why are you so strong?!”

“Mommy told me to call you to eat. You can’t not eat.”

“Let go! I said, let go!”

Two minutes later, Chen Yu found himself seated at the dining table in disheveled clothes, a new bowl and a pair of disposable chopsticks placed before him.

“Why did you give me disposable chopsticks?”

Sending Chen Yu a glance, Mother Chen answered, “We don’t have enough chopsticks.”

Raising her hand, Chen Erke said, “That’s not it! Mom said you’re too dirty!”

Pointing her chopsticks at Chen Erke, Mother Chen said, “Stop running your mouth!”


“I’m not eating!” Chen Yu stood up furiously from his seat.

“Sit down and eat properly!” Mother Chen said as she glared at Chen Yu. “Didn’t you just drink some water from…that place? It’s not like it’s dirt—Pfft, hahaha!”

Finally, Mother Chen could no longer hold back her laughter.

Chen Yike: “Hahahaha!”

Chen Erke: “Haha!”

Father Chen: “Hehehe…”

Chen Sanke: “Ha.”

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