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Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Sixth High’s Most Outstanding Student

Chapter 49 – Sixth High’s Most Outstanding Student

“The monthly test’s results are out. I will now announce the class ranking.”

On Tuesday, at 9:30 A.M., Class 2-2’s form teacher stood on the lectern with a sullen look on his face. Patting the name list in his hand, he said, “Disappointing. You all have truly disappointed me. You all are the worst students I have taught! You have shamed your families!”

Seated in a corner of the classroom, Chen Yu could not help getting elated at this situation.

Judging by his form teacher’s indignant expression, Chen Yu could easily tell that the results of his monthly test this time put him within the top 25 of the class. Otherwise, his form teacher would be as happy as a lark after receiving the “bonus pay” from his failure.

“I already told you the topics that would be tested before the monthly examination, yet you still failed to answer the questions! Were all of you reincarnated from huskies?!”

Chen Yu shook his head as he listened to his form teacher’s curses, feeling that his form teacher’s words were excessive for a high school teacher.

While huskies indeed possessed low intelligence, they were at least handsome.

“Good-for-nothings!” the form teacher cursed one last time before shutting his eyes and taking a deep breath. After calming himself, he raised the name list and gnashed his teeth as he said, “First place, Zhen Congming[1], 334 marks.”

“Damn it!” As soon as the form teacher spoke, a boy wearing gold-rimmed glasses, who was seated at the frontmost row of the class, regretfully hammered his table. “I didn’t get a perfect score again!”

Sending a sidelong glance at the bespectacled boy, the form teacher said, “A perfect score is 650.”

“That’s right. What a shame,” the student named Zhen Congming said. Pushing up his spectacles in an arrogant and frustrated manner, he asked, “Teacher, what’s my ranking in the whole school?”


“That’s fine, then. I entered the top 100. At least I brought honor to the class.”

“Why, thank you**, on behalf of the whole class.”

“That’s not necessary. I’m only doing what I should do as a member of the study committee.”

Rolling his eyes at Zhen Congming’s words, the form teacher proceeded to the second entry on the name list. Upon seeing this name, however, he immediately felt as if he had just swallowed a fly.

“Se-Second place, Chen Yu, 333 marks.”

The instant he called this name, the entire class fell silent.

As for Chen Yu, he pointed at himself in a daze and asked, “Me?”

“You.” Giving his own face a powerful rub, the form teacher said, “Second place.”

Chen Yu: “…”

The form teacher: “We have underestimated your learning ability.”

Chen Yu: “…No! I overestimated their learning ability!

“This class is truly terrible!

“I can totally empathize with you now. Truly…”

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Two seconds after the bell signifying the end of class rang, a group of students had Chen Yu’s seat surrounded.

“Chen Yu! Amazing!”

“Crap! Number two in class! How did you do it?”

“You actually overtook our class’s study goddess?”

“You got into the school’s top 100! Treat us to some spicy bars!”

At the shock and excitement on his classmates’ faces, Chen Yu started having the misconception that he was indeed “amazing.”

So…from now on, I’m a top student too?

“Brother Chen!” Li Liang, who sat in front of Chen Yu, grabbed Chen Yu’s shoulders and shook him excitedly, asking, “How did you do it? You actually got second place in the entire class! Did you cheat?”

“No,” Chen Yu said, spreading his hands. “I now know that it is actually so easy to reach the 300-mark threshold.”

Upon hearing Chen Yu’s words, Li Liang and the other students gazed at him with contempt.

“Brother Chen, you just became a top student, yet you’re already bragging like one?”

Chen Yu: “…”

“Fellow student Chen Yu.”

At this time, a clear voice came from outside the circle of students around Chen Yu’s table, the owner of the voice being Zhen Congming. Walking up to Chen Yu and pushing his glasses slightly, Zhen Congming said, “I never thought that in just one short month, you’d already catch up to my pace.”

Chen Yu: “…”

“There are no shortcuts in learning. I presume you worked hard, with me as your goal, right? You must’ve suffered a lot.”

Chen Yu: “…”

“Diligence can make up for your shortcomings. Your achievement and effort have earned my respect. You have also earned the respect of Class 2’s elite study group. Fellow student Chen Yu, I now officially invite you to join Class 2’s study group. From now on, we will have another fighting force to help us within Sixth High’s top 100 rankings!”

After saying so, Zhen Congming pulled out his phone and opened up his WeChat’s QR code, then said, “Scan me. I’ll add you to the group.”

Chen Yu felt goosebumps rising all over his body at Zhen Congming’s awkward speech. However, he still politely pulled out his phone and added the other party’s WeChat. “I’m very honored.”

“I didn’t give you this honor. You earned it yourself.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

“Although you have achieved good results, you mustn’t be arrogant! You have to continue working hard and climb to greater heights!”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

“As an outstanding member of the study committee, I feel that I am very successful in being a role model to have inspired your fighting spirit.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

“Now that you have become a good student, stop mingling with those bad classmates. It’ll damage your reputation.”

“Right, right, right.”

“However, I won’t go easy on next month’s test,” Zhen Congming said as he gave his bangs a self-assured flick. “Hopefully, there will come a day when you can defeat me. I will be waiting for you at the peak of Mt. Taishan.”

Just wait for me in the mortuary…

While inwardly slandering the other party, Chen Yu said in good faith, “Sure, sure, sure.”

Just as Chen Yu was about to breathe out a sigh of relief after Zhen Congming left, he noticed that the students surrounding him were all looking at him as if he was an enemy.

Shuddering, Chen Yu hurriedly picked up his bag and left the classroom. He then dashed to the principal’s office on the top floor.

“Principal! My results are out! Time to make good on your bet—”

As soon as he pushed open the wooden doors to the principal’s office, Chen Yu started shouting proudly. However, halfway through his words, he noticed that aside from Principal Pang, there were five other adults inside the office. Stunned, he quickly bowed and apologized, “Sorry for the interruption. I didn’t know you were having a meeting. I’ll leave now. Excuse me.”

“Chen Yu! Don’t go!”

When Principal Pang saw that the rude intruder was Chen Yu, his eyes glowed immediately. He stepped forward hurriedly to hold Chen Yu back, then said enthusiastically to his five guests, “This student here is Sixth High’s most outstanding student. Specializing in sports, he has hopes of becoming our country’s new track and field champion! Chen Yu, quickly give your greetings. These five here are administrators from Beijing.”

“He-Hello, administrators.”

Chen Yu bowed anxiously to the group of four men and one woman. His gut told him that something was amiss with this group of five—they were too tempered. They were calm, steady, and confident.

“Principal, if there is nothing else, I’ll take my leave first. I won’t interrupt you if you’re busy.”

“I’m not busy. Why have you come looking for me?”

“My results are out, so I came to have you honor our bet,” Chen Yu said, shrugging in delight. “Second place in class, and 78th in the entire school. That’s far better than scoring within the top 25 of my class, right? Principal Pang, a bet’s a bet.”

At Chen Yu’s mention of this matter, Principal Pang’s expression instantly turned gloomy. Although he had thought that Chen Yu might score well in the test this time, he had never imagined that the boy would actually get second place in his class! Just what were the students of Class 2 doing?!

“Second place in class!”

Chen Yu’s words piqued the interest of the middle-aged man standing at the head of the group of guests. Closely observing Chen Yu, the middle-aged man said, “Fellow student, not only do you specialize in sports, but your cultural achievements are excellent as well. That’s not an easy feat to accomplish. Second place in class and 78th place in the entire school? How many marks did you score?”

“Three hundred thirty-three,” Chen Yu answered.

“Oh? That’s amazing. What is the full score?”

“Six hundred fifty.”

Everyone: “…”

After a moment of silence, the middle-aged man awkwardly scratched his head and said, “You ranked 78 in the whole school by scoring 333 out of 650… Hmm… Are the tests difficult?”

“Not at all. The tests this time are much simpler compared to ordinary high school tests. Previously, you could get within the top 50 if you scored over 300 marks.”

His lips twitching slightly, the middle-aged man asked, “…So, your school teaches you how to operate excavators?”

At these words, Principal Pang covered his face in shame.

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