Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Second Review Video (1)

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Chapter 34 – Second Review Video (1)

By the time the Chen family’s four siblings walked out of the Happy Dumplings restaurant, the sky was already dark. Meanwhile, standing at the entrance behind them was a group of cooks and service workers looking at the backs of the four siblings with “longing” gazes.

“Hah…” Chen Yu sighed lightly as he patted the stack of money in his hand. He then said to his little sisters, “This restaurant really is cheap. They actually only gave me 1,000 yuan for jumping over 3.5 meters.”

“It’s 2,000 yuan!” Chen Yike said, stretching out two fingers. “They deducted a thousand for our meal.”

“Isn’t that illogical?” Chen Yu grumbled. “The restaurant waives your bill if you jump across the 3-meter mark, yet you only get 2,000 yuan for jumping across the 3.5-meter mark. They should’ve included the waiver as well! Scammers!”

Chen Erke: “Scammers!”

Chen Sanke: “Scam.”

Chen Yike: “…”

“This won’t do!” Balling his fists up in anger, Chen Yu said, “I’m going to dispute this with them!”

After saying so, Chen Yu promptly turned around and charged back toward the restaurant. However, after he had taken just a few steps forward, he immediately halted his footsteps when he noticed the group of restaurant employees glaring at him. He then turned back to his little sisters and asked, “Why didn’t any of you stop me?”

Chen Yike: “If you get injured, we’ll get a lot of medical compensation that will help ease our family’s finances.”

Chen Erke: “Make sure to protect the 1,000 yuan.”

Chen Sanke: “Good luck!”

Chen Yu grew speechless at his sisters’ response. After remaining silent for some time, he turned away from the restaurant and said, “Forget it. I’m a gentleman. Moreover, eating a loss also means learning a lesson.”




“You three truly are the worst little sisters in the world!”




While walking home together with his three sisters, Chen Yu pointed at the bags of takeaway Chen Yike carried and said, “We need to think of a new reason for bringing so much food back home. Let’s say that we came across Principal Pang on our way home and that the principal insisted on treating me to a meal no matter what. We then wrapped up and brought back the leftovers. Understood?”

“””Isn’t it bad to lie to Mom and Dad?”””

“I’ve already told you before. This is a white lie. If you properly hide this fact, we’ll have another big meal next week!”


Twenty minutes later, the four siblings arrived home. After opening the security door, Chen Yu immediately noticed Mother Chen working busily through the kitchen’s window.

“Mom! No need to cook dinner! We have dishes already!”

As soon as Chen Yu entered the house, he immediately received the dozen or so bags from Chen Yike and raised them for Mother Chen to see.

“You…” Mother Chen was naturally surprised when she saw the bags of food. “Are these leftovers again?”

“That’s right. They’re lavish dishes.”

“Where did they come from?”

“We came across my school’s fat principal today. That loon insisted on treating us to a meal. We failed to decline, so we ended up going along with him. After the meal, we had some leftovers, so we packed them back.”

Upon hearing Chen Yu’s explanation, Mother Chen initially revealed a confused expression. Afterward, her expression transformed into shock before turning into rage. In the end, she grabbed her rolling pin and raised it in threat.

Seeing his mother’s strange response, Chen Yu followed her line of sight and turned to look at the living room’s sofa, and what entered his eyes were his father and a surprised Principal Pang.

Almost instantly, Chen Yu’s expression went from confusion to doubt, to shock, and eventually settled at fear.

As for Chen Yike, Erke, and Sanke, their expressions went from confusion to surprise, to pleasant surprise, and eventually gloating.

As the house fell into silence, Chen Yike hurriedly took out her phone and played an egoistic song that suited the current situation[1].

“Breeze growing cold, fading into night.”

“Searching high and low, running out of light.”

“Can’t let go, try as you might.”

“Casting away…”

“Crap! Parents that beat their children are the worst!” Covering his swollen ears, Chen Yu returned to his room and sat before his study table. He then cursed, “That loon, as well! I was right to call him a loon! Why is he visiting my house at such a time?!”

While cursing Principal Pang, Chen Yu gently rubbed his ears that Mother Chen had roughly pinched and pulled on. He then donned the Quantum Reading Glasses and started reading a primary one English textbook.

Only by studying and gaining knowledge will I forget the pain my body and soul suffer—Lu Xun[2].

The next day, Monday:

After sending his three little sisters off to school like usual, Chen Yu did not head to Sixth High. Instead, he carried his backpack and hid inside an internet cafe.

“Minors are not allowed to enter.”

When Chen Yu entered the internet cafe, the lady manning the register said this to him with a frown.

“How can you tell that I’m a minor? I’m already an adult, alright?”

“Hand over your identification, then.”

“I’m not here to surf the internet, so why must I provide identification?”

“If you’re not here to surf the net, what are you here for?” the cashier asked, stunned.

“Can’t I come here to study?” Chen Yu asked, eyeing the other party with contempt. He then carried his backpack to an empty seat, put on the Quantum Reading Glasses, and immersed himself in reading a primary two English textbook.

However, seeing how he was flipping through the textbook, outsiders definitely wouldn’t think that he was studying. He looked more like a mentally challenged child fooling around.

Buzz! Buzz, buzz…

Roughly half an hour later, Chen Yu’s phone started vibrating in his pocket. After removing the quantum glasses and taking out his phone, Chen Yu noticed that it was his form teacher calling him. He picked up the call and said, “Hello? Teacher?”

“Why didn’t you come to school today?!”

The form teacher’s voice came roaring out of Chen Yu’s phone.

“You’re not letting me study properly, so why should I go to school?”

“Do you not need to train? Teacher Niu has come looking for you several times already!”

“I’m not going. Do whatever you want.”

“Where are you now? What are you doing?”

“I’m studying, of course. Seeing as you guys aren’t letting me study, I’m sure it’s fine if I find a place to study myself, right? “Chen Yu said gleefully.

However, as soon as Chen Yu finished speaking, the man seated next to him started furiously clicking on his mouse while shouting, “Use your ultimate! Fool! If not now, when are you going to use your ultimate?! Do you even know how to play?! Click ‘R,’ fool!”

Chen Yu: “…”

The form teacher: “You actually skipped school to visit an internet cafe?!”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Where are you?! Tell me! Which net cafe is it?!”

Cough! Cough!

Faking a cough, Chen Yu impassively ended the call and switched his phone to airplane mode. He then put the quantum glasses on and resumed earnestly flipping through his textbook.

At 9 A.M., Chen Yu paused his studies and took out his phone. Using the internet cafe’s WiFi, he opened the Bilibili application on his phone.

Nine o’clock was when his review video got released to the public. He wanted to see what kind of feedback his second review video received.

Due to the first video’s success, his “Transdimensional Review” account received high priority on Bilibili’s recommendation list. Hence, this time, he only spent a few minutes scrolling through the technology section before locating his video.

[Behold! Real Quantum Reading!]

This was the title of his second review video.

“Ah… This name looks somewhat embarrassing.”

Suppressing his embarrassment, Chen Yu clicked on his video. As soon as he laid eyes on the statistics displayed below his video, his eyes glowed brightly.

Views: 705

Bullet comments: 47

Likes: 50

Coins: 35

His video had gone live just a few minutes ago, yet it had already garnered such results. This was all thanks to the foundation that his previous video created.

This was the way independent media worked. If one managed to create a viral video and raise the number of subscribers one had, even if the subsequent videos were not as interesting, it would still be possible for one to survive in the industry for a very long time.


After taking a deep breath, Chen Yu tapped to play his video.




As soon as the video started, three bullet comments flowed across the top of the video.

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