Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Advertising Agency from the Future

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“It’s not her.”

Chen Yu left Chen Yike’s room covering his bruised, left eye. He turned around, and he could see the couch in the living room.

It was Chen Erke’s bed.

The Chen family lived in a flat that consisted of only two bedrooms. Chen Yu’s parents and Chen Sanke shared the master bedroom while Chen Yu got the guest room to himself, leaving Chen Erke with no choice but to sleep on the couch in the living room. Even Chen Yike’s room was just a separate part of the living room.

Chen Erke was currently lying on the couch on her stomach, doodling on a piece of torn cardboard with a small piece of crayon while swinging her legs back and forth.

It obviously wasn’t Chen Erke. She was already so poor, how could she possibly have the money to print anything…?

“Dad and Mom aren’t that childish either.”

Chen Yu made his way back to his room and shut the door. Staring at the contract in his hand, Chen Yu hesitated for quite some time before picking up the mobile phone that was on his bed to unblock “Transdimensional Marketing” on WeChat.

[Chen Yu: “You’re the one that placed the contract in my room, right?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Sir, you’re finally back! Why did you block me just now?”]

[Chen Yu: “Don’t try to change the subject! I’m asking you; how did you manage to get the contract in my room?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Through express delivery.”]

[Chen Yu: “Do you think I’m uneducated? I’ll report you to the police!”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Why?”]

[Chen Yu: “Trespassing! It’s an offense!”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Our company always abides by the law.”]

[Chen Yu: “Don’t bullshit me! How did you leave the document in my room? Tell me or I’ll make a police report right now!”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Sir, I have told you: through express delivery!”]

[Chen Yu: “Which express delivery is that? It’s so powerful that it can even pass through walls!?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Transdimensional Express Delivery.”]

[Chen Yu: “Great! Stubborn, huh! You just wait!”]

He exited WeChat, ignoring the other party’s explanation, and picked up the document to look for his father.

Such a terrifying matter had just taken place at home. This was a serious matter.

He had to make this clear to the adults.


Just when he was about to pull open the door, a metallic buzz rang from behind him!

Chen Yu turned around in an instant and his jaws gradually dropped.

A spatial distortion could be seen taking place in the middle of his room slowly. Suddenly, a white spiraling hole appeared, and a white folder dropped out of it!

It was the same as the folder that Chen Yu found in his room previously!


After a minute, the hole disappeared into thin air, and everything went back to normal.

It was as if nothing had taken place, except that there was a folder lying nicely on the floor….

“Do… Do I have a fever?”

Sluggishly, Chen Yu felt his forehead. Like a walking zombie, Chen Yu walked to the folder, bending down stiffly to pick it up. He opened it and took out a document.

Product Advertisement Contract…

The same words were printed on the first page.

“I really have a fever…”

Outside the window, white, fluffy clouds drifted past the clear blue sky.

Like the clouds, Chen Yu’s body felt lighter and lighter.

It was unknown how long it had been, but Chen Yu eventually came back to his senses. With trembling hands, he unlocked his mobile phone and entered WeChat. He opened up the chatroom with “Transdimensional Marketing” and typed a message in the text input bar with much difficulty.

[Chen Yu: “You sent over another contract?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Sir! You finally replied! Yes, my company thought that you might be unhappy with the previous contract, so we have re-drafted another one for you. Are you happy with this? This is the best I can offer you within my ability.”]


Losing his grip, Chen Yu’s mobile phone slipped from his trembling hand and fell to the ground….

Six hours later, the light of day drained away gradually, giving way to darkness.

The door to Chen Yu’s room swung open, revealing Chen Sanke. “Brother!” she called with her cute voice, waving her hands. “Mommy said it’s dinner time!”

“Okay. I’m coming.”


Chen Sanke left, slamming the door hard.

Despite being so young, her arm strength was so terrifying…

Chen Yu sat on his bed cross-legged. He put a pause to the conversation between him and “Transdimensional Marketing.”

[Chen Yu: “I get it. Give me an hour to think through this.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Okay, Mr. Chen.”]

Chen Yu turned off his mobile phone and picked up the document that was placed on the side of his bed. He read through every page thoroughly, not missing out on any words. He had already lost count of the number of times he had reread the contract through the entire afternoon.

After conversing with “Transdimensional Marketing” on WeChat for six long hours, Chen Yu finally understood what was going on in general and how bizarre it was.

In short, “Transdimensional Marketing” was an advertising agency established in the future that advertised products to audiences of different spacetimes.

For example, the Coca-Cola company in 2020 would be advertised in 1820 so as to allow those of the 1820 timeline to learn about it. When Coca-Cola was finally established in 1886, it would already have a customer base because of those who knew about it since 1820. This was the aim of different spacetime advertising.

Due to time paradoxes, even if people found out about Coca-Cola since 1820, it was impossible for them to create or find a substitution for Coca-Cola. They could only wait until 1886, when the founder of Coca-Cola established the brand. Anyone who tried to create the Coca-Cola brand before 1886 would fail without a doubt.

As a famous researcher once said, it was impossible to go back in time and kill one’s grandfather because one’s existence proved that his or her grandfather was alive. This was the idea of a time paradox.

Not only that though, it also included the parallel universes theory, many-worlds theory, and plenty of other confusing knowledge. It was extremely professional!

Even if the other party tried his best to explain it in detail to Chen Yu numerous times, he was still unable to understand what was going on.

But that technical knowledge wasn’t important to Chen Yu. All he needed to know was that the person who contacted him on WeChat was a salesperson of an advertising agency that was set up in the future. This specific salesperson was in charge of the spacetime Chen Yu was in.

In summary, this was a new, epoch-making, impactful, and beyond-time advertising method that sent chills running down one’s spine.

If golden opportunities were to be described as a free lunch falling down from the sky, then Chen Yu might have gotten a banquet… Moreover, it was a banquet that many content creators on Bilibili had rejected….

However, being a banquet, there were bound to be inedible dishes that were hidden amongst the good ones. He might die from them if he wasn’t careful.

“Brother! Time to eat!”

The door to his room swung open again. Chen Erke knocked on the door frame unhappily. “Hurry up! Why do I have to invite you out every single day?”

“Alright! Alright! I’m coming!”

Chen Yu placed the document aside and jumped off his bed. He followed Chen Erke to the kitchen while weighing the pros and cons of the cooperation.

According to the “Transdimensional Advertising Law” from the future, the contract was exclusive to him. Thus, he would be the only person who could advertise and give reviews of technological products from the future within his timeline if he chose to take up the offer.

The benefits of taking up this job were evident: he would become an instant hit worldwide due to the futuristic products that he would be reviewing!

However, huge troubles would come with it.

If he were to do a review on a spaceship or something, there might be a chance that, as soon as he woke up the next morning, his house would be mobbed by an ocean of fully armed fellow countrymen asking for it…

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