Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Contract Arrives?

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Chen Yu was flabbergasted. After a long pause, he closed the Word document and sat down on his bed. The joy in him was instantly replaced with anger.

[Chen Yu: “Are you playing tricks on me?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “What do you mean?”]

[Chen Yu: “I may be a newbie, but there’s no need for you to humiliate me. Do you have a grudge against me?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “I’m sorry, but I do not understand your words. Are you not satisfied with my company’s products?]

[Chen Yu: “Oh no, I’m extremely satisfied with the products! Extremely satisfied.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “That’s great. Shall we sign the contract right now?”]

[Chen Yu: “Of course. Where are you? Let’s have it signed in person.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “I’m sorry, but we aren’t in the same spacetime, thus I’m afraid it’s impossible for us to meet up and discuss it. But my company will mail the contract to you through express delivery, and once you’ve signed on the designated page, it will come into effect immediately.”]

Chen Yu: “…”

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Sir, are you still there?”]

[Chen Yu: “Yes. Send it over then. I’ll wait for it.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “I’ll send the contract over now. One moment please.”]

[Chen Yu: “Sure.”]

After sending the message over, Chen Yu exited WeChat and went on Baidu to search a series of questions.

“How do I track a sender’s address for express delivery?

“How much does it cost to hire a hacker to track down a WeChat IP?

“Is it legal to slash a person when I have just turned 18?”

After a round of fruitless searches, Chen Yu blocked the user on WeChat and threw his mobile phone to the side, lying straight on his bed.

He needed to calm down.

This was a dangerous society.

The journey to becoming famous was tough!

He was a new, unknown UP who only had two videos uploaded and yet he was being harassed by a madman already. How hard must the famous content creators’ lives be?


Just when Chen Yu was sulking, the door to his room swung open suddenly. A cute little girl who was about five to six years old walked in. “Mommy said it’s time to eat,” she said in a cute manner.

“Mm.” Chen Yu hummed softly as an agreement. He wasn’t in the mood to talk.


The little girl left, shutting the door with a bang.

“So not cute.” Chen Yu sighed. “Your brother is upset, yet you did not even comfort him.”

Shortly, his door swung open again, revealing the head of a girl who was about eight to nine years old. “Brother, time to eat. Time to eat!”

“Ah!” Chen Yu furrowed his eyebrows and waved his hand. “I heard you.”


The girl left, shutting the door with a bang too.

Chen Yu sat up and turned on his mobile phone. He went onto Xian Yu, selling his items away. Just as he got off his bed, the door to his room swung open once again.

This time, a teenage girl in a sailor dress and black stockings walked in. She was about fourteen to fifteen years old.

“Brother! Time to eat! Mom is angry!”

Chen Yu: “…”

“Did you hear me?”

“I’m very angry too!” Chen Yu pulled his hair. “Why did she give birth to so many siblings?!”

“Are you talking about me?” the teenager asked, looking displeased.

“No. I meant Second Eldest.”

“Mm?” As soon as Chen Yu finished his words, a small head peeked through the door, wearing a poker face.

“I meant Third Eldest.” Chen Yu changed his words immediately.

“Huh?” A smaller head popped through the door. She wore a poker face too.

“It’s all my fault. Let’s go have lunch.” Chen Yu facepalmed.

Hanging his head low, Chen Yu followed his younger sisters to the kitchen obediently with a complicated expression on his face.

Yes. He had three younger sisters.

Chen Yike, 14 years old. The eldest of the three.

Chen Erke, 9 years old. The middle of the three.

Chen Sanke, 5 years old. The youngest of the three.

Having three lovely younger sisters made Chen Yu once suspect that he was the luckiest guy on earth.

However, his family addressed Chen Yike as Eldest, Chen Erke as Second Eldest, and Chen Sanke as Third Eldest. As for Chen Yu, the eldest child of the family… He was just known as Chen Yu.

The obvious difference in treatment proved that he might be adopted….

Chen Yu entered the narrow kitchen and sat down at the dining table. Watching his family members squeeze in at the dining table, he picked up his bowl silently and reached for his plate with his pair of chopsticks.

We have too many members in this family.


After grabbing a few pieces of vegetable, Chen Yu frowned upon noticing that his younger sisters’ plates were brimming with meat while all he had on his plate were vegetables with a few shreds of meat sitting on top.


“This is too much! How could you be this biased?” Chen Yu slammed his chopsticks on the table.

“Your younger sisters are growing. They need more food,” Mother Chen explained.

“Can you come up with something else? How many years have you been using that excuse?”

“Eat and eat and eat. Young lad, are you that hungry?” Father Chen said unhappily and gave Chen Yu a few pieces of meat from his plate. “Eat up. You can’t study well but you can eat well.”

Chen Yu: “…”

“Brother~” Chen Sanke scooped up a spoon of meat from her plate clumsily and gave it to Chen Yu. “I can’t finish them.”

“Little sis…”

Seeing this, Chen Erke gave Chen Yu a few pieces of meat too. “Brother, I can’t finish it either; it’s too greasy.”

“Good sister…”

Chen Yu was so moved. He then turned to Chen Yike subconsciously.

“Hah… ” Chen Yike sighed and took Chen Yu’s plate, transferring all the meat on Chen Yu’s plate onto hers. “Big Brother is the best after all.”

Chen Yu: “…”

After having a simple yet extraordinary lunch with his family, Chen Yu returned to his room. He immediately saw a folder lying on the floor. It was white in color, striking in contrast to the brown floor.

“What’s that?”

Chen Yu stared blankly for a moment before picking up the folder. He opened it and took out a thick stack of documents.

“Product Advertisement Contract?!”

These striking words were printed on the first page.

He flipped open the second page immediately. Indeed, the signature of “Transdimensional Marketing Company” could be seen on party A’s signature column.

“What the heck? How did this get delivered here?”

Chen Yu was dumbfounded. When he regained his senses after a short pause, he hurried to his window, doing a thorough check on it.

It was locked from the inside. It was impossible for anyone to enter from the windows.

Furthermore, he lived on the nineteenth floor.

“Somebody has been hiding in my room?”

Chills ran down Chen Yu’s spine. He threw the contract away immediately and grabbed the arm grip bar on his side. He searched all around the room, but there was nobody to be found.

“Could it be that one of my younger sisters found out that I am secretly a content creator and played a prank on me?”

Placing the arm grip bar down, Chen Yu rubbed his chin and started to think hard.

During lunchtime, all three of his younger sisters were at the dining table, and he finished the food first. So if it was a prank by one of his sisters, they must have left it here secretly when they came to call him out for lunch.

Chen Yike was the biggest suspect!

She had a mobile phone!

And she loved pranking others with lame pranks! She was extremely violent too!

Chen Erke might know how to type using a mobile phone and was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but she was bad with technology and it was impossible for her to come up with such a complicated contract.

It definitely wasn’t Chen Sanke either. How could it be her when she’s an idiot who thinks 2+3 was equal to 6?

However, he couldn’t eliminate the possibility that Second Eldest might work hand in hand with the Eldest to prank him.

After coming to the conclusion, Chen Yu picked up the contract that was lying on the floor and left his room for Chen Yike’s room.


He pushed the door open, ready to question Chen Yike with the contract, but he nearly bit his tongue.

Without giving any regard to her image, Chen Yike was picking and sniffing her feet ferociously.

Chen Yu: “…”

Chen Yike: “…”

Chen Yu: “…”

Chen Yike picked up the scissors on the table. “…Brother, c’mere.”

“Calm down… I saw nothing…”

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