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Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Delivery Arrives

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Chapter 29 – Delivery Arrives

“Chen Yu, send Second Eldest to her mental abacus class today.”

During breakfast, Mother Chen suddenly said this to Chen Yu while chewing her food.

“Me? Are you not afraid that I’ll lose your precious second daughter?”

“Can you grow some shame?” Mother Chen exclaimed, smacking Chen Yu with her chopsticks. “How can you possibly forget about your own younger sister? If you forget to bring her home again, just pack up and leave the house yourself.”

“…If I’m sending Second Eldest to class, what will you be doing?”

“Working part-time.”

“Doesn’t your part-time start in the afternoon?”

“It’s the weekend. The shop’s busy, so I can earn double if I work the morning shift, as well.”

“Mom.” At this time, Chen Yike suddenly pouted and said, “You don’t have to suffer so much.”

“If you know I’m suffering, then save me some worry and help me with the household chores. If you do that, I won’t have to suffer anymore.”

“I-In that case, I think you should continue suffering a little,” Chen Yike stuttered.

“Hey! Eldest! It seems you’ve learned quite a lot of your brother’s good points!” Mother Chen said sarcastically.

“Nonsense!” Raising her brow, Chen Yike retorted, “Where does my brother have any good points?”

“Why does every conversation end up with me getting verbally abused?” After hearing the exchange between his mother and sister, Chen Yu suddenly found the porridge in his bowl tasteless.


Father Chen smacked the table in annoyance. “Eat your food!” he ordered. “When it’s time to eat, focus on eating! What’s the point of sharing a meal if all you do is argue every time?!”

“What’s gotten into you?” Mother Chen asked in dissatisfaction.

“I’m not eating anymore!” Father Chen said, pushing away his bowl before leaving the dining table. He then changed into his work clothes and left the house.


When the security door slammed shut, the Chen family’s four siblings exchanged glances for a brief moment before lowering their heads and silently continuing with their meal.

“Mom.” After taking a few bites, Chen Yike spoke up hesitantly, “My dad isn’t angry with you. He just doesn’t want you to go to work.”

“I know. If you can see through him, do you think I can’t?” Mother Chen said. After finishing her porridge, she set down her bowl with a sigh and added, “I’m heading to work. Deal with lunch on your own.”

After saying so, Mother Chen stood up and put on a coat. She then grabbed her tattered purse and left the house as well.

“Brother…” After seeing their mother off, Chen Yike turned to look at Chen Yu and suggested, “Why not just hand the money over to the family?”

“It’s just a few thousand yuan. So what if I hand it over?” Chen Yu mumbled while chewing his food. “Our family’s expenditure is much greater than that. Wait till I’ve earned more money.”

After finishing his meal, Chen Yu returned to his room and opened his laptop to check his account’s statistics on Bilibili.

Views: 423,377

Bullet comments: 11,394

Comments: 7,612

Likes: 88,153

Shares: 2,660

Donated Coins: 48,011

Bilibili subscribers: 132,207

In just five days, his first video had already been actively recommended by Bilibili and pushed to the first trending page! His account statistics had also skyrocketed, with his total views exceeding even 400,000!

From Chen Yu’s rough understanding of Bilibili’s platform, he could’ve earned at least 1,200 yuan from just this one video! Moreover, as more time passed, this video would have generated him even more income!

Unfortunately, as he had chosen to conceal his identity, he wouldn’t see a single cent of that money. He could only watch as all his profits went to charity.

“Hah… Although I know that keeping my identity hidden is the best option, I still can’t help but feel pissed.”

Closing his laptop, Chen Yu held up his phone to check the time. He then left his room and shouted at Chen Erke, who was currently drawing in the living room, “Hey, Second Eldest! Change your clothes! It’s time for class!”

“Ah?” Chen Yu’s words stunned Chen Erke. Raising her head to look at the clock on the wall, she scratched her head and said, “It’s just a little over eight o’clock. My class only starts at nine.”

“I have a delivery coming in at nine, so I won’t be able to drop you off at that time,” Chen Yu said as he grabbed his coat from the clothes stand. He then helped Chen Erke into her coat before dragging her toward the door.

“Brother! It’s too early!” Chen Yike said, sticking her head out of the kitchen. “What’s the point of going so soon?”

Waving his hand, Chen Yu said, “She can start learning sooner by herself if she arrives earlier.”

“Bag! I haven’t taken my bag…” Chen Erke said, her cheeks puffed up in dissatisfaction as she pointed at the bag lying on the sofa.

“Go get it quickly.”

“Al-Also, my water bottle…”

“No need for that. I’ll buy a drink for you.”

After saying so, Chen Yu picked up Chen Erke with one arm and left the house.

In less than 20 minutes, the brother-sister duo arrived before the front door of the mental abacus tuition center. Looking through the glass door, the two of them saw three teachers and a little boy with a pointed head inside the tuition center.

“Oh? Erke, why are you here so early?” When one of the female teachers noticed Chen Erke, she hurriedly opened the door for the pair of siblings. Bending down to give Chen Erke’s head a pat, the teacher asked, “Did your big brother send you here?”

“Mhm.” Chen Erke nodded despondently.

“Why did you send her here so early? It’s not yet time for class,” the female teacher asked as she raised her head to look at Chen Yu.

“Ah.” Awkwardly rubbing his neck, Chen Yu answered, “She’s just playing at home. Rather than doing that, she might as well come here earlier and practice her mental abacus.”

“Hmph.” Chen Erke pouted in dissatisfaction.

“Hurry up and go inside. I’ll go buy you a drink.”

“I don’t want to!” Chen Erke complained. “I’m not happy!”

“Hmm, what will I do?” Chen Yu thought out loud. “How about I give you a punch? You’re such a cute little sister. You should look very good once you take a punch and start crying.”

“Wah!” Upon hearing Chen Yu’s words, Chen Erke broke into tears and started wailing.

“Hahahaha.” Chen Yu could not help guffawing.

As for the female teacher standing nearby, she looked at Chen Yu as if he was a demon.

After passing his crying little sister to the female teacher, Chen Yu visited the minimarket next door and bought a bottle of iced black tea and two packets of snacks. However, when Chen Yu returned to the mental abacus tuition center, he noticed that the young boy with the cool hairdo was currently wiping the tears off Chen Erke’s face.

“How dare he?!”

Killing intent flashed across Chen Yu’s eyes when he saw this scene. He immediately sped back to the minimarket and bought a bottle of Cola. He then violently shook the bottle before returning to the tuition center.

“Second Eldest, I bought you a drink and some snacks,” Chen Yu said fawningly.

“Hmph.” However, Chen Erke simply turned her head away, sulking.

“Come on, be a good girl!” Chen Yu said as he pushed the tea and snacks into Chen Erke’s hands. He then waved the bottle of Cola before her and continued, “How about I show you a magic trick as an apology?”

“A magic track?” Chen Erke’s head snapped back to Chen Yu upon hearing his offer. “What kind of magic trick?”

“A very mysterious kind of magic. Do you want to see it?” Chen Yu said teasingly.

However, Chen Erke remained silent, hesitating over whether she should dismiss her anger so quickly.

“It’s a very fun magic trick. I guarantee that you’ll laugh once you see it!” Chen Yu said.

“…I’ll forgive you if it’s fun.”

“Deal,” Chen Yu said, nodding. He then shifted his attention to the little boy beside Chen Erke and said, “Little friend, I’ll give you this bottle of Cola.”

“Y-You made Erke cry. You’re a bad guy,” the little boy said as he glared at Chen Yu with hostility. He continued wiping away Chen Erke’s tears gently.

Chen Yu gnashed his teeth when he saw this. After secretly giving the bottle a few more shakes, he handed it to the little boy and said, “Don’t tell me you can’t open the bottle? If you don’t have strength, you won’t be able to protect my little sister.”

“Who says I can’t open it?!” the little boy retorted angrily, falling for Chen Yu’s ploy hook, line, and sinker. The boy snatched the bottle from Chen Yu and gave the cap a powerful twist!


The dark liquid inside the bottle instantly transformed into white foam that sprayed across the little boy’s face.

“Hahahaha!” Chen Yu immediately laughed at the sight.

As for Chen Erke, after falling into a daze for a brief moment, she, too, started laughing in tears in response to the situation, “Hahahaha!”

The little boy: “…”

Adding insult to injury, Chen Yu said, “Little sister, doesn’t he look like a drenched chicken? Hahahaha!”

In response, Chen Erke answered, “He does! Hahahaha!”

The little boy: “…”

Chen Yu: “Do you like this magic trick?”

Chen Erke: “I like it! Hahaha!”

Chen Yu: “Is your big brother wonderful?”

Chen Erke: “Yes! Hahaha…”

After the exchange between the two siblings, tears welled up in the little boy’s eyes. His breathing also started convulsing.

“A little punk dares pick up my little sister? Garbage.”

Chen Yu wore a sneer on his face as he returned home. After giving Chen Yike a greeting, he made his way to his room and locked the door.

“It’s exactly nine now. The delivery should be arriving soon, right?”

No sooner did Chen Yu finish speaking than the space before him suddenly warped, then transformed into a miniature vortex a second later.


A short moment later, a white box fell out of the vortex and landed on the floor.

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