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Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Bewitched!

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Chapter 28 – Bewitched!

“The 12 named students, gather at the sports field right away! Train with the PE teacher and strive to put on an exciting and professional performance!”

After saying so, the form teacher chased Chen Yu and the other sports representatives of Class 2 out of the classroom before slamming the doors shut.

Chen Yu: “…”

“Brother Chen, what are you standing there in a daze for?” Li Liang asked as he tapped Chen Yu’s shoulder. “Let’s go train!”

Standing by the door, Chen Yu had a reluctant expression as he looked into the classroom through a window and said, “The form teacher must be telling the others in the class about the contents of the next monthly test.”

“Let him tell them, then. What does that have to do with us?” Li Liang asked in confusion.

“…You head over first,” Chen Yu said as he waved off Li Liang.

“What about you?” Li Liang asked.

“I’ll stay here and listen for a while,” Chen Yu answered before squatting by the classroom door and perking up his ears.

However, less than half a minute later, the door to the classroom suddenly opened.

“Why are you bunch still standing here? Head to the field for training!” the form teacher ordered with a fierce look.

“That’s right! Why are you guys still here?” Chen Yu repeated in dissatisfaction as he turned to look at the 11 students behind him. “Go train!”

“You go as well!” the form teacher yelled.

“Wait, no, teacher, let me listen for a bit!”

“No! Head to training!”

“Don’t be so cruel! I’ll only listen for a moment! Just a moment!”

“Leave immediately!”

“Can’t I just listen by the door? I won’t even enter the classroom!”

“No, no, no! Leave, leave, leave!”

Fed up at the form teacher’s answers, Chen Yu roared, “Am I attending a fake school?!”

“Your current responsibility is to train properly and achieve a good result in the sports festival,” the form teacher said as he put on a stern expression.

“What did you guys say yesterday night?! You guys shouldn’t go overboard!”

“You will have to ask the principal and Teacher Niu about this matter. They’re the ones that provided the registration form to me. I don’t have a say in this, either,” the form teacher said, shrugging. “Now, hurry up and head to training!”

Chen Yu: “…”

Helpless, Chen Yu had no choice but to leave the classroom building, together with the other selected students. Upon arriving at the field, he immediately noticed Niu Lanshan hard at work, instructing over a hundred students undergoing training.

“Li Liang, you and the others head over first. I’m leaving.”

“What do you plan on doing?”

“I’m going to the toilet. I’m leaving now. Make sure to help me apply for sick leave!”

After saying so, Chen Yu quickly left the group and sneaked away from the field.

He made several twists and turns through the school, then hid in one of the fifth block’s toilets. Sitting down on the small bench inside the toilet, he took out the primary five English textbook and started studying earnestly.

Humans were very strange creatures. Take Chen Yu, for example. When given the opportunity to study, he had adamantly refused to do so. However, when he was prevented from studying, he would try to study, no matter what.

After Chen Yu had read for ten minutes or so, just as he was sinking into the sea of knowledge and dog-paddling through it, the door to the toilet suddenly opened.

Instinctively turning to look at the door, Chen Yu saw Niu Lanshan. The PE teacher stalked over to him like a demon and pinched his ear, demanding, “Why are you hiding here?!”

“Stop! Ah! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!”

“Why are you hiding here and skipping training?”

“I-I’m studying! S-Stop! It hurts!”

“Let me ask you, didn’t you register for basketball?”


“If you’ve registered, you must participate! The practice match is going to start soon! The teams of both classes are waiting for you! Do you understand?!”

“I-I understand!”

“Head over quickly, then!” Niu Lanshan bellowed.

With his head lowered in dejection, Chen Yu trudged back to the field and regrouped with Class 2’s basketball team.

“Got dragged back by the teacher?” Li Liang asked with a grin.

“How did he know where I was hiding?”

“Do you even need to ask? There are surveillance cameras in every corridor of the school. The teacher went to check the surveillance system just now.”

Chen Yu: “…”

“Brother Chen, did you offend our class’s form teacher? The rest of us had to register for only two events at most. Why did you have to register for four?”

“Don’t ask. I’m very depressed right now.”

At this time, Niu Lanshan blew the whistle he held, then pointed at Chen Yu’s group, saying, “Those that registered for the basketball event gather here! Year 2’s Class 1 and Class 2 will have their practice match first! Five minutes, full court!”

“Teacher!” Chen Yu suddenly called out while raising his hand.

“Chen Yu, what do you want?”

“I want to go to the toilet!”


“I can’t hold it in anymore!” Chen Yu said, revealing a look of agony while pressing his hands on his stomach.

Frowning, Niu Lanshan said, “Stop playing tricks and practice honestly for five minutes. You can go to the toilet after that.”

“It’s no good, teacher! I really need to go to the toilet! One minute! Just give me one minute, alright?” Chen Yu said. And without waiting for Niu Lanshan’s approval, he ran in the direction of the nearest toilet while holding his stomach.

As for his speed, it was lightning fast.

“The surveillance system, is it? I doubt you can find me this time!”

After running to the toilet at the back of the sports field, Chen Yu climbed over the tall wall there and ran along the school’s fence before hiding himself inside a garden. Disregarding his cleanliness, he sat down on the ground and started flipping through his English textbook once more.

Study! Study! Study!

Nobody could stop him from studying!

Time passed by quickly.

Sure enough, the garden was a good hiding place, as the “crazed” Niu Lanshan failed to locate Chen Yu even after mobilizing all of the “athletes.”

While hiding in the garden, Chen Yu truly experienced the charm of knowledge. He found himself sinking continuously into the sea of knowledge and could not pull himself out of it, no matter what.

Even when a student couple sneaked into the garden to make out in the afternoon, Chen Yu remained unfazed, entirely focused on his studies.

Money, violence, beauties…there was no temptation that could shake his resolve to study!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Eventually, the sky started darkening, and the bell signaling the end of school rang. Upon hearing the bell, Chen Yu promptly left the garden, climbed over the fence, and made his way back home, not even bothering to pick up his backpack in class.

In the following days, as if possessed by the God of Learning, Chen Yu’s mind was filled with thoughts on how he could read and learn more effectively. The school’s sports festival training could not stop him from studying at all!

When practicing running, he would run until he was nowhere to be found.

When practicing high jump, he would jump until he vanished out of sight.

When practicing basketball, he would practice until both he and the ball disappeared.

Niu Lanshan might be able to capture Chen Yu’s body, but the man could not detain Chen Yu’s soul.

At this point, the desire to study had already seeped into every cell of Chen Yu’s body!

In just four days, Chen Yu had finished mastering the mathematics, Chinese language, and English language of primary school. He had also gone through the learning materials of middle school quite thoroughly. If he were given another opportunity to take the entrance exam for high school, he was confident he would not need to spend a single cent on bribes to enter Sixth High!

“So, this is what studying is all about!

“Studying makes me happy.

“Studying makes me feel excited.

“Studying makes me feel enriched.

“Studying makes me realize the truth.

“Nobody can stop me from studying…”

As if possessed, Chen Yu continuously hypnotized himself into liking studying, while sitting on his bed. Afterward, he lay down and closed his eyes in satisfaction before falling asleep.

Tomorrow was Sunday.

It was the day where the new technological product would arrive.

He was truly looking forward to it.

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