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Chapter 276 - Identity in Danger (1)

Chapter 276: Identity in Danger (1)

Chapter 276 – Identity in Danger (1)

Bang! Bang!

When Chen Yu and his three little sisters got dressed and ready to have a snowball fight outside, a knock suddenly came from the security door.

Opening the door, Chen Yike found a panting girl standing outside the house. The girl also held two large boxes in her hands.

“Xing Biqi?” Chen Yu was surprised.

“C-Chen Yu…” Xing Biqi’s cheeks flushed when she saw Chen Yu. Lowering her head shyly, she said, “H-Happy New Year.”

“What are you doing here?”

“To wish you a Happy New Year.”

“Is it a guest?” Mother Chen walked out of the kitchen. The moment she saw Xing Biqi, her eyes immediately brightened as she asked Chen Yu, “Is this young lady here your classmate?”


“What are you still standing there for? Hurry up and let her in!” Mother Chen hurriedly put down the tablecloth she held, washed her hand at the kitchen sink, and returned to welcome the girl into the house enthusiastically.

“Y-You don’t need to trouble yourself, Auntie. I’m just here to pay a New year’s greeting. I’ll leave after I’m done,” Xing Biqi said. After setting down the two boxes of fruit by the door, she promptly stepped away. “I wish you a Happy New Year.”

“Wah!” At this time, Chen Sanke came running to the door. She then called out in surprise, “White Rabbit Sister.”

“H-Hello, Sanke.” Xing Biqi bent down and rubbed Chen Sanke’s head. She then pulled out a peach-flavored candy from her pocket and handed it to the little girl, “Make sure to brush your teeth after eating it.”

After accepting the pink candy, Chen Sanke promptly unwrapped it and tossed it into her mouth. Squinting her eyes in satisfaction, she said, “Thank you, Peach Sister.”

“You…” Chen Yu felt like puking blood when she heard Chen Sanke’s way of calling Xing Biqi.

“Come inside and warm your body,” Chen Yike said as she dragged Xing Biqi into the house with a smile. After closing the door, she said, “No need to be polite.”

“Come, girl. Have a drink.” Mother Chen ran into the living room, poured a cup of hot tea, and handed it to Xing Biqi with an unusually kind expression on her face. “Are you good friends with Chen Yu?”

“We’re classmates,” Chen Yu interjected.

“I’m not asking you. Girl, tell me.”

“W-We’re classmates,” Xing Biqi said timidly.

“Paying a classmate a visit on New Year’s Day?” Putting on a mysterious expression, Mother Chen asked, “Auntie will be a little euphemistic with you. Are you two mates?”

“!!!” Xing Biqi was startled.

“Mom.” Pinching her forehead, Chen Yike asked, “Do you even know what euphemism means?”

“I… This…isn’t…” Xing Biqi’s face turned into a tomato. In a subdued voice, she said, “I’m… I-It’s just that Chen Yu has a-always been helping me study, so I came to visit him. A-Auntie, please don’t misunderstand.”

“Don’t misunderstand.” Tugging at Mother Chen’s shirt with an ugly expression, Chen Erke said, “She’s only here to for a New Year’s visit and seduce your son while she’s at it.”

Everyone: “…”

Enraged, Mother Chen slapped Chen Erke’s buttocks and scolded, “Second Eldest! Don’t talk nonsense!”

“What’s ‘seduce’?” Chen Sanke asked.

Covering Chen Sanke’s mouth with her hands, Mother Chen smiled at Xing Biqi and said, “Girl, don’t worry. Chen Yu’s father and I are different from the parents of other families. We are very open-minded. We aren’t opposed to youngsters entering a relationship at a young age. It’s fine as long as it doesn’t interfere with your studies.”

“A-Auntie! It’s a misunderstanding!” Xing Biqi was about to burst into tears.

However, in Mother Chen’s “experienced” eyes, Xing Biqi’s reaction was the same as the girl admitting her crimes.

Under Mother Chen and Chen Yike’s strong urging, Xing Biqi was dragged to the living room sofa. Everyone in the Chen family except Chen Erke and Chen Yu then subjected the girl to warm hospitality.

After getting a brief understanding of Xing Biqi’s academic performance and personal situation, Mother Chen and Father Chen viewed the girl in an increasingly favorable light. The two elders even began asking the girl about her “relationship” progress with their son.

Let alone Xing Biqi, even Chen Yu, who stood at a side, could no longer stand Mother Chen and Father Chen’s questioning. Hurriedly, Chen Yu dragged the girl to the door and said to his parents, “We’re leaving. You guys continue talking among yourselves.”

“Are we having a snowball fight? I-I’m all ready!” Chen Sanke hurriedly grabbed Chen Yu’s clothes to avoid falling behind.

“Evil woman…” Chen Erke muttered before putting on her cap and following after her elder brother.

“Mom.” After putting on her down jacket, Chen Yike looked at Mother Chen in a new light as she said, “I never thought you were so open-minded. Do you really not care that Big Brother is in an early relationship?”

“What’s there to care?” Waving her hand, Mother Chen leaned back against the sofa proudly as she said, “Children and grandchildren have their happiness to pursue. Blindly forcing rules on them will only yield the opposite effect. Besides, children are not robots. They have emotions and desires as well. If the two of them like each other, how can an elder like myself bear to tear them apart?”

Picking up his teacup and taking a sip, Father Chen nodded and said, “Your mother is right.”

“This is the first time I’ve seen you being so wise, Mom!” Chen Yike said, giving Mother Chen a thumbs up. “In that case, once I enter high school and have a relationship…”

“I’ll break your leg!” Mother Chen’s expression changed abruptly.

Chen Yike: “…”


Ruthlessly smacking the coffee table, Father Chen said, “I’ll break both your legs!”

Chen Yike: “…”

After leading Xing Biqi to the elevator, Chen Yu scratched his head and asked, “It’s New Year’s Day. Why aren’t you spending it at home?”

“I-I wanted to see you.” Lowering her head and pinching her fingers, Xing Bixqi said, “It’s New Year’s Day. Isn’t it normal for neighbors to visit each other?”

“We’re neighbors?!”

“According to the global village theory, aren’t we neighbors?” Xing Biqi said, blinking her eyes.

“…Fine, you win.”

“Peach Sister is our neighbor?” Chen Sanke asked as she looked up at Xing Biqi. “Which floor are you staying on?”

“Third Eldest! Can’t you call her Big Sister normally?”!

“But aren’t those two my Big Sisters?” Chen Sanke said as she pointed at Chen Yike and Chen Erke, who had just entered the elevator. “Any more, and I won’t be able to tell them apart.”

“It’s just a name.” Bending over, Xing Biqi stroked Chen Sanke’s head and said, “You can call me whatever you want, Sanke.”

“Call her Vixen Sister, then!” Chen Erke suggested with her hand raised.

“Keep your mouth shut!” Chen Yike hurriedly covered Chen Erke’s mouth. She then smiled at Xing Biqi and said, “She didn’t mean that. Big Sis, don’t mind it.”

“I-It’s fine.” Xing Biqi nodded. “I won’t take offense at a child’s words.”

“Grape Sister, did you see the firework yesterday?”

“Firework?” Xing Biqi was momentarily taken aback. She then reacted to the situation and said, “I saw it. You mean the one that happened at midnight, right?”

“Right!” Chen Sanke nodded. She then happily said, “Was it nice? My Big Brother set it for me.”

“That was a collision between two asteroids!” Chen Yike said, frowning. “How many times have I told you already? Your brother doesn’t have that kind of ability.”

“What kind of firework was it?” Dissatisfied, Chen Erke asked, “Why didn’t you wake me to watch it together?”

“I did, but you kept sleeping.”

“Actually…” Lightly running her fingers through her hair, Xing Biqi said mysteriously, “That wasn’t a firework. It wasn’t a collision between two asteroids either.”

“Huh? What was it, then?” Chen Yike asked, puzzled.

“Chen Yu, do you know about Transdimensional?”

“Transdimensional?” Scratching his head, Chen Yu put on a confused expression as he asked, “What Transdimensional?”

“It seems you all don’t know.” Xing Biqi took a moment to observe her surroundings. After verifying that no other people were nearby, she lowered her voice and said, “I’ll tell you, but you mustn’t tell anyone else about it.”

“Tch. Cut it with the mystery. We don’t mind not knowing about it,” Chen Erke said in annoyance. However, despite her words, she perked her ears up higher than everyone else.

“You must promise! You cannot tell anyone else about it!” Xing Biqi warned sternly. “Otherwise, you’ll get into trouble!”

Chen Yike: “I promise not to tell!”

Chen Sanke: “That’s the firework Big Brother gave me!”

“Chen Yu, you especially! Promise you won’t tell anyone else!”

“Uh… Sure, I promise.”

“I’ll tell you then.” Narrowing her eyes, Xing Biqi lowered her voice even further and said, “The abnormal situation that happened in the early morning of New Year was actually…”

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