Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 275 - Media in Uproar

Chapter 275: Media in Uproar

Chapter 275 – Media in Uproar

New Year Day:

The spectacular “asteroid collision” incident took the world by storm.

As soon as everyone woke up in the morning, the headlines they saw were all reports of this incident.

Everything from traditional to online news media reported on this incident.

On the surface, many astronomers claimed that this collision was something unique in the solar system’s history. Although many people on the internet had questioned how the collision of two asteroids could be so “beautiful,” these forum posts were quickly drowned out by ghostwriters’ comments.

As for posts that couldn’t be drowned into obscurity, they would be deleted directly…

Secretly, the various governments were horrified by the power of this antimatter bomb.

According to the calculations made by their respective technical teams, if three of such antimatter bombs arranged were detonated simultaneously and 120° apart from each other in a low Earth orbit, the resulting light radiation would inflict severe burns on all living things in the world. Plants would also burst into flames, and global temperature would rise to roughly 60 degrees Celsius.

Indirectly, the antimatter bombs’ detonation would cause the atmosphere to heat up, the glaciers to melt rapidly, and the sea level to rise and submerge 57% of Earth’s land in water.

A less troublesome way to destroy human civilization would be to toss an antimatter bomb into Yellowstone Park. The detonation of the bomb would also achieve roughly similar results…

Meanwhile, Transdimensional’s UP still held one such antimatter bomb in his hands.

There might be an even bigger and stronger “firework” in the future.

In addition, according to the ending remarks Chen Yu made during his livestream, it would seem he planned to detonate a star during next year’s Spring Festival…

From the various governments to the livestream’s general audience, not many people felt that Chen Yu was joking.

Now that they knew a product like the antimatter bomb existed, it wouldn’t be surprising if there was a product capable of destroying a star.

After destroying a star, destroying an entire star system wouldn’t be impossible either.

And by that logic, destroying a galaxy would also be within expectations…

As of this point, the various governments still hadn’t seen through how far human civilization had managed to develop in the future. However, with Transdimensional’s UP, they were inching closer and closer to this truth.

Due to this reason, the world’s various governments felt a sense of powerlessness toward Transdimensional’s UP.

The various governments’ attitudes toward Transdimensional Review’s existence had also changed from the initial “observe and control,” to “observe and cooperate,” and then to “observe and balance,” and finally to “we give up, so please just do it gently…”

Aside from observing, cooperating with the livestreams, and supplying raw materials, they, the masters of modern civilization, were utterly useless. They were also thoroughly incapable of resisting Transdimensional Review’s existence.

At this point, the various governments had already become side dishes…

Bang! Bang!

New Year’s Day, half-past six in the morning:

A knock suddenly came from Chen Yu’s bedroom door.

“Get up. Time to eat.” Mother Chen’s voice came from outside the door.

Opening his eyes in a daze, Chen Yu picked up his phone and looked at the time. He then cried out in pain, “What do you want?! It’s still so early!”

“The first meal of the year must be eaten together. Go to bed after eating.”


Sitting up, Chen Yu yawned and staggered to put on a new set of clothes.

After ending yesterday’s livestream, he had only fallen asleep around three o’clock in the morning. Now that it was only six-thirty in the morning, he had, at most, gotten three hours of sleep. Even if his physique was far superior to ordinary people, he still felt dizzy from lack of sleep.

“Mr. Chen, Happy New Year!” Little Peach jumped onto the bed and clapped her hands excitedly. “It’s snowing outside! Can we have a snowball fight?”

Hearing this, Chen Yu glanced at the snowflakes falling outside the window. Immediately, his mind freshened up considerably. After pondering for a moment, he nodded and said, “Sure. I’ll show you the plus version of a snowball fight today.”

“Yay!” Little Peach cheered.

“Let me finish eating first.”

After changing into a new set of clothes, Chen Yu stepped out of his bedroom and came across his three little sisters staggering sleepily toward the bathroom.

From his perspective, it looked as if three zombies were limping toward the bathroom…

“Brother… Happy… Ah…” Seeing Chen Yu, Chen Yike tried to wish him a happy new year but couldn’t help yawning partway through.

“Ah…” Chen Erke was also infected by her elder sister and yawned.

“Ah…” Chen Sanke followed closely behind.

Chen Yu also had the urge to yawn but held it back when he recalled he had the Yawning Denture installed in his mouth.

Chen Yu then entered the bathroom, turned on the faucet, and splashed his face with cold water. Immediately, the remaining bits of drowsiness affecting his mind vanished completely.

“Hurry up. The dumplings are going to freeze if you take any longer.” Mother Chen had woken up earlier than anyone else in the family. Although she could hardly open her eyes either, she still finished cooking the dumplings and other dishes.

“Got it.”

Chen Yike rubbed her eyes and squeezed her way into Chen Yu’s arms. She then reached out and received the second-hand water to wash her face.

Mimicking her elder sister, Chen Erke squeezed into Chen Yike’s arms, reached out with her hands, and washed her face with third-hand water.

Seeing this, Chen Sanke did her best to squeeze into the group, reached out with her chubby hands, and washed her face with fourth-hand water.


Looking at the “layers” of little sisters beneath him, Chen Yu pinched his forehead and complained, “Can’t you wait until I finish washing up?”

Chen Yike: “I don’t think you’re dirty.”

Chen Erke: “The water you two used is warm.”

Chen Sanke: “You’re splashing water onto my head!”

After washing up, the Chen family’s four young masters sat side by side around the dining table. They then watched as Mother Chen carried plate after plate of dumplings to the table.

Mother Chen: “Do you only know how to eat? Can’t you help set up the table?”

Chen Sanke: “Big Brother! The firework yesterday was pretty!”

Confused, Chen Erke asked, “Firework? What firework?”

Chen Yu: “Big Brother will never lie to you. I specifically prepared that firework for you.”

Chen Sanke: “How amazing…”

Contempt in her eyes, Chen Yike said, “Tch. It was just an asteroid collision.”

“That’s right. I controlled the asteroids to collide with each other and create the fireworks.”

Her complexion darkening, Mother Chen said, “Are you treating me as air?”

Chen Sanke: “Big Brother, will there be more next year? I still want to see it.”

“Sure!” Chen Yu nodded. “There will be an even bigger one next year. I promise.”

Chen Yike: “Experts say that such near-Earth collisions between asteroids are incredibly rare. There won’t be another one next year.”

Chen Erke: “What are you guys talking about? [・_・?]”

“…” Clenching her fists, Mother Chen angrily grabbed the bowls and chopsticks on the kitchen counter and placed them before the Chen family’s four young masters, one set after another.

“Hurry up and eat. I’ll bring you guys out to play once we’re done eating.” Chen Yu grabbed the chopsticks set before him in a natural manner. He then looked at Mother Chen and asked, “What about soy sauce? How can we eat dumplings without soy sauce?”

“…I can’t get angry during the New Year,” Mother Chen muttered to herself as she suppressed her anger. She then squeezed out a smile, grabbed the soy sauce bottle from the kitchen counter, and handed it to Chen Yu. “Here.”

Chen Erke: “Mom! Where’s the vinegar?”


Chen Sanke: “I want sesame oil!”

Chen Yike: “Where’s the chili, Mom? I remember there was some on the cutting board yesterday.”

Father Chen: “My wife, pass me the mustard.”

Mother Chen: “Ahhh!!!”

Meanwhile, the “parallel” timeline two thousand years into the future also ushered in the Lunar New Year.

However, in the 40th century, this day was only a small festive day, and not many people actually cared about it.

Outer Solar System, Kuiper Belt, Transdimensional Marketing Company Headquarters, second mezzanine space:

The marketing staff responsible for Chen Yu got out of her cabin. Under the shade, she walked up to the window nearby and waved her right hand across it. Immediately, a transparent, powdery substance emerged from the window and condensed into a wine glass containing a rich, red liquid.

The marketing staff gracefully took a sip from the wine glass. With a thought, she then sent out a message through brain waves.

“Block C, the growth value the partner showed during the eighth official livestream is already sufficient for promotion. You can start preparing that special product now.”

“Okay, no problem. I’ll let Block B be responsible for the ninth and tenth episodes’ products.”


After the brief conversation, the marketing staff set down the wine glass, looked at the deep darkness outside the window, and muttered to herself, “It’s almost that time, huh.

“What can be done…has been done…”

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