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Chapter 271 - You Can’t Go Without Fireworks During New Year (1)

Chapter 271: You Can’t Go Without Fireworks During New Year (1)

Chapter 271 – You Can’t Go Without Fireworks During New Year (1)

Night, 10:50 PM:

At this time, a crowd had already formed inside the conference hall of the special situation team’s office in Beijing.


The mahogany doors opened, and the middle-aged team leader entered the hall together with a dozen assistants. He then sat down on the conference table’s seat of honor.

Immediately, silence fell over the conference hall.

After taking a sip of tea from the bottle he carried with him, the middle-aged team leader scanned the room. A moment later, he leaned toward the microphone before him and said, “Long time to see, comrades.”

“Hello, team leader,” everyone said in unison.

“I’m truly sorry to call everyone in for work on New Year’s Even. However, I’m sure everyone has already mentally prepared themselves for this since joining the group, so I won’t waste time on polite words. I’ll just wish everyone a simple Happy New Year.”

After saying so, the middle-aged team leader tapped the microphone twice, silencing the crowd about to applaud. He then continued, “After analyzing the announcement Transdimensional’s UP made as well as the private message he sent us, it seems he will be causing a big explosion outside the atmosphere to serve as fireworks. What does everyone think of this?”

After the crowd remained silent for a moment, an elderly man seated to the left of the middle-aged team leader stood up and said, “According result of Teams A and B’s analysis is a nuclear explosion. I think this is the most likely scenario, as well. As a response, I think we should move our nearby satellites away and monitor the intensity of the resulting atmospheric radiation. We should also start making preparations to stabilize and guide public opinion in advance.”

“I object,” the young man seated opposite of the elderly man said as he stood up. With a serious face, he said, “The technological content of a nuclear weapon is too low for Transdimensional’s UP. Based on our analysis of his personality portrait and the fact that he has been placing more and more importance on his program’s performance recently, we think he shouldn’t be conducting something as simple as a nuclear detonation. Also…”

“Also, what?” the middle-aged team leader asked.

“Also, if he really goes for the nuclear detonation option and wants to let the entire continent see the explosion, the number of bombs required to accomplish this feat will be massive. It doesn’t match his past conduct. Transdimensional Review generally places more importance on quality than quantity.” Picking up a document on the table, the youth continued, “Please take a look at this. I think Transdimensional’s UP is more likely to use something high-tech like Tesla coils to form huge spherical lightning explosions. Both the luminosity and aesthetic value of such an explosion are closer to resembling traditional fireworks.”

“Is there a chance for it to be an actual collision between two asteroids?” a middle-aged man standing in the corner of the room asked tentatively. “The explosion caused by such a collision can indeed be seen by half of the planet. If debris falls through the atmosphere, it will also produce a magnificent meteor shower. It matches the aesthetic of fireworks.”

“That’s unlikely. We’ve gone to great lengths to deal with Asteroid Bell before. Transdimensional’s UP shouldn’t have the ability to control asteroids in outer space yet.”

Everyone in the room began having a heated discussion with each other.

Meanwhile, the middle-aged team leader picked up his pen and carefully listened and recorded everyone’s narrations.

While recording, the middle-aged team leader also inwardly sighed. Hah… He truly is a problematic highschooler. He actually thought of setting off fireworks during the Spring Festival… His thoughts are too capricious…

“Leader, it’s time,” Big Sis Wu, who stood beside the middle-aged team leader, reminded.

Snapping out of his daze, the middle-aged team leader lightly tapped his microphone and said, “It’s 11 o’clock. Everyone, quiet down and get ready. Technical Department and Teams A, B, and C, maintain smooth communication with each other and ensure no errors occur when exchanging information.”

“Yes, sir.”

Everyone’s expression grew serious as they quickly entered work mode.


At this time, the big screen hung on the wall lit up.

Transdimensional Review’s livestream room had opened…

[Advertising livestream rooms are being activated…]

[Bilibili, DouYu, Youtube…Niconico, Yeye Live activation complete!]




In one second, the ten livestream room’s total viewer count had exceeded 20 million. However, compared to the eighth official livestream, the rate at which the viewer count increased this time was much slower. After all, it was currently nearing midnight in China. It was also the eve of the Spring Festival. There wouldn’t be as many people waiting in front of their screens on time.

[It’s livestream time!]

[I’ve waited for a long time.]

[All rise!]

[All rise! +1]

[Everyone, Happy New Year.]

[Auspicious Year of the Tiger!]

[I wish everyone an auspicious year!]

[I’m not greedy for presents. Just give me a flying car.]

[Did you see the news? It seems there’s going to be an asteroid collision!]


Standing in the Headmaster’s Tower’s main hall, Chen Yu waited for the total viewer count to exceed 24 million before lowering his wrist and looking at the camera. He then said loudly, “Friends and viewers in the livestream rooms, Happy New Year. This is Transdimensional Review’s additional livestream. Thank you for waiting before your screens and for giving me your support even on New Year’s Eve.

“Looking back, it’s already been more than half a year since I reviewed the Nuclear Energy Laboratory. During this past half a year, we’ve come to know many strange and unimaginable technologies. We have broadened our horizons and increased our knowledge. To sum it up, we’ve made some harvests. At least, none of you wasted your time in my livestream rooms.

“As for myself, I can proudly say that I have brought some visible changes to the world. For example, Beijing’s vacuum maglev train and Qingdao City’s Sword ISland. I’ve also stopped a typhoon in Korea and the collision of the Asteroid Bell.

“Most importantly, I constructed the Transdimensional Academy and brought new hope to human technology. These are all fortunate matters. It proves that Transdimensional Review’s existence is beneficial to mankind. As the host of this show, I feel proud of myself.”

After saying so, Chen Yu opened his arms and continued, “I hope that in the coming year, I can continue bringing you more exciting reviews and brilliant changes to the world!”

[Applause, applause!]

[Clap, clap, clap.]

[Clap, clap…]

[Everyone in my class knows of you now. You’ll become a global sensation next year.]

[I get all of these, but where did the female assistant go? Can’t you give your fans some service during the New Year?]

[While watching the Spring Festival Gala and livestream together, I found that the livestream is better.]

[Spring Festival Gala? Isn’t that meant to be background music?]

[At the rate the reviews are progressing now, Earth might be gone before the end of next year…]

“That’s all for the New Year’s summary. Let’s not forget about official business and begin our review for today.”

After saying so, Chen Yu crouched down and patted the delivery box before him with his right hand. “I have brought a very interesting product to show everyone today. It’s this thing underneath my hand. This is also my New Year gift for everyone.

“As this is an additional review, I won’t be mentioning the product’s manufacturer and production date. Let’s get straight to the point and unbox it!”


Accompanied by the sound of tape tearing, a red seal flew into the air.

Subsequently, Chen Yu grabbed the left cover with his left, and the right cover with his right hand. He then opened the cover and revealed a red box surrounded by packing foam.

Meanwhile, the image of a sinister human skull was depicted on top of the box. There was also a line of golden text written underneath the skull.

[Extremely hazardous product. Non-professionals should not open it.]

“Beautiful. Exquisite…”

After observing the red box for a moment, Chen Yu took it out and displayed the skull logo to the camera. Smiling, he asked, “Do you see it?

“This is the New Year gift I painstakingly chose for everyone. Its name is the Miniature Anti-matter Destruction Generator, also known as…

“…the Planetary Anti-matter Bomb.”

In a friendly and peaceful tone, Chen Yu asked, “Do you like it?”




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