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Chapter 270 - New Year Livestream Begins

Chapter 270: New Year Livestream Begins

Chapter 270 – New Year Livestream Begins

After sending the short message, Chen Yu walked out of the bedroom and saw the red decorations covering the living room. The TV was also broadcasting the Spring Festival Gala. Combined, the two gave the house a strong Chinese New Year festival.

The only thing out of place was…

The sound of simulated firecrackers playing on the phone that was on the coffee table.

“Did you wear the purple underwear?” Mother Chen asked as she poked her head out of the kitchen.

“I’m wearing it,” Chen Yu answered indifferently. “Shall I show you?”

“No time.” Retracting her head, Mother Chen continued cooking.


At this time, Chen Yike ran out of the bathroom while shedding tears, “The purple underwear’s color is fading!”

“It’s fine. I deliberately bought the ones that will discolor quickly.”

“Mom!” Chen Yike stamped her foot angrily.

“Why do you keep believing in those superstitions?” Father Chen, sitting on the sofa and watching the Spring Festival Gala, said in dissatisfaction. “Where do you hear these things from?”

“What do you mean superstition? It’s for an auspicious New Year!” Walking out of the kitchen, Mother Chen approached a paper bag in the entrance corridor and pulled out another purple underwear. She then pushed it to Father Chen and said, “You wear one as well! You can’t eat if you don’t wear it.”

Father Chen: “…”

Very quickly, under the threat of Mother Chen’s spatula, everyone in the Chen family was wearing purple underwear. Everyone then sat around the kitchen table while waiting for the New Year’s Eve dinner to begin.

Clap, clap.

Mother Chen clapped her hands, attracting everyone’s attention. She then said, “It’s another new year, so let’s make a summary of this year and talk about our expectations for the new year. Old man, you start first.”

“Ah.” Scratching his uncomfortable buttocks, Father Chen asked, “Why is this underwear so uncomfortable to wear?”

“The store only had women’s underwear left, so deal with it. Hurry up and summarize your year.”

“…Can I curse?”

“How can you curse during the New Year?”

“In that case, I’m done.”

The whole family: “…”

“You’re always useless during critical moments! Honestly…” Mother Chen glared at Father Chen. She then looked at Chen Yu and said, “It’s your turn. Say it properly.”

“I’ll say it, then.” Standing up, Chen Yu sorted out the words in his mind and said casually, “There is a saying in Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina that all happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. However, I’ve always thought that our family is different. Although our family is poor, it is in perfect order. The mother is kind, the father is strong, the brother is smart, and the sisters are wise. When we fight in jest or for fun, we can feel the overflowing familial affection of each other. While a family’s economic foundation is important, what’s more important is the intimacy between family members. We are blessed.”

“Good!” Father Chen excitedly clapped and shifted in his seat. “Well said.”

The Chen family’s three sisters and Mother Chen also couldn’t help but look at Chen Yu in surprise.

“Wait. I haven’t finished.” Chen Yu subconsciously took on the aura of a superior person and silenced the venue. He then continued, “Now, after the family’s efforts, we have successfully achieved a well-off life. This is a double blessing! This year has undoubtedly been a life-changing year for our Chen family, and I believe next year will be even better!”


Clap, clap, clap…

Everyone in the family clapped excitedly.

“I still haven’t finished. Cough.” After clearing his throat, Chen Yu calmed himself and continued, “Lastly, I’ll create a couplet for our family. Right line: All the best; Left line: Wish you the best!

“Horizontal line: The Chen family is awesome!”

“Awesome!” Father Chen raised his glass.


Mother Chen and the Chen sisters raised their glasses simultaneously.

“Happy New Year!”


After taking a sip of red wine, Mother Chen visually scanned Chen Yu before saying, “Little Yu, when did your speech get so good? That was unexpected.”

“I practiced.” Chen Yu waved his hand and said nothing more.

“You’ve truly let your father and I view you in a different light this past half a year.”

“It’s nothing.”

“It’s your turn, then.” Mother Chen shifted her gaze to Chen Yike. “Your New Year speech.”

“I…” Standing up, Chen Yike pondered for some time before saying, “I’m the same as my big brother.”

Bouncing up from her seat, Chen Sanke said, “I’m the same as my big sister.”

Chen Erke raised her hand, saying, “I’m the same as my little sister!”

Mother Chen: “…”

“Woof!” The husky under the table raised its paw and said, “Mitu!”

“Huh?” Lowering his head, Father Chen stared at the husky skeptically while muttering, “I keep getting the feeling this dog knows how to speak.”


Chen Yu immediately kicked the husky’s bum and said, “Haha, how is that possible? It’s just random howling.”

“Stop speaking.” Moving away from her seat, Mother Chen brought back six plates of dumplings and said, “Time to eat dumplings. Happy New Year!”

“Happy!” x5

Sitting at the corner of the table, Chen Sanke cheered but didn’t move her chopsticks. Instead, she stared idly at the “crackling” phone in the living room.

“What are you looking at?” Chen Yu asked.

“Is that the sound of firecrackers and fireworks?”


“What do fireworks look like?” Chen Sanke tilted her head.

“Ever since Third Eldest was born, the country has banned fireworks and firecrackers,” Father Chen said as he chewed on a dumpling. “Eldest, find some videos of fireworks afterward and let her see them.”

“Okay!” Chen Yike nodded.

“No need,” Chen Yu said, waving his hand. He then rubbed Chen Sanke’s head and said mysteriously, “Once you’re done eating, wait by the window. You’ll get to see the most beautiful fireworks in human history…”

Fifty minutes later, inside the Headmaster’s Tower on the Super Floating Castle…

Chen Yu put on his protective suit and carried the delivery box in his hands out of the study’s secret room.

“Mr. Chen, isn’t this thing a little too dangerous?”

“It’s fine. It’ll be safe if I am careful.”

“Do you not need me to accompany you?” Little Peach asked hesitantly.

“No need. You can’t fly.”

After saying so, Chen Yu made his way toward the tower’s main hall. “Just stay in the hall and help me watch the portal.”


After arriving in the main hall, Chen Yu placed the white delivery box on the ground and snapped his fingers. “Hermione.”

“I’m here.”

A cluster of gray particles emerged from the ground and combined to form a slim figure.

“Have the professors returned for the New Year?”

“The ones that returned are mainly professors from China. As for the rest, only four of them left. The majority of them are preparing for lectures and test papers,” Hermione answered with a smile. “There is only half a month left until the student candidates will be called for the written test.”

“There must be quite a few special agents among the candidates. Keep a close eye on them and don’t let any get through.”

“Understood. In fact, I’ve already found a few professors conducting suspicious activities and recorded them. Should we deal with them?”

Hearing this, Chen Yu pondered for a moment before shaking his head, “That won’t be necessary. If we act too strictly, eventually nobody will remain. It’s human nature for these professors to wish to make some contributions to their own countries or gain some personal benefits. Ignore them so long as they don’t go too far. However, we’ll still need to set an example to display the Academy’s seriousness, fairness, and justice.”

“Beijing University’s Professor Li is a suitable candidate,” Hermione suggested as she swung her staff. Immediately, the portrait of a person appeared before Chen Yu.

Frowning, Chen Yu said, “Change to another one.

“Wuhan University of Science and Tech—”

“I said change to another country.”

“Oh!” Waving her staff hurriedly, Hermione said, “How about this? Professor Ken from Harvard University.”

“Him!” Snapping his fingers, Chen Yu said, “Find a time to deal with him strictly. Show everyone the seriousness and justice of our Academy. The fruits of science and technology belong to all of mankind. How can we let a particular country selfishly monopolize them? Where is their international spirit?”


“I’ll leave you to be responsible for these tasks. I can rest assured if you’re the one handling matters.”


“You must remember to be crude in most matters, but subtle in some!” Little Peach said, finally finding an opportunity to interject. Putting on the aura of an elder sister, she patted Hermione’s shoulders and said, “So long as you keep working hard, you’ll eventually become one of Mr. Chen’s indispensable assistants like myself.”


Turning around, Chen Yu stared at Little Peach, wishing to speak. However, he ended up swallowing back the words on the tip of his tongue.

“Both of you step aside from the camera. I’m starting the livestream.”

After chasing the two robots away, Chen Yu straightened his back and adjusted the camera’s angle and position. After taking a look at the time and seeing that the time was 23:00, he immediately started the livestream.

[Advertising livestream rooms are being activated…]

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