Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Mission Complete

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The video had ended, but Chen Yu hadn’t really had enough of the video.

Watching a video on Bilibili with and without bullet comments were two experiences that were as different as night and day.

Chen Yu was not a narcissistic person, but being an avid Bilibili user, he was sure that this video was up to standard or even better. He should be able to meet the target given by Transdimensional Marketing.

He pulled out his phone and entered WeChat, typing a message quickly and sending it over.

[Chen Yu: “After watching the video, I feel that it was okay. There are quite a number of bullet comments and regular comments too, but why are there so few views?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “It’s mainly due to the title and thumbnail, which aren’t captivating enough. It did not pique the interest of many Bilibili users that came across your video. We have the detailed statistics here, and I can send them to you if you need them.”]

“Is that so…?” Chen Yu took a glance at the video title on his laptop screen.

[Chen Yu: “Send it over then.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Okay, hold on.”]

[Chen Yu: “One more question; how do you calculate the viewers?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “It’s the number of users that stayed throughout the video.”]

[Chen Yu: “So if they left without finishing the video, it won’t be counted?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Yes. The 86 viewers that you have symbolize that there are only 86 users who watched the entire video.”]

[Chen Yu: “I get it. Thank you so much.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Happy to help. See you.”]

After receiving the statistics from the other party, Chen Yu turned off his phone and sat on his chair, pondering. After a few moments, he sat up, logged into Bilibili’s account management platform, and changed the title and thumbnail of his video.

The title became: Shocking! A teenager building an atomic bomb at home?

The thumbnail was switched to the scene of the mini mushroom cloud in the video.

“It should be more captivating now, even though it’s a little bit mainstream. I’ll check how it goes tomorrow….”


The next morning, the first thing that Chen Yu did as soon as he woke up was open his laptop.

He didn’t know whether it was the correct choice to change a title or whether his video got recommended by Bilibili’s system automatically or both, but when Chen Yu logged into the admin zone of Bilibili, the statistics threw Chen Yu off his feet.

Views: 2,758

Bullet comments: 369

Comments: 212

Likes: 417

Shares: 66

Donated Coins: 346

Subscribers: 871

The numbers had grown by five times since yesterday!

Especially the donations—it was ten times more than yesterday!

The ratio of 2,758 plays to the other 6 statistics proved how excellent this video quality was. It was indeed captivating.

“Wow, looks like I’m going to become famous…”

After a few moments of staring at the screen blankly, Chen Yu exited the admin zone immediately and clicked onto the [Profile] tab.

[Name: Chen Yu]

[Grade: E]

[Subscribers: 48]

[Main target: Complete at least two of four missions.]

[Mission 1: Reach 500 viewers (619/500) and 50 subscribers (48/50) on the first advertisement.]


After a long pause, Chen Yu leapt up all of a sudden, punching in the air hard. He jumped up and down excitedly.

It never crossed Chen Yu’s mind that he would be able to pass his first mission within a day!

Even though he was lacking two subscribers, it would only be a matter of time until he reached fifty subscribers.

Holding in the excitement, he took his mobile phone that was charging at his bedside and opened up WeChat, typing furiously.

[Chen Yu: “I’ve completed the mission!”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “We have been monitoring your progress constantly. Congrats, Mr. Chen!”]

[Chen Yu: “I have to thank you for the product you got me. A nuclear energy explosive… It’s a perfect gimmick.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “It’s my job.”]

[Chen Yu: “Will I get any special prizes for completing the mission early?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “No, but completing the mission early will buy me more time to find a good product for your next video.”]

[Chen Yu: “Oh. It would be good if I could get more prizes like that pair of basketball shoes.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “(Smiley face)”]

[Chen Yu: “For the next video, what kind of product are you preparing to get me?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “It will be decided by the higher-ups, but Mr. Chen, you can choose a few types and I will try my best to get something that you would prefer.”]

[Chen Yu: “Do you have a genetic serum that can turn someone into a superman with just one injection?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “?”]

[Chen Yu: “Or perhaps some high-tech machine that can print cash?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “…”]

[Chen Yu: “Then anything would do. It would be best if it’s something that I’ll be able to make use of and comes with good entertainment value for the video.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “We will try our best.”]

Chen Yu put down his phone and navigated his mouse, clicking into the [Profile] block. Within a few minutes, he gained another subscriber, increasing the number from 48 to 49. At this rate, it wouldn’t take more than 20 more minutes for him to reach 50 subscribers.

Chen Yu put his laptop away, smiling from ear to ear. He lay back on his bed and looked through Bilibili while waiting for breakfast to be prepared by Mrs. Chen. After having breakfast, he took his sisters to school.

“Brother, I think you forgot your bag.”

On the way to school, Chen Yike realized that Chen Yu only had three bags with him. “I’ll take our younger sisters to school, you can go home and get it,” she said at once.

“No need.” Chen Yu smiled proudly. “I didn’t even bring my bag home yesterday.”

“…Much respect.”

“You flatter me.”

A few minutes later, Chen Yu came to a stop. Chen Yu passed the bag in his left hand to Chen Sanke. “Take it. Stay safe and have fun!”

“Okay!” Chen Sanke took her bag and waddled into the kindergarten.

About eight minutes later, Chen Yu came to a stop again. He passed Chen Erke the bag in his right hand. “Lao Er, pay attention to the lessons. Tell me if anyone bullies you.”

“Yes!” Chen Erke took her bag and ran into her school excitedly.

Five minutes later. Chen Yu came to a stop, once again. He took off the bag from his chest and threw it to Chen Yike. “No dating! Or I’ll break your leg!”


“Ouch!” Grabbing his calf, Chen Yu crouched down slowly as he watched Chen Yike getting further away. “Am I trapped on the same day…?”

Sixth High, Class 2-2:

As usual, Chen Yu walked along the side of the classroom to his seat and fished out his phone, scrolling through it.

“Brother Chen, when did you leave yesterday? I did not see you during the last lesson.” Li Liang turned around from his seat, asking.

Chen Yu shrugged, not giving him an answer.

He moved incredibly fast yesterday, and his seat was right at the back of the classroom, thus it was perfectly fine if nobody noticed him when he jumped out of the window yesterday.

Remembering that he had jumped out of the window yesterday and seemed to get into trouble, Chen Yu facepalmed and dug out a used one-time anti-smog face mask from his desk, wearing it.

There was a chance that the PE teacher would be here today to look for him, considering how determined he was to catch him yesterday…

Indeed, Chen Yu was right; almost immediately after the school bell rang, signifying the start of class, a few muscular teachers broke into his class. Meanwhile, leading this group of teachers was none other than the insane PE teacher that chased after him yesterday!

Chen Yu: “…”

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