Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: This is the World of ACGN? I’m in Love

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[Warning! This video is real! It’s entirely on nuclear energy!]

As this bullet comment passed by, Chen Yu’s figure in the video could be seen grabbing the box containing the Uranium-235 Nuclear Energy Laboratory with both hands and banging it on the table. “Hello everybody,” he said, looking into the camera. “Welcome to Transdimensional Review’s first episode. Today, the product we will be looking into is a children’s puzzle toy by Yue Tu Company. It’s called the Uranium-235 Nuclear Energy Laboratory!”

[Here before it goes viral.]

[Uranium-235? Toy?]


Bullet comments slid past the screen from right to left. In the video, Chen Yu was adjusting his mask. “So, without further ado, let’s start,” he continued.

With that, he tore the plastic wrapper off the toolbox and unlocked it. “Now, I’m done with the unboxing. Onto the next step – introduction of the product.”


[The fastest unboxing in history.]

“As everyone can see, there’s a number of different fun-sized laboratory apparatuses here in the lab. I’ll do a short explanation for each of them.”

Chen Yu took up the manual on the side, flipped to page 3, and took a glance at the content. He pointed to a lens-like item. “This is a spinthariscope, used for observing individual nuclear disintegrations.

“This white box is a Geiger-Muller counter, used to measure radioactive emissions.

“This small rod is an electroscope, used to detect the presence of electric charge.

“The circular glass is called a Wilson cloud chamber, which consists of an indicator. It’s used for visualizing the passage of ionizing radiation.

“This is an alpha radioactive source made out of lead-210 and polonium-210.

“And this is a beta radioactive source made of ruthenium-106.

“This is a gamma radioactive source made of zinc-65.

“Look at this large glass cover in the middle. This is protective gear that will protect you and your surroundings from explosions and isolates the radiation. Yeah, that’s what the manual says….”

While Chen Yu was doing an introduction in all seriousness, many bullet comments slid past rapidly.

[UP, are you serious?]

[I think I have discovered something incredible….]

[Happily reported. Wait to go to jail.]

[I’m almost convinced by him….]

After the introduction of the different apparatuses, Chen Yu flipped through the manual. “So, we are done with the introduction, and we’ll go onto the next step – demonstration of product use. Due to time constraints, I won’t be demonstrating the usage of the different apparatuses and will jump straight to making the atomic bomb model. But please take note that you should not play around with nuclear materials at home. It’s a dangerous and serious violation of the law to do so….”

[You’re the only one who would do so.]

[You’re the only one who would do so.]

[You’re the only one who would do so.]

[Guys, time to leave. UP’s grave already has grass growing on it.]

He flipped to the page with the instructions and slipped his hands into the insulated gloves that were part of the protective gear. Chen Yu fiddled with the aluminium piece in the protective gear as he educated his viewers on science by reading off the manual. “As everyone knows, a uranium-235 atom contains 143 neutrons and 92 protons. After a uranium-235 atom is bombarded by a neutron, it will split into two elements, barium and krypton. It will also release two to three free neutrons and a large amount of energy equivalent to about 200 watts….”

[As everyone knows, I’m the only one that’s clueless.]

[Is UP really going to build a nuclear bomb???]

[It’s fake. Use your brain. These ingredients aren’t attainable by any ordinary man! And even if he was able to get them, why would he post a video of it openly, digging his own grave?]

In the video, Chen Yu was holding onto an almost microscopic ball. “The free neutrons will go on bombarding other uranium-235 atoms, initiating continuous, self-sustaining fission. This is called a chain reaction. The complete fission of 0.1 grams of uranium is equivalent to two tons of TNT! According to the manual, what I’m holding is concentrated uranium-235!”


[Sounds so dope! Is this true?]

[I can’t see it clearly….]

[First time on Bilibili. Am I in an ACGN world? I’m in love.]

Chen Yu put down the uranium-235 ball and pointed to the spherical projectile in the protective gear. “There are two types of atomic bomb structures: an implosion-type and a gun-type. For this toy, it’s an implosion-type. According to the manual, we need to put the spherical detonator on before inserting the uranium into the projectile, which is this circular detonator….”

He then took a cylindrical item and stuffed it into the case.

“Now, we shall add in the circular aluminum piece, which will be compressed after the bomb is detonated…

“…This is plutonium-239, an isotope that has a higher probability of undergoing nuclear fission in comparison to uranium-235…

“…lastly, a polonium-beryllium neutron initiator…and we’re done!”

After about eight minutes of detailed demonstration, Chen Yu finally shut the lid and pulled out his hands excitedly. “We are done with filling up the projectile!”

[Nice! Full marks for your hands-on!]

[I can’t believe I’m watching someone build an atomic bomb on Bilibili.]

[Looks fun, will I be able to get it for real?]

[UP, are you sure that this is a toy?]

[Will it explode?]

[Hahaha, it would be incredible if it does….]

Rubbing his hands, Chen Yu stretched his sore nape. He then took the manual to do an explanation. “This model uses a layered structure so that it detonates from the outside in. As you guys saw just now…

“The spherical detonator is the outer layer. There are thirty-two miniature bags of gunpowder in it. When the bomb is detonated, the shockwave will compress the aluminium piece into the plutonium-239, which would be compressed further, causing the polonium-beryllium neutron initiator to release neutrons and begin the nuclear fission process!

“Let me repeat myself: this is a puzzle toy for children. It can develop a child’s motor skills and basic skills. This will also develop their love for nuclear energy from a young age!”

[And that’s how humans go extinct.]

[Buy buy buy! Where can I buy it? ( ͡°͜ʖ͡°)]

[This UP is incredible. Subscribed.]

[What freaking children’s toy is this…?]

[A toy that toys with your life!]

[A toy that you can only play with once in your life.]

[UP is very near to being mutated.]

[Detonate! Detonate! Detonate!]

[Nuclear energy ahead!]

[Warning! Nuclear energy ahead!]

“Now, let’s move onto the last step, which is to press this button. We could be considered to have experienced a full process of making a nuclear weapon.]

“Counting down!”







At that time, Chen Yu was unaware that the button could actually cause an explosion. He only did it based on what he saw in the movies; reaching out his hand to press down on the button dramatically.


With a sharp and clear click, the uranium-235 atomic bomb’s protective gear lab let out a special type of gas all of the sudden, turning the glass of the protective gear gray.

And Chen Yu could hear a boom!


The bomb model exploded under Chen Yu’s eyes. He was absolutely terrified!


It had exploded!


A dazzling ray of light that was as bright as the sun appeared!

Even under the filter of the special gas and gray protection gear, it still couldn’t prevent Chen Yu’s eyes from stinging.

Boom boom boom….

The toolbox vibrated violently, causing the apparatuses to fly out and the makeshift table that Chen Yu painstakingly built to collapse.

Suddenly, a miniature mushroom cloud could be seen on the screen, and a piece of meme music about explosions played in the background.

And a chain of bullet comments could be seen, blocking half of the image on the screen!


[It exploded?]


[Knowledge is power.]

[I was here.]

[The scene of a Brand S mobile phone exploding.]

[Crap! Amazing!]

[It really exploded? Did UP make a nuclear weapon for real?]

[Special effects. The atomic bomb is so small, how could it create a mushroom cloud? The glass is fine too.]

[It broke! The glass broke! Such a cool effect. Ahhhhhhhhh!]

[Live testing of a GTX1070.]

[UP, you’re dope, I salute you, sincerely.]

[Third time viewing this.]

[My fourth!]

[The mushroom cloud is so beautiful….]

[Chibaku Tensei!]


[World peace!]

[The best toy for children! (〃’▽’〃)]

[Open up! Police are here….]

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