Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Pay Up

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Seeing that his younger sisters were full, Chen Yu stood up and called the female manager, who had been staring at them closely the entire time. “Bill, please.”

“Yes, sir.” The female manager trotted over immediately, wearing a smile on her face. “You have spent a thousand and two hundred….”

“I’ll just pay with Alipay later on. Help me pack the food up first,” Chen Yu said with his left hand in his pocket and mobile phone in his right hand. He pointed to the table with his mobile phone. “Pack the drinks too. Oh, and one bottle of Ocean Blue, please. I’m bringing it back for the adults.”

“Yes.” The female manager immediately called over a few waitresses, who brought out clean takeaway bags, packing all the dishes on the table. They also brought a bottle of Ocean Blue wine over. “Sir, this bottle of 42% Premium Ocean Blue is normally sold at 498 yuan, but I will sell it to you at the cost price of 420 yuan as an apology for my mistake earlier on.”

Chen Yu took the wine and eyed the female manager up and down. “This is how you do business well.” He gasped. “I’ll be here to visit again tomorrow.”

“Please do.” For the first time, the female manager smiled at Chen Yu sincerely.

“Sir, we are done packing your food.”

“Okay.” Chen Yu nodded. He carried Chen Sanke, who had her face covered in oil, in his arms and turned to the dumbstruck Chen Yike sitting on the chair. “Eldest, hold the food. I’ll go make the payment.”

“I…” Chen Yike opened her mouth slightly to say something, but in the end, she did not.

“Beauty, where do I pay the bill?”

“The counter. Please come with me.”

Swaying her hips, the female manager brought Chen Yu to the counter. “Scan this QR code, or we can scan your QR code if you prefer.” She pointed to the QR code that was on the counter.

“Okay.” Chen Yu put Chen Sanke down and took out his mobile phone, pretending that he was going to scan the QR code on the counter, but before he even opened up the Alipay application, he put on an exaggerated act, exclaiming, “What’s that? A standing long jump challenge?”

The female manager followed Chen Yu’s line of sight and nodded immediately. “Yes, sir. It’s a promotion put up by our restaurant.”

“I’ll get a discount if I jump further than 1.6 meters?”


“Why didn’t you inform me about this?” Chen Yu acted extremely displeased. “How could you not inform me if there’s a promotion?”

“Sir, this promotion has been up since last year. Since there aren’t many customers who have shown interest in it, we deduct 15% directly from the total bill for everyone anyway. We have done so for you too, Sir.”

“But if I am able to jump further than 2.5 meters, I’ll get a discount bigger than 20% off, right?”

The female manager scratched the back of her head. “Yes, but most customers fail to do so,” she explained, throwing her hand up.

“But I can. I’m best at long jumps. Stay still, Third Eldest.”

With that, Chen Yu kept his mobile phone in his pocket and deliberately walked over to the diagram with loud footsteps to attract the diners’ attention.

For this jump, he endured his cravings and did not eat till full.

“Sir.” Associating Chen Yu’s actions and words, the female manager felt that something was slightly off. “Please be careful. Our restaurant won’t be responsible for any injuries.”

“Of course, I will settle it myself if anything happens.”

Noticing the situation, a number of surrounding diners looked over in smiles. A few drunk middle-aged men even raised their wine glasses, cheering for Chen Yu.

“Beauty, will I really get the 3000 yuan cash prize if I manage to jump over 3.5 meters?” To prevent the manager from going back on her words, Chen Yu emphasized loudly.

“Yes. All our promotions are valid. Please be careful, sir.”

The female manager wasn’t worried that Chen Yu would jump over 3.5 meters because it was absolutely impossible. However, she was worried that the high schooler, who looked like he was harboring evil intentions, would be able to make a 3-meter jump. If that happened, that would make the meal, which cost more than a thousand yuan, free of charge.

“Great, I’ll work hard for that 3000 yuan, then.”

Chen Yu stretched his arms and legs, bending. He could feel energy storing in the soft cushion of his shoes as he got ready to jump.

“Little boy, safety is the most important!” A bespectacled middle-aged man seated at a nearby table advised Chen Yu kindly. “It’s impossible to get the 3000 yuan. Before the standing long jump event was removed from the Olympics, the world record for standing long jump was only 3.4 meters. And this is not a sandpit. Even a professional athlete would not be able to jump further than 3.5 meters. You will get injured if you do it too hard.”

Hearing the man, Chen Yike came to Chen Yu’s side with bags of food in her hands. “Brother, no business would make a loss. Don’t injure yourself.”


Chen Yu winked at Chen Yike. He bent down as low as he could and exerted a huge force with his legs, leaping forward ferociously!


A huge force could be felt from the soles of his basketball shoes. In the air, Chen Yu felt that there were two strong forces pushing him. He glided through the air across the colorful diagram on the floor.


A second later, Chen Yu landed on his feet steadily. He did not fall.

He stood up and turned back to take a look. Chen Yu was overwhelmed with joy.

He landed at the end of the diagram.

The jump was also at least 3.6 meters away from the starting point….

Silence took over the restaurant instantly.

Chen Yike was dumbfounded.

The female manager was stupefied.

The spectating diners’ and staff members’ mouths hung wide open.

The kind middle-aged man that kindly advised Chen Yu also lost his balance and fell to the ground.

“I guess that 3000 yuan is mine now,” Chen Yu said as he grinned from ear to ear.

“Don’t… Don’t joke around….” The female manager walked up blankly, checking the long jump diagram on the floor. Her brain was in a mess.

Ever since the promotion started two years ago, many diners gave this challenge a try, but there had never been one who succeeded in jumping over 3 meters.

However, what was with this senior high schooler in front of her that made a jump further than 3.5 meters?

Sudden enlightenment?!

“Beauty, I think you should pay up.” Seeing how distressed the manager looked, Chen Yu patted her shoulders. “Hurry and pay up, we are in a rush to go home.”

“What the hell!?”

“This is amazing!”

“Kiddo, you’re incredible!”

Chen Yu’s words seemed to be like a switch; they brought the spectating diners back to reality. Their exclamations rang across the restaurant profusely. Surprisingly, a buff man with amazement written all over his face walked over, eyeing Chen Yu up and down.

“Amazing! 3.6 meters! You can’t even find anyone with such a record in the entire province! How did you manage to do it, boy?”

“I may be a sports genius that can only be found once in a century.” Chen Yu waved his hands modestly, seeming shy.

“Kid, you must go for the Olympics! They might not have the standing long jump anymore, but the regular long jump would be a perfect sport for you! You would win at least a bronze medal after some training for sure.”

“That’s not necessary. I’m just a senior high schooler, and I only want to focus on my studies.” Chen Yu smiled politely before turning back to the manager. “Big sis, pay up.”

“I…” The female manager broke into a cold sweat, stammering.

“What’s wrong? Are you regretting your words?” Chen Yu raised his volume, grinning devilishly.

“Are you regretting it now? You are an established restaurant, it’s not nice to go back on your words,” the buff man on the side chimed in without hesitation.

“We saw it too. We can testify to it.”

“I saw it too.”

Other than a few elderly diners who were just watching the scene with smiles, other diners were speaking up for Chen Yu as well. Apparently, they were more than happy to see the restaurant making a loss.

“Of course not….” The manager waved her hands immediately. “I’m just stunned. Let me contact my boss.”

“Understandable.” Chen Yu nodded, picking up Chen Sanke, who was still staring blankly into space. “Then we’ll wait, but please hurry and pay up. We need to leave soon.”

Female manager: “…”

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