Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Was it Delicious?

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“Can’t you do better than that?!”

Chen Yu snatched the menu over immediately and glared at Chen Yike. “Second Eldest, you shall order,” he said, passing the menu to Chen Erke.

Stupefied, Chen Erke took the menu and flipped through it aimlessly. “I want a bottle of iced lemon tea,” she said after a long pause.

The female manager: “…”

“It’s fine, forget it.” Chen Yu raged in disappointment. He snatched the menu from Chen Erke’s hands and looked up at the female manager. “Beauty, you should get a pen to record my orders. We might be ordering quite a fair bit,” he said.

“Ah… sure.”

The waitress standing behind the manager walked up, pulling out the order taking machine. Seeing this, Chen Yu flipped open the menu and started reading off it. “Red braised pork knuckles, stewed pig intestines, stir-fried shrimp, pan-fried dumplings, deep-fried ribbonfish, twice-cooked pork, glazed pork belly…

“Fried liver slices, stir-fried liver with spring onions, deep-fried tripe, Di San Xian…

“New Zealand bull kelp salad, Kung Pao bullfrog, cinnamon chicken wings, marinated notoginseng…”

“Hold… hold on!” The waitress who was recording his order down furiously couldn’t help but cut him off. “Sir, we do not have marinated notoginseng here. And… isn’t notoginseng a type of Chinese medicine? Can you even eat it as food?”

“It’s fine. Don’t bother about it. I’m just trying to rhyme.” Chen Yu shut the menu and waved his hand. He leaned back into his chair, crossing his legs. “That’s all for now. Is that enough, little sisters?”

Yike: “…”

Erke: “…”

Sanke: “…”

Seeing that none of his younger sisters had any opinions, Chen Yu returned the menu to the female manager, who was currently dumbstruck. “That’s it. We will order more later if that’s not enough.”

“S-Sir.” The female manager and the waitress exchanged a glance, forcing a thin smile. “This is a lot of food, are you sure about your order?”

“Yes.” Chen Yu nodded. “We have two adults at home, we need some takeout too.”

“But…” The manager took a glance at the menu in her hands, thinking of ways to voice her opinion appropriately. “These dishes amount to a high price.”

“Are you suggesting that I can’t pay for the meal?” Chen Yu raised an eyebrow. He pulled out his mobile phone, opening the Alipay application. “I can pay with Alipay even if I do not have cash. Your words make me uncomfortable; it’s not very nice.”

“Ah, no, you have mistaken me.” Immediately, the female manager waved her hands awkwardly.

“It’s fine, I understand. We are students, after all, of course you would be worried.” Chen Yu did not continue to make her time hard and kept his phone. “Serve the dishes as soon as possible. Who still dines and dashes these days?”

Realizing that her words were indeed inappropriate, the manager bowed profusely, “Okay, please hold on. The food will be ready within no time.”

After the female manager and waitress left, Chen Yu opened up the packaging of the utensils for his sisters, wiped the cups, and handed his younger sisters napkins personally.

“How do you find this restaurant? It’s not bad, right?” Afterward, Chen Yu pointed around, smiling.

“Brother.” Chen Yike swayed her body uneasily, hesitating to speak her mind. “Did…Did you get a rich sugar mommy?”

Chen Yu’s face fell immediately.

“We might not lead extravagant lives, but we can still get by in life.” Chen Yike looked down. “Brother, you have to be rational. You can’t sell your soul!”

Chen Yu proceeded to open up the packing of his utensils. “Are you spouting nonsense?” he said after a long pause.


“What’s in your brain every day? Rich sugar mommy? Since when am I that lucky? No… Since when did I become so spineless?” Chen Yu said, taking his chopsticks and smacking them on Chen Yike’s forehead.

“Ah.” Chen Yike covered her forehead in pain.

“You’re already 14, how can you still speak without forethought? Or do your teachers—the teachers of the best middle school in town—teach this every day?”

Chen Yike rubbed her forehead, pouting. “Where did you get the money then!? I feel that you’re acting weird lately.”

“I earned it from working part-time, alright?”

“Then why did you not give the money to our family? Mom and dad are already struggling to make ends meet.”

“Didn’t I order a lot of food? We can save up on a few meals with this.”

“Brother! You’re being wasteful! It will cost over a thousand yuan! You can’t spend money like this even if you’re rich!”

“It’s my money, I can spend it however I like. Why are you making so much noise when I am the one treating you?”

“I won’t eat it!”

“Then starve.”

About ten minutes later, as the pair were bickering, the dishes were served by the waiters. The fragrance of the colorful dishes lingered in the air. The Chen siblings’ mouths watered, and they swallowed their saliva.

“Why are you staring blankly into space? The food is already here!” Chen Yu picked up a piece of orange colored twice-cooked pork with his chopsticks and put it in his mouth. “Eat! Eat up!” Chen Yu said unclearly while munching on his food.

Chen Sanke, who had the weakest willpower, was the first to surrender. She took a big spoon and scooped up about ten prawns, stuffing all of them in her mouth at once. Her mouth was so full that saliva dripped out the corner of her mouth.

“Slow down! Don’t choke yourself!” Chen Yu immediately poured a cup of orange juice for Chen Sanke.

“Uh uh…” Chen Sanke pointed to her mouth, rather anxious.

“Idiot, you would be able to chew if you spit a few out.”

“Uh uh uh!” Chen Sanke shook her head profusely.

“Okay, then keep it in your mouth.”

Chen Yu put down the cup of orange juice and turned to Chen Yike and Chen Erke, tapping the table. “Will just looking make you full?”

Chen Erke wiped the corner of her mouth and stole a glance at Chen Yike. Unable to hold it anymore, she picked up a piece of intestine and blew on the steam before putting it into her mouth impatiently.

Seeing both her younger sisters digging in, Chen Yike took a sniff of the fragrance floating toward her. She sighed and picked up some chopsticks, joining the “hungry wolf” trio.

Chen Sanke, who had her mouth full, started to get anxious. Reluctantly, she spat out more than half of the prawns in her mouth and chewed on the rest slightly before stretching her neck and swallowing them down. As the food flowed down her throat, she squinted her eyes in satisfaction.

“Third Eldest, I beg you, please eat slowly!”


“Second Eldest! Look at how unsophisticated you are! You can’t eat a ribbon fish’s head!”


“Eldest, why are you looking so sorrowful? Are you having your last meal?”

“Brother…” Chen Yike swallowed down the food in her mouth. “I still do not think that it’s a good idea to get yourself a sugar mommy….”


Chen Yu raised his hand, smacking her head hard. “So much food yet it’s still unable to fill your mouth.”

“Brother! I want rice!” Chen Erke raised her hand.

“No, just eat the dishes on their own!”

“They’re a bit salty.”

“Drink the juice….”

Half an hour later, at lightning speed, the Chen siblings had cleared one-third of the table.

“I’m full.”

Chen Yike was the last to finish eating. After satisfying her cravings, she looked down at her bloated belly, rubbing it. At the same time, feelings of worry and sorrow started surfacing on her face again.

A thousand yuan had just flown away.

There were so many things they could do with that amount of money!

Her brother had gone insane…

“Was it delicious?” Chen Yu asked, passing her a toothpick.

“Yes.” She nodded, receiving the toothpick.

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