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Chapter 730 - Volume 9 – Chapter 100: A Violent Way to Prolong Life (Part 1)

Volume 9 – Chapter 100: A Violent Way to Prolong Life (Part 1)

Mo Xiaofei didn’t want to have a conflict with those self-proclaimed muses. He committed resistance because the other party made a move.

He disagreed with settling matters through violence. Hence, despite his dissatisfaction with the opponent making a move on him, he did not put it in his heart. He was trying to put himself in their shoes. If his boundary was offended, he might activate some self-protective measure.

Empathy was something that Mo Xiaofei experienced when he came in. This would make him less impulsive and become more rational.

There was only one fine line between those who bullied the weak and the real hero.

“Madams, I have no intention of offending you. I’m sorry.” Mo Xiaofei nodded. He then took a step back. It was apparent that these two muses had anti-foreigner sentiments when facing strangers.

The two Munakata Muses exchanged glances quickly. They were born almost at the same time not only with powerful abilities but also with a strong tacit understanding.

This human’s martial art possesses special powers. It defeats the divine power; even the time of contact would lead to injury. It is a serious matter to hurt the deities.

Although Yan Wuyue had eight million sentient beings, in the three Munakata Muses’ eyes, the so-called eight million was just an imaginary number. Everything in Yan Wuyue could become deities, but most of them were just weak individuals. It was just that the ignorant mortals were in awe of abilities beyond them.

Therefore, the three muses were not surprised that the human samurai, monk, and witch could slay the evil demon beast. Though, they thought the human samurai couldn’t fight against the deities with real power.

The true deities possess the mighty divine power. This was the foundation that awed the mortals and made them obedient. Just like their Deity Lord Amaterasu Omikami, once Amaterasu was angry, nothing in Takamagahara dared to offend. That was the real earth-shaking power.

But this mortal warrior could cut off the deity’s power. If the mortal warrior had mastered this extraordinary power, what would happen?

Amaterasu Omikami asked her two muses to investigate this remote mountain village. Is it because of this strange power emergence that could shake the foundation of the deities?

“Who are you?” After a quick interaction, Takiribime looked at Mo Xiaofei and asked in a deep voice.

“Kojiro, um…Sasaki Kojiro.”

Mo Xiaofei thought for a while and felt that these two muses seemed a little unreliable. Hence, he safeguarded himself by providing the name of the original master of the body.

“It turns out to be the Kojiro-dono [1].” Takiribime nodded, and then said sternly, “Please excuse me for my rudeness just now.”

As the two muses considered returning, they connected to the other deities to inquire about Samurai Sasaki Kojiro’s origin. However, their efforts were to no avail. A samurai capable of defusing divine power should not be unheard of.

What the hell is Kojiro-dono?

The changes in their mannerism put Mo Xiaofei in a daze. However, in his impression, the World of Yan Wuyue seemed to have a high degree of compatibility with District 11. They probably have the same emphasis on etiquette.

“No, no, it’s my bad too.” Mo Xiaofei shook his head but didn’t know how to respond. As the saying goes, not to be rude to those acting polite to you.

“It’s fine. We have also made a mistake. We made a move before understanding the situation. Despite it being a legitimate response, I’m too overbearing. Fortunately, it is Kojiro-dono. If it is an ordinary person, I am afraid his life is already endangered. I’m still not handling it properly.”

“It’s my bad behavior to hide and eavesdrop from the beginning…”

Both sides did not go into a battle but kept apologizing. There must be something wrong with this script.

Mo Xiaofei shook his head in the end. He didn’t have the confidence to defeat this ingrained concept of etiquette and said. “Madam Muses, I wonder why the two of you came to Unripe Rice Village?”

Takiribime said slowly, “I passed by and found that Unripe Rice Village seems a bit weird, so I came here to investigate a bit. I wonder why Kojiro-dono is here?”

There seemed to be no mentioning of deities in the spoilers and the comments. Mo Xiaofei frowned. Did I read the wrong script?

“My companion and I are separated.” Mo Xiaofei thought, “Since I passed by Unripe Rice Village, I plan to get some information here. Due to the weather, I have to stay overnight in Unripe Rice Village.”

“I see.” Takiribime nodded.

Tagitsuhime next to him suddenly asked, “Kojiro-dono, I wonder if your companion is as powerful as you?”

Mo Xiaofei rubbed his chin and subconsciously said, “Should be better than me?”

He was the one who had witnessed Windchaser fighting his current teacher, True Dragon of Divine Land. Although Windchaser seemed unable to use that kind of power, God knows when Windchaser would enrage and defeat everyone for the time being.

In that case, Mo Xiaofei knew he was outmatched. Hence, describing Windchaser as “should be better than himself” was not a lie.

Three muses would not have thought that the samurai’s companion would be a real demon beast with a genuine bloodline. They only thought his companion was also a powerful samurai. He is even more potent than this guy who cut off the divine power.

Tagitsuhime couldn’t help but ask cautiously, “Kojiro-dono, may I ask, do you have a lot of companions?”

“It’s quite a lot.” Mo Xiaofei was not lying too. Anyway, it appears that my soul has transmigrated here. My communication with the original world should be severed.

Mo Xiaofei knew he could not beat the enraged Windchaser, let alone his teacher Long Xiruo. As for the source of his ability, the boss…

This was a question that Mo Xiaofei had never thought about and did not intend to dawdle!

Mo Xiaofei always felt that every time his teacher mentioned the boss, his teacher lacked confidence despite mocking the boss as a profiteer.


The mortal samurais had mastered the terrifying power that shook the foundation of the deities to rule!

The two muses quickly exchanged their gazes again. They didn’t know if Kojiro’s words were the truth. If it had nothing to do with Amaterasu Omikami ordering them to monitor the Unripe Rice Village, this encounter was a surprising discovery.

It might even be more important than the hidden secrets of Unripe Rice Village. After all, it was a more significant issue related to the foundation of the deities!

We need to report it! We must go back and notify it immediately!

But at the same time, we need to lower the guard of this mortal warrior and get more information from him!

With just simple eye contact, Tagitsuhime and Takiribime had decided what needed to be done.

Takiribime nodded at this time, “I still have something to deal with, so I’ll take a step ahead.”

Tagitsuhime nodded in agreement, “I will wait here for my sister’s return!”

Takiribime was surrounded by a faint white light and then went away.

Mo Xiaofei glanced at it and felt that he could achieve this speed too. In contrast, He did not have the holy light as special effects!

“Kojiro-dono, I wonder if I can accompany you to explore the secrets of Unripe Rice Village?” Tagitsuhime suddenly sent out an invitation at this time.

Mo Xiaofei thought for a while and directly agreed.

“But, can you wait?” Mo Xiaofei said sternly at this time, “I have something to deal with, but I will be back here soon.”

“It’s fine. I will be here waiting for your return, Kojiro-dono.” Tagitsuhime gave a blessing. Throwing away the muse’s identity, she looked like a delicate woman.

After all, the muse was the embodiment of beauty. This beauty was rooted in the human imagination.

[1] Honorific to address the master/lord in the palace.

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