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Chapter 729 - Volume 9 – Chapter 99: These Two Muses Are A Bit Weak (Part 2)

Volume 9 – Chapter 99: These Two Muses Are A Bit Weak (Part 2)

Hearing this, Takeko suddenly turned her head. The girl’s face was already red because of this behavior, but now she became frightened because of Mo Xiaofei’s decision. She quickly panicked, “Sir Kojiro, do you think Takeko is not good enough? Am I not qualified to serve you?”

“No, I have someone I like.” Mo Xiaofei shook his head and stood firm. “Just assume what happened tonight hasn’t happened.”

Unexpectedly, Takeko seemed to be unable to listen to such a refusal. Her face turned white; she suddenly made a move that made Mo Xiaofei unable to react. She disregarded the messy clothes that were untied and directly rushed into Mo Xiaofei’s arms.

“Hey!” Mo Xiaofei was shocked immediately.

Mo Xiaofei wanted to use his psychic power to resist, but he realized in time that a weak body like Takeko could not stand this kind of collision. He could only get up quickly, freed Takeko’s hands, turned around, and said in a deep voice, “If you don’t go out, I will leave tonight!”

“Sir Kojiro…” Takeko was crying. She put her body on Mo Xiaofei’s back, hugging him, and said sadly, “Please take care of Takeko for one night. Takeko doesn’t want to die.”

Mo Xiaofei was taken aback. What in the world?

But at this moment, Mo Xiaofei frowned. He didn’t even ask about Takeko’s affairs at the moment but said in a low voice, “Sorry, you should sleep for a while… Mental Shock!”

As soon as his psychic mind activated, Takeko’s whole body suddenly softened. He developed [Mental Shock] through Long Xiruo’s training.

He picked up the clothes, closed his eyes, and quickly put them on Takeko’s body. He didn’t care about what happened. He took the katana and left here quickly. Apart from the moonlight and starlight, there was no public lighting equipment in this ancient village.

But even if he didn’t carry the lantern in his hand, Mo Xiaofei could see clearly by wrapping his eyes with psychic power.

In the gathering dusk, two figures were floating on the hillside. Both were young and beautiful women in scarlet clothes.

“This place is so weird and even vaguely ominous. I am afraid this is the place mentioned by Deity Lord Amaterasu Omikami.” One of the women frowned at this time as if she was still observing the surrounding environment, “Tagitsuhime, what do you think?”

The other deity called Tagitsuhime nodded solemnly at this time, “Takiribime, my opinion is the same as you.”

These two deities, plus another one – Ichikishimahime, were collectively called the three Munakata Muses [1]. They were born when Amaterasu Omikami broke Susanoo’s ten-span sword into three and chewed it in her mouth. In theory, they were Amaterasu Omikami’s daughters.

At this time, Tagitsuhime said with a worried expression, “Deity Lord has come to Nightland to look for Lord Tsukuyomi. She had ordered me to hinder Nightland temporarily. Now, she requested us to go to this small remote place to investigate, but I don’t know the reason.”

Takiribime said, “I am afraid that the Deity Lord has reached some agreement with Lord Tsukuyomi. Three Deities have always been in a balance. If she cooperated with Lord Tsukuyomi, then Lord Susanoo will lose!”

Tagitsuhime nodded, apparently agreeing with Takaribime’s speculation. They were in the same position as the Three Muses, “But, I don’t know what the secret is in this Unripe Rice Village. Even our divine power, we can’t see through it. This village seems to be shrouded in a layer of mist. There is even a lurking evil intent. Who dares to covet this place!?”

Tagitsuhime snorted coldly. Her palm shone brightly in the darkness. She directed it to a place under the hillside. A sudden strong wind came forward. It was so violent that the ground was directly cracked.

At this moment, a figure flew out from below, appearing in front of the two muses at once. He looked at them, perplexed.

“Samurai?” Takiribime frowned as she assessed. It was a relatively young and handsome man. But, this samurai was able to escape Tagitsuhime’s subsequent attack.

In this Yan Wuyue world, a powerful samurai could slay evil demon beasts and greater demon beasts. Him possessing some skills was not too surprising for the three Munakata Muses.

“I’m not malicious. I want to ask something, may I ask you two?”

This person was none other than Mo Xiaofei. His robust psychic power detected two unusual spiritual qi, which appeared in this Unripe Rice Village abruptly. He was initially looking for clues here, so he naturally wanted to investigate it.

“I am Tagitsuhime.”


The two Muses said indifferently one after another. In their view, they only need to declare their Muses’ name, and the samurai would naturally kneel. They also happened to have something to ask from the wandering samurai who suddenly appeared in the village.

“Huh? Say it again?” Mo Xiaofei scratched his head. His historical study was reasonably good, but that pertained to the history of his own country. For this Yan Wuyue world similar to District 11, he had no idea.

“We are the three Munakata Muses!” Takiribime snorted heavily at this time.

“Muse?” Mo Xiaofei was taken aback, then nodded. He thought that if they were the Muses, they should know a lot. There is probably no need to find the witch of the shrine on the mountain in that case.

Mo Xiaofei was overjoyed right now and stepped forward without thinking much, “Madam Muses, just right! I have something to ask you. I’m not from this place.”

But, when he only took a few steps forward and before he got close to the two Muses, Takiribime said furiously, “How dare you!? How dare mortals approach and act blasphemous to the divine power!?”

Takiribime’s gaze was sharp. She exuded pressure to the samurai. She pressed down on the thin air. Another invisible force pressed down towards Mo Xiaofei.

Unable to resist such an attack, Mo Xiaofei instinctively raised his hand and waved. He diffused the colossal pressure. He felt as if something had pierced his head, so he frowned and gave a loud shout.

Tremendous psychic power gushed out and directly collided with the heavy divine might. The psychic power was like a sword; it cut the divine power to pieces in an instant.

Takiribime’s face changed drastically at this time, with blood dripping from the corner of her mouth. She was shocked. A mortal samurai is so powerful. He directly cut away the divine power.

“You… Who are you!?” Takiribime exclaimed quickly.

Are these two really the muses?

They seem a little weak…

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