Thriller Paradise

Chapter 1074

Chapter 1074: Chapter 1009-trash descends

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The circular sweep this time could not be considered a very fast attack, and many players reacted in time.

But … There were still hundreds of people who were killed by this wave.

With that, the number of surviving players had been reduced to less than 200.

Looking at the white light floating up, an uncle who was far away from infinite spoke.

“That …” Li Feng looked at the four players in front of him and said,”young men …”


The four main forces of blades turned around and looked at uncle li.

“Although I’m not good at the game, I can see that … You guys are very strong.” Li Feng said,”I’m very grateful that you protected me the entire time. I also know that you must have a good reason for doing this. However … I feel that at this moment, isn’t it more meaningful to protect everyone than to protect a newbie player like me?”

Hearing uncle Li’s words, tan lang, seven kills, and long Aomin all turned to look at Jun po.

Their meaning is very clear … We also want to go forward and help, but guild leader, you have to take the lead and say something. This way, if the Section Chief blames us in the future, we’ll have an explanation.

“Hmm …” Jun po pondered for a few seconds and said,”actually … There are only two instructions from the higher-ups …” He paused.”The first one is that if Wanwan is in danger, let the leader leave first.” When he said this, his expression changed and he cast a meaningful look at tan lang. “The second sentence, Huahua, if you encounter a major situation, act according to the situation and follow the arrangements of the leader.”

“So …” Tan lang, the political commissar, also understood and immediately replied,”now, it’s time for us to change our strategy according to uncle li … Which is to say, according to the ‘instructions of the leader’.”

“Hehe …” Long Aomin laughed heartily.”I was just waiting for that.”

Qi Sha laughed as well. He immediately raised his hand and cracked his knuckles.”Alright! I’ve wanted to F * cking beat that bastard up for a long time!”

“Hey, hey!” When tan lang heard this, he frowned and reminded,”what are you doing? Pretending to be a Bandit to keep up with the trend?”

“Uh-huh,” Pojun also used the tone of a Regiment commander and said seriously,”you’re right, political commissar.” He looked at seven kills and said,”we are a disciplined force. No matter what situation you encounter, you must control your emotions and pay attention to your words.”

“Yes! I’ll be more careful next time!” “Yes, sir!” Seven kills replied loudly. A second later, he asked again,”then, may I ask the two of you … Can I go up and cut him now?”

“Yes.” Po Jun and tan lang nodded their heads and said in unison,”yes.”

Before the word “as” could land on the ground, seven kills ‘figure had already shot forward like a bullet.

At the same time, a set of data flashed in front of Infinite’s eyes …

Di di di di di


Yingying discovered a high-energy reaction.

Data recognition:

[Shadowwalk],[star Burning Moon fist]

Tactical control options:

Pi Xiu creates a foam-like, heat-resistant defensive armor on the surface of the body.

Survival rate:


“Oh? There’s actually such a strong person hiding in the crowd?” Infinite thought as he executed the tactical control option.


The next second, a punch exploded!

When seven kills used this S-grade skill, not only did he use [Shadowstep] as a prerequisite, but he also activated his soul will Gu [fiend star Grand flame].

This punch was the second strongest fire element skill that had appeared in Thriller Paradise so far.

(You don’t have to remember. The strongest fire attribute skill that has appeared so far is the unparalleled Inferno heat wave cannon. In the ‘brothers’ scenario, it is triggered by [watch out].)

However, infinite still easily dispelled the attack …

“Hehehe … I see …” After the blow, infinite slowly turned around, and the layers of foam-like substance on his body also fell off as he burned.”Although it’s only a 16% probability, if I didn’t defend against this blow in time, I might really be melted by this punch …”

Before he finished his words, he suddenly grinned hideously, roared, and punched,””Hahahaha! What a pity! It’s still useless!”


In an instant, the wind from the punch rose again.

Seven kills, who had yet to finish his move, was very close to infinite, and his situation was even worse than asking the heavens. When the force that could topple mountains and overturn the seas brushed past him, his entire person “disappeared.”

Everyone who witnessed this scene understood that Qi Sha had not been sent flying. He had been blown to pieces by the wind from the punch and had been blown away. However, the process had been too fast, making it seem as if he had disappeared in an instant.

“Preposterous!” Before Qi Sha’s corpse could even turn cold, a loud roar was heard.

Who else could it be … Other than long Aomin?

Brother Dragon had already activated his [Dragon Knight] status. His body, which was as strong as Schwarzenegger ‘s, had grown by 30%. The surface of his muscles was covered with Amber Dragon scales, and his eyes had turned into a pair of red gems.

As he was not as fast as seven kills, long Aomin arrived slightly later than his teammates. However, it was during this short period of time that seven kills had already taken his lunchbox. This made brother long furious.

Thus, he had also unleashed his most powerful attack as soon as he arrived.

“Divine Dragon pendulum …”

“Move your head!” Who knew that infinite didn’t even let brother long use his moves.

With a speed that far exceeded long Aomin’s dynamic vision, he gave the latter a side kick to the head.


The sound of brother dragon’s head shattering sounded like a piece of cartilage being thrown into a pot of boiling oil.

The shield in his hand was useless, and his dragon scale defense was vulnerable in the face of Infinite’s destructive power. His death made the hearts of all the other survivors sink to the bottom …

“I told you it’s useless …” Infinite used his actions to prove that his strength had evolved to a level that would make people completely despair. His attitude had also become more and more unscrupulous.”Resistance will only add to the pain in fear and despair. Run away … Hehe, unfortunately, in the data-link layer, no matter how far you are, link will still sense you. ” As he spoke, he suddenly used his right hand as a claw and scratched five hideous bloody marks on his chest.”So … You’d better obediently accept your death!”

By the time he finished speaking, the wound on his chest had already healed.

“Ha … I don’t want to admit it …” Atobe, who was suppressed by one of the five link clones, laughed bitterly.”But he sounds like he’s telling the truth.”

“Don’t give up! There’s still hope!” Shiva, who was fighting one against two, heard his mumbling and hurriedly shouted at him, trying to get him to be more alert.

“Is there … Really more?” Two seconds later, not a scaredy cat replied in a dejected tone.

In just a few short minutes, ask the heavens and flashes of sword had both been killed by infinite. Not a scaredy cat’s brother, Sky Song, had also died quickly in the battle with link. Not a scaredy cat had also suffered some injuries from being distracted for a few moments. It looked like he would not be able to hold on much longer.

It could be said that whether it was Infinite’s side or Link’s side … The players were at an absolute disadvantage in the battle. They could not even see the slightest chance of winning.

“There are!” However, Wang Tanzhi’s loud voice and determined tone gave not a scaredy cat an affirmative answer. He then took the opportunity to finish off the link who was fighting not a scaredy cat.

Hehe … Wang Tanzhi.” One of the three remaining link turned to Xiao Tan and said,”using flame devour to take care of two of me is indeed worthy of praise. But you don’t think that … Everything will be over after you destroy all five of me, do you?”

Just as he was speaking, a group of people in suits and leather shoes landed in the air.

Shiva and the others looked out of the corner of their eyes. They were shocked, because…There were 20 Link’s that looked exactly the same.

“You see.” One of the newcomers, link, took over the conversation and said,”the loss of one or two’ me ‘doesn’t even matter. How many times can you kill me with your limited physical strength?”

“I’m not sure about that. ” “My mission is to hold on until the reinforcements arrive,” Xiao Tan said.

“Reinforcements?” Link’s expression changed slightly as he looked up at the sky.”This is interesting … According to my detection program, you came here through the hole opened by the Myna, and you were the only one who came out of the hole.” He lowered his head again to look at Xiao Tan.”Currently, the game space is empty, and the tunnel that connects to the inner world has disappeared … May I ask, where did your reinforcements come from?”

“As long as I’m alive, the fighting demon will send them to me.” Xiao Tan answered honestly.

“Fighting demon …” Link’s expression changed. Then he sneered,”ha … I think you’re bluffing, but just in case, I’ll kill you with all my strength first.”

After that, other than the three Link’s that were still fighting Shiva and Atobe, all the other Link’s charged at Xiao Tan like a pack of wolves pouncing on a Tiger. They surrounded him …

No matter how fast Xiao Tan was, he was surrounded by dozens of level one anomalies, and there was no way he could escape.

“Tsk … Death’s …” Just as Xiao Tan was about to use his trump card …

Weng, Weng, Weng, Weng, Weng

After a series of chiming, five people were teleported over by a wave of demonic Qi. They appeared around Xiao Tan.

“Hey, hey … What’s going on …” King of Shadows ‘reaction was actually quite calm.

“Damn it … I’ve been tricked by that Feng fellow again …” Ambitionist was vexed.

“In short, how about controlling the situation for now?” Tired dream also gave a very constructive suggestion.

“Alright, I’ll do it.” Uncle trash adjusted his sunglasses and replied calmly.

In the end, the “illusionary fifth man” teacher Gong from the [waste Guild] used a dialect to describe their team’s mood at the moment: “What’s going on!!!” (To be continued.)

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