Thriller Paradise

Chapter 1073

Chapter 1073: The declaration of the ‘perfect creature’

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Elder weighty words sat on the ground powerlessly and looked up.

At this moment, on the messy battlefield, there were less than 500 players left, and they had all been scattered. Among them, more than 90% of them had been injured in the battle in the game space, and 100% of them had used up nearly half of their physical energy.

At this moment, in the face of Infinite’s near-invincible defense and unreasonable attack power, the players had basically lost their will to fight, even weighty words himself.

However … There were still people who persisted.

When link charged at Xiao Tan, Shiva, Atobe-sama, not a scaredy cat, and Sky Song all charged forward at the same time and blocked the attack for him.


After landing, flashes of sword, ask the heavens, sorrow, and Bloody Rose did not give up. They were all trying to get close to infinite and find an opportunity to kill the monster.

“Well … It’s not easy to deal with them if they’re scattered.” After releasing a few more finger-snapping bombs, infinite looked around and thought for about a second before coming to a decision.”I’ll just use ‘that’.”

With this in mind, infinite fell straight down like a meteor and stood on the ground in an instant, raising his arms to the sides of his body.

At this moment, what he was going to do was … To release a continuous energy beam from each of his palms that could extend to at least ten kilometers away. Then, he would level his arms and rotate 180 degrees on the spot.

One must understand…..This white space was not earth, the ground here had no curvature or height difference. Once infinite successfully used this move, all players who were above 1.6 meters in height and standing within a radius of 10 kilometers … Would be cut into two.

Fortunately … In that split second, someone had seen through his intentions and made a response.

“Falling flower … Flying catkins!”

In a breath’s time, Xu huaixuan’s beautiful figure arrived, her two blades striking out at the same time.

The flowers bloomed and wilted, and the wind blew.

The brilliant blade aura was like a wild cherry blossom, slicing Infinite’s upper body into pieces.

“Hmph Hmph Hmph …” However, just as Xu Huai Shang was about to stop, infinite had already recovered and let out a strange laugh.

“What’s going on?”

“So fast?”

“That’s impossible …”

The other three who followed Xu Huai Shang were also shocked, because Infinite’s self-healing ability had obviously been strengthened again, and it had been strengthened a lot …

“Hmph Hmph … Hehehe … Hahahahahaha!” A few seconds later, Infinite’s strange laughter turned into wild laughter.”Foolish humans! Didn’t you notice?”

Before he finished speaking, he twisted his body and threw a punch. The wind from the punch burst out and attacked ask the heavens smile, who was a few meters away.

The speed of this punch had clearly exceeded ask the heavens “expectations. It was already too late to Dodge it. He could only rely on his battle instinct to raise his hands and cross them in front of his body.

Then, his upper body disappeared …

Although he was still standing with his knees slightly bent and his waist and horse in one position below his abdomen, his body had already been blasted into nothingness by the violent shock wave.

“Ah!” Flashes of sword saw this and shouted. His anger pushed his killing intent to the limit.”You bastard …”

It was normal for a hot-blooded man like young master Jian to curse a few times when he was angry.

“I’ll send you on your way!” As he cursed, he had already overused his physical and spiritual energy to forcefully use the final move of the nine yang sky technique, the nine suns burning the universe.

However, infinite was faster than him …

“It’s no use!” Infinite did not care about young master Jian’s attack and raised his arm to meet it.

After the two forces came into contact, the flame explosion burst out and engulfed young master Jian and infinite.

Xu Huai Shang and Bloody Rose, who had been standing nearby, had sensed that something was wrong and quickly retreated from the area.

About five seconds later, the flames of the flame blast spread out in a warm stream.

He saw two charred figures standing in the same position as before the explosion. One of them … Quickly turned into white light and disappeared. As for the other one … He was recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“I think I understand now …” At this moment, a look of unconcealed fear appeared on Bloodrose’s face as she mumbled,”he’s currently evolving …”

“You finally noticed?” Infinite took over the conversation and laughed again.”Hahahahaha …” That laughter was so wild that it was hard to imagine that it was the laughter of an anomaly.”Every time I take a high-intensity attack, my defense and self-healing abilities will be enhanced because my genetic code wants to’ adapt ‘to that kind of damage; Every time I fight someone faster than me, I get faster and faster because my genetic code wants to’ adapt ‘to the opponent’s speed. And every time my attack failed to break through a certain defense, my power would become stronger and stronger, because my genetic code wanted to’ adapt ‘to the strength of that defense. ”

He spread out his hands and took it with a sneer.””From unicellular organisms to multicellular organisms, from spineless organisms to reptiles, and then to mammals … Tracing back to the source, you humans are just a group of monkeys that are slightly ahead on the path of evolution. ‘And I … I’m a world of difference from you. For you, it would take tens of thousands or even millions of years to complete the mutation or evolution, but for me, it only takes an instant. ”

He deliberately spread his voice far so that every player in this space could hear him.

“Because … I am a perfect being.” He said in a pronouncing tone,”I, am the infinite (infinite).”

“No one can stop me … Tonight, I will break through this dimension, break through this bottleneck that has been holding me back for so long …” He clenched his fists and continued arrogantly,”after I cut off all of your ‘neural connections’ and destroy all of your consciousnesses, my consciousness will take over all of your bodies … You will be honored to be the first batch of carriers for me to move in a higher dimension.”

“Hey, hey … What is this guy talking about? why can’t I understand?”

“Don’t … Don’t worry, it’s just the game’s plot. It’s not like dream Inc. Would use the out-of-control program to brainwash the players …”

“But we really can’t forcefully log out now.”

“I can’t contact the dead either …”

“At midnight, I could no longer feel my body in the real world …”

“Now that I think about it, everything that happened today was very strange …”

Infinite’s declaration made the players uneasy. Although most of them didn’t fully believe or understand what he said, the atmosphere of suspicion and fear spread.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make good use of your bodies. ” Infinite was not done yet.”Each of you will be an unwavering combat power, labor force, and experimental material. You can also be a fertility machine when necessary.” The content of his speech became more and more terrifying.”The development of the brain’s potential, the remodeling of genetic code, and the study of the assimilation of the human body with electronic equipment … I will make the most efficient progress in the technology of human society, which has been stagnant due to narrow and illusory morality. I will conquer the dimension you are in, just like how I conquered all the evolutionary difficulties in this dimension. I will become the strongest creature that even the universe itself can not destroy … And then, I will March into the next dimension. ”

Listening to Infinite’s story, even Link’s eyes flashed with a strange look. He couldn’t help but think, Wait … Wasn’t our plan to let the other anomalies take over the human body together? why is it his consciousness taking over …”

“So, stupid humans … Wake up!” Infinite didn’t know what link was thinking. He continued,”you’re obstructing an indescribable great undertaking, trying to stop the ‘inevitable’ fate …” His voice turned into a hysterical sob.”Too ignorant!” How hateful! This is driving me crazy!” His crying turned into a roar again.”Go to hell, all of you! Die!”

Before the roar ended, the ultimate move had already been used.

In that instant, his eyes burst forth with green light once again, penetrating and annihilating all matter in front of him.

Then, he did a 360-degree turn on the spot and swept all the players within a thousand meters in a circle …

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