Three Meals of a Reincarnator

Chapter 352 (END)

Chapter 352: Chapter 352

1 year later.

The inside of the restaurant was bustling.

People were drinking wine and eating food underneath the gold lighting, and they were laughing and chatting with one another.

One of the factors that made a restaurant succeed was the vibe.

The conversations of customers couldn’t ring loudly within a restaurant.

It had to be a warm and stable place, and in that sense, this restaurant was perfect.

The customers were in awe of the food as they chatted about the food, and they seemed satisfied with the food and enjoyed the experience.

Unlike the peaceful hall, the kitchen was like a war.

It was lunchtime, and Ho Sung Lee was leading a group of chefs, who were focused on making perfect dishes.

By the time Ho Sung Lee came into the kitchen, the head chef took over the position of the sous chef.

“Hey! You can’t swing the pan like that!”

Ho Sung Lee screamed. He stole the pan and demonstrated how it should be done.

The man, who had his pan stolen, gulped, and upon taking it back, he focused so that he wouldn’t make a mistake again.

Ho Sung Lee watched and nodded before moving on to the next person.

After checking all of the details, Ho Sung Lee called the head chef to tell him to prepare for a special customer before leaving the kitchen.


Ho Sung Lee left through the back door and sat in an old chair in the alleyway and smoked his cigarette while looking up at the blue sky.

“Nice weather.”

Ho Sung Lee, who smoked while smirking, remembered that it had been a year since Min Sung had left and sighed.

“Why has he been in the Demonic Realm for so long? He loves eating three meals a day.”

While Ho Sung Lee smiled bitterly, the back door opened and one of the employees came out.

“Sir, we got a call. They’ll be arriving a little earlier than expected.”

“Really? Okay.”

The employee excused himself, and Ho Sung Lee put out his cigarette and smoothed out his clothes.


Today’s special VVIP guest was Commander Ji Yoo Kim of Central Institute.

Inside the kitchen, which was tenser than ever, he watched the head chef cook.

Even if he was the head chef, he had to pay attention as it was a VVIP customer.

The server then took the completed dish and proceeded into the hall.

Ho Sung Lee watched Ji Yoo Kim and a business relation enjoy their food and caught his breath.

Only after checking their faces after tasting the food could Ho Sung Lee feel relieved and rest.


In response to an employee’s calling, he turned around.

“Commander Kim asked that you join her at her table.”

Ho Sung Lee glanced at Ji Yoo Kim’s table. He thought for a moment and then nodded.

“Tell her I’m coming.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Ho Sung Lee took off his apron. He returned to his office. He put on his jacket and then returned to the hall.

As soon as Ho Sung Lee appeared in the big hall, the customers greeted him.

Ho Sung Lee answered them with a smile as he headed over to where Ji Yoo Kim was seated.

The man, who sat across from Ji Yoo Kim, got up and turned around as he buttoned up his jacket.

He was a good-looking man, wearing a luxurious suit with his forehead exposed.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Sae Hoon Lee.”

He offered a handshake, and Ho Sung Lee lightly shook his hand before sitting down.

Ji Yoo Kim smiled brightly.

“I’m sorry to bother you. You must be busy.”

“It’s not like I’m actually working myself.”

Ji Yoo Kim smiled and tilted her head.

“From what I’ve heard, you direct the kitchen during important times.”

Ho Sung Lee avoided Ji Yoo Kim’s gaze. He coughed and looked at the man named Sae Hoon Lee.

“Who’s this?”

Ho Sung Lee asked while pointing at the man.

In response, the man straightened his posture and opened his mouth.

“I’ve just been appointed. Let me introduce myself. I’m the new diplomat at Central Institute.”

“Oh, I see.”

Ho Sung Lee took turns looking at Ji Yoo Kim and Sae Hoon Lee. When he did, Ji Yoo Kim glared at him in a playful way.

“It looks like you’ve misunderstood something.”

Ho Sung Lee laughed quietly.

“Of course not.”

“Anyway, you seem to be doing really well for yourself.”


“Wow, are you playing dumb with me?”

Ho Sung Lee scratched his head and smiled.

“Your foundation is huge now, and you’re managing 7 restaurants now. And all of those restaurants are booked for the next 365 days. I think that’s impressive after just a year.”

Sae Hoon Lee jumped in.

“I agree. It was hard getting a reservation here, and I can see that it’s very impressive. My girlfriend also praised this place.”

Ho Sung Lee smiled.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“What are your future plans?”

Ji Yoo Kim asked.

Ho Sung Lee thought for a moment before smiling.

“I think I’ll take a break. My business is stable now, and I have people I can trust. So I want to go traveling.”

“Wow, lucky. I wish I could travel.”

Ji Yoo Kim sounded sincerely jealous.

“Our great commander has so many responsibilities that she can’t go anywhere.”

And when Sae Hoon Lee made a joke, Ho Sung Lee laughed in agreement.

And Ji Yoo Kim gave them a gaze as if it wasn’t fair.

“How are the governments, hunter leaders, and criminal organizations? Since Min Sung has been away for a while, they might get other thoughts.”

Ji Yoo Kim shook her head.

“You know how Min Sung is. He left such a strong impression that everyone is simply carrying out their duties. The governments and hunter leaders are still butting heads, but it’s not serious.”

Ho Sung Lee nodded and sighed out of relief.

“In that case, I’ll probably be able to travel with a peace of mind.”

“How long will you be away for?”

“Hm, around 9 to 10 days?”

“Aw, come on. I thought you were going to go for a long time.”

“Even when I come back, I plan to just check up on things and just live my own life.”

“Can you really do that? You’re a perfectionist.”

Ho Sung Lee smiled bitterly.

“Min Sung would go off if he heard that.”

Ji Yoo Kim smiled.

“Min Sung had high standards, and you were the only one who could really assist him.”

Ho Sung Lee thought of Min Sung and grimaced.

“I’m always lacking… in front of Min Sung.”

“But you’re the only one he trusts. I think that says it all.”

Ho Sung Lee smiled as if he was comforted.

“Thank you.”

Sae Hoon Lee filled Ho Sung Lee’s glass with wine and offered a clink.

“I feel like I’m in a movie to be with two such incredible people. It’s an honor.”

Ji Yoo Kim lifted her glass and so did Ho Sung Lee.

After clinking glasses, Ho Sung Lee put the glass to his lips. But then…


He felt his phone vibrate.


Ho Sung Lee put down his wine glass and took out his phone.

And as soon as he checked the caller, he sprung up from his seat.

Ji Yoo Kim and Sae Hoon Lee looked at Ho Sung Lee in surprise.

“What’s wrong?”

Ji Yoo Kim asked with surprised eyes.

“I-It’s Min Sung.”

“Min Sung?”

Ji Yoo Kim’s voice got louder.

Ho Sung Lee gulped and answered the phone tensely.

“Yes, Sir. It’s me. I’m sorry? Oh, I’m at my restaurant. I’m sorry? Where? I’ll pick you up. I’m sorry? Oh… then I’ll send you the address.”

Ho Sung Lee hung up and blinked blankly.

“Is Min Sung coming here?”

Ji Yoo Kim asked while getting up.

Ho Sung Lee nodded while staring into space.

“He wants to have a meal,” Ho Sung Lee said to himself.

Sae Hoon Lee also got up with a tense face.

“Then shouldn’t you stop taking customers?”

In response to Sae Hoon Lee’s question, Ho Sung Lee shook his head.

“He doesn’t like that. I’m sorry, but I should return to the kitchen.”

Ji Yoo Kim nodded with a bright face

“Sure. Go ahead.”

Ho Sung Lee ran off to the kitchen.

And the chefs, who were cooking, stared at him as soon as he got in.


Ho Sung Lee clapped his hands.

The experienced chefs continued to cook while watching Ho Sung Lee.

“Min Sung Kang is coming to our restaurant right now.”

In response, all of the chefs looked nervous.

“Can you do a good job?”

“Yes, Sir!”

The chefs answered with urgent faces.

Ho Sung Lee nodded at the chefs.

“I believe in you.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Ho Sung Lee checked the time.

It wouldn’t be long before Min Sung Kang arrived.


Ji Yoo Kim, Sae Hoon, Lee, Ho Sung Lee, and the chefs waited for Min Sung Kang with great nervousness.

Meanwhile, a man opened the door and entered the large hall.

He had his long hair tied back and a long beard.

He wore a coat on top of a t-shirt, and he wore jeans and walkers that made him look like the most powerful man that Min Sung Kang was.

Sae Hoon Lee stared at him blankly, and Ji Yoo Kim looked at Min Sung with a face filled with emotion, and as for Ho Sung Lee, he went into the hall tensely and greeted Min Sung.

“Hello, Sir. Let me take you to your seat.”

Ho Sung Lee hid his nervousness and smiled.

Min Sung scanned the restaurant with his hands in his pockets.

“Is this your restaurant?”

Min Sung asked.

“Yes, Sir,” answered Ho Sung Lee nervously.

Min Sung nodded.

“Not bad.”

“I have 6 other restaurants. Please visit when you have the time.”

Min Sung smirked.

“Where do I sit?”

“Right this way.”

Min Sung sat down in his seat with all eyes on him.

As soon as Ho Sung Lee passed him the menu.

“Give me what you’re most confident in,” said Min Sung without even looking at the menu.

Ho Sung Lee took the menu back with a determined face.

“I’ll prepare it right away.”

“And sit down while I eat.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Ho Sung Lee quickly headed into the kitchen.

At that moment, Ji Yoo Kim and Sae Hoon Lee approached Min Sung.

“Long time no see,” Ji Yoo Kim greeted with a smile

Min Sung nodded and then glanced at Sae Hoon Lee.

Sae Hoon Lee greeted him in an upright position.

“I’m the new diplomat at Central Institute! My name is Sae Hoon Lee, Sir! I had the opportunity to come here thanks to Commander Kim. It’s an honor to meet you, Sir!”

Sae Hoon Lee greeted him with respect.

As a result of Min Sung’s strong gaze, Sae Hoon Lee dripped in sweat.

“Are you a couple?”

Min Sung asked.

Ji Yoo Kim smiled while her veins popped out on her forehead.

“Of course not. I’m only interested in you.”

Min Sung drank his water without a response.

“Shall we eat together since we haven’t seen each other in a while? We have to catch up,” said Ji Yoo Kim.

“Up to you,” Min Sung answered sharply.

Ji Yoo Kim and Sae Hoon Lee sat down at his table.

After that, Ji Yoo Kim called over an employee and ordered a bottle of wine.


All of the dishes were set up on the table.

Lobster, steak, and salad. It was fancy, yet simple.

That was Ho Sung Lee’s specialty.

Min Sung smiled lightly and began his meal.

Ho Sung Lee sat down afterward.

“Does it suit your taste?”

Ho Sung Lee asked while gulping.

“This is my first meal in the human world in a year. Even soggy black bean noodles would taste good. But…”


“I can’t deny that this is still good.”

Ho Sung Lee felt relieved.

After finishing the meal, Min Sung wiped his mouth with a napkin. He drank some wine and then looked at the wine bottle as if he liked it.

“How did you survive like that for so long?”

Ho Sung Lee asked, and Ji Yoo Kim and Sae Hoon Lee focused on as if they were curious as well.

Min Sung put down the wine bottle and opened his mouth.

“I didn’t do much. I just went around killing every living organism in the Demonic Realm.”

Ho Sung Lee nodded at what he expected to hear.

“Anyway, Ho Sung,” called Min Sung while drinking his water.


“You won’t be able to come to your restaurant for the time being.”

In response, Ho Sung Lee went blank before blinking his eyes quickly.

“… I’m sorry? Why not?”

“Because there’s somewhere you need to go.”


“You’ll see when you get there.”

Ho Sung Lee’s face was overcome with anxiousness.

“The Demonic Realm?”


“Then where? Heaven?”

Min Sung glared at him.

He became more and more anxious.

“Sir, I don’t know where this is, but I can’t go! No, I’m free now! I’m not going. I’m going to go on vacation. 9 nights and 10 days. I’m going to travel the world.”

“This is a vacation, too. A thrilling and enjoyable vacation.”

Ho Sung Lee was so stressed that he was so aloof.

Ji Yoo Kim smiled and jumped in.

“Can I go on that trip, too?”

Ji Yoo Kim asked with a smile.

“I don’t know if you can handle it, but if you want…”

Ho Sung Lee waved his hand to Ji Yoo Kim.

“Get a hold of yourself. This is no joke, seeing how Min Sung’s speaking. You’re making a mistake, Commander Kim.”

“I’m going to go wherever Min Sung goes.”

“Ugh, why are you being like that? Then count me out. You can just take Commander Kim.”

“But she can’t cook.”


Ho Sung Lee sighed out of stress while Ji Yoo Kim and Sae Hoon Lee stared at Min Sung without any expression.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

Min Sung smirked at Ho Sung Lee.

“Stop whining. You don’t have to go if you don’t want to, but I’ll ask one last time. Are you coming or not?”

Min Sung asked with a smile.


Ho Sung Lee dropped his head and sighed.

And while Min Sung, Ji Yoo Kim, and Sae Hoon Lee exchanged glances.

Silence fell.

And then…

Ho Sung Lee bit down on his lip and lifted his head.

He then grinned.

And that smile was pure without an ounce of deceit as if he had been waiting for it all along.

(End of Three Meals of a Reincarnator)

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