Three Meals of a Reincarnator

Chapter 351

Chapter 351: Chapter 351

As soon as Min Sung opened his eyes, he sprung up.

He breathed heavily. Rage radiated from Min Sung’s eyes, and the desire to kill from his body was making the inside of his room a complete mess.

The blankets and bed got ripped apart, and the picture frame on the wall fell and the windows cracked.

Even the items on top of the table fell to the ground.

But Min Sung didn’t see any of this, and he continued to breathe heavily while staring into space.

After a while, he scanned around him, and he finally realized that he had a horrible dream.

Min Sung laughed.

That was a dream?

Min Sung grinned.

After that, he continued to think about the Demonic Realm.

At that moment, the door opened.

When Min Sung looked toward it, Woong Jang was standing at the door.

Woong Jang looked at the room in surprise before looking at Min Sung.

“Are you all right?”

Min Sung wiped the sweat off his forehead.

“It’s nothing.”

“How is this nothing? You’re sweating.”

Min Sung got off the bed.

“I just had a bad dream.”

“I see. Can I get you a cup of tea?”

Min Sung stopped in his tracks. He stared into the distance. He thought for a moment before he shook his head.

“I need to eat first,” said Min Sung before he went into the living room.

Woong Jang looked at Min Sung with worried eyes and then hurried behind him.

Min Sung, who sat on the sofa in the living room, thought about his dream in the Demonic Realm.

That was because he had a reason to believe that it wasn’t just an ordinary dream.”

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After a short thought, Woong Jang began to cook.

He rolled up his sleeves. He washed his hands. He put a towel on his shoulder and began cooking.

First, he put the broth that he had already made into a bowl, and after preparing the stew ingredients at high speed and adding them, he put the bowl on top of the fire and moved onto the next dish.

Woong Jang focused as he used a towel and both strong arms to grab the pot and began making the steamed dish.

After that, he took out the raw meat that was reserved, and at the same time, he proceeded with the vegetable dishes as well.

The speed at which he cooked was so fast and precise that if Ho Sung Lee had seen it, he would’ve felt inferior, and within his basic skills, his fancy skills shined.

He finished the dishes in no time, and after cleaning up the live abalone, it wasn’t long before all of the completed dishes were placed on the table.

After setting them up to look nice, he nodded in approval.

Since Min Sung had a horrible dream, he made the dishes in hope that they would heal his heart.

Woong Jang caught his breath. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and walked into the living room.

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Not long after his thoughts about the Demonic Realm, the meal was complete.

“It’s ready, Sir.”

In response to Woong Jang’s calling, Min Sung headed to the kitchen.

There was fancy Korean food on the table.

Min Sung stared at the table before sitting down and picking up his spoon.

Was it because he dreamt about the Demonic Realm?

The food touched him in a different way today.

The menu was Korean food.

And the dishes were fancy.

Considering they were made in a short period of time, Min Sung realized just how skilled Woong Jang really was.

Braised short ribs, seasoned snails, raw beef, chilled jellyfish salad, and even soybean stew.

The various foods looked so delicious that he could tell how good they were just by looking at them.

Min Sung lifted the lid off of the rice bowl. He took a spoonful of rice and then picked up a piece of braised short rib and put it in his mouth.

The braised short ribs weren’t chewy but soft, and they maintained their elasticity while the marinade filled his entire mouth.

As for the raw abalone, it was the flavor of cleanliness, and the enjoyment of the chewy texture that was felt with his teeth was slight, but it allowed the fresh scent to be delivered perfectly.

It entered his mouth softly and stimulated his tongue, and the jellyfish salad contained the power of Woong Jang that was hard to come by elsewhere.

The fresh and cold raw beef melted in his mouth, and the chewy snails and crispy pear and radish along with the marinade made for a fantastic flavor.

And he didn’t know where the horseradish came from, but despite being winter, the scent of the horseradish was so strong in the soybean stew that he was able to enjoy the savory smell of the horseradish.

Thanks to the flavor of the soybean stew that combined green onions and onions, Min Sung finished his bowl of rice in no time.

It tasted killer.

Min Sung smiled at Woong Jang and gave him a thumbs up.

Woong Jang sighed of relief and responded with a smile.

“Can I prepare you some dessert or coffee?”

Min Sung thought for a moment before shaking his head.

“I want a glass of alcohol. A strong one.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Once Min Sung entered the living room, Woong Jang took out an expensive whiskey and then made a snack.

Since he just finished a meal, he had to prepare something light to enjoy.

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Min Sung went out in the yard in his bare feet and sat down on a bench to enjoy the dried-up tree.

Woong Jang came out with alcohol and a snack.

The cold weather wasn’t a problem for Min Sung, but since Woong Jang was a regular human being, there was a worry that he could get sick.

But that didn’t mean he could disturb his thoughts.

Woong Jang placed the alcohol and snack on the table next to the bench and excused himself.

After Woong Jang left, Min Sung, who was deep in thought, opened the bottle of alcohol and chugged it down.

Since it was a strong whiskey, he felt it burn as it went down his throat.

The alcohol made his head spin.

If he used his magic energy, he wouldn’t feel so dizzy, but that defeated the purpose of drinking alcohol.

Min Sung continued to drink his whiskey.

He felt the warmth of the alcohol as he thought again and again.

He wondered why he had such a realistic dream.

After much thought, Min Sung had an idea.

He realized the cause of that dirty dream he had.

His disgusting feelings about the Dionysus Gods were deep-rooted in his heart.

The Dionysus Gods gave him power, and they allowed him to make the Demonic Realm almost go extinct, but that was it.

The Dionysus Gods stopped him from actually destroying the Demonic Realm in order to keep a balance.

As a result, the Demonic Realm didn’t go extinct, and on the contrary, that meant that the Demonic Realm had the potential to start all over again.

That was the meaning of the 9 baby devils that he saw in his dream.

More devils would form again, and a Devil God would appear, and as a result, the Demonic Realm would be crawling with devils in no time.

That meant it wasn’t over yet.

The regret that he couldn’t completely end the Demonic Realm manifested in the form of a dream.

He had to end it.

No, even if he couldn’t, he had to keep trying.

If the Dionysus Gods intended to use him as a janitor to clean up the Demonic Realm, they were wrong.

He wanted to show them with action that they made the wrong decision.

He didn’t know what the end of the Demonic Realm meant to the Dionysus Gods, but he would never give up.

Min Sung wanted to see the end of the Demonic Realm, which was the closest yet furthest place in his life.

Even if the Dionysus Gods try to stop him, Min Sung would still see it to the end.

Min Sung placed the whiskey bottle on the table and controlled his magic energy.

As a result, the heaviness in his mind caused by the alcohol disappeared.

Min Sung then went inside and stepped into the shower.

He began showering with hot water.

He was determined to walk toward the end of the Demonic Realm in his most pure state.

He knew that what he wanted to do wouldn’t end in a short period of time.

It would be one tiring day after another.

But he wouldn’t stop until all of the living beings in the Demonic Realm were dead, and the Demonic realm came to extinction.

No matter how long it would take, he would see it to the end.

Min Sung left the shower and changed into his comfortable clothes.

He put on his shoes. He smoothed out his clothes and then shook off the water in his head.

There was no way Bowl, Ssol, or Repone didn’t know Min Sung’s feeling.

Bowl quickly entered Min Sung’s pocket, and Ssol stood next to Min Sung with his gold pouch.

Repone sat on Ssol’s shoulder.

At that moment, Woong Jang approached Min Sung.

“Are you going somewhere?”

Min Sung looked back at Woong Jang and nodded.

“It’ll take a while. I don’t know how long.”

Min Sung looked toward the kitchen and smiled.

“I still have to eat, so it won’t take that long.”

Woong Jang had a feeling Min Sung was going somewhere far.

“Have a safe trip.”

Woong Jang gave him a short greeting.

And Min Sung smiled lightly in response.

Min Sung took Bowl, Ssol, and Repone and left out into the back yard.

When he made a small hand gesture, the air ripped, and as the space widened, a gate that resembled a black hole formed.

While Woong Jang watched by, Min Sung didn’t look back as he walked into the black space.

After a flash of white light, the space closed, and Min Sung disappeared.

While Woong Jang watched in sadness, he heard the sound of the doorbell.

Woong Jang checked the interphone and gasped.

He opened the door with a sad face.

It was Commander Ji Yoo Kim of Central Institute.

“Where’s Min Sung? Is he inside?”

Ji Yoo Kim asked while smiling with a pile of documents in her hands.

Woong Jang smiled at Ji Yoo Kim while feeling troubled.

“I wish you came earlier. It’s too bad.”

In response, Ji Yoo Kim tilted her head.

Woong Jang explained that Min Sung left and told her what he said before he left.

In response, Ji Yoo Kim dropped the documents.

Woong Jang tapped her on the shoulder as she hung her head in sadness.

“But he said it wouldn’t take long, so don’t be too sad…”

Ji Yoo Kim picked up the documents while sobbing, and after bowing to Woong Jang, she went back.

Woong Jang sighed as he watched Ji Yoo Kim leave.

“Min Sung really doesn’t understand women.”

Woong Jang smiled bitterly.

“Or more like he’s not interested… I’m sure he will sooner or later.”

Woong Jang had no doubt in his mind that Min Sung would return safely because Min Sung wasn’t a weak man by any means.

Woong Jang stood in front of the door and smiled up at the blue sky.

“I’ll wait for you, Sir.”

Woong Jang then smiled toward the direction where Ji Yoo Kim left.

“And I hope you know that it’s not just me here who’s waiting for you.”

Woong Jang then closed the door with a serious look on his face.

It was a sunny afternoon in the middle of winter.

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