The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 5695 - Chapter 5695: Chapter 5695: Dog Two’s quick thinking

Chapter 5695: Chapter 5695: Dog Two’s quick thinking

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Yun Chujiu was stunned for a moment before she gritted her teeth and said,

“What you mean is that it’s impossible for me to switch places. I can only be that old devil’s servant, right?”

Dog two shrunk its neck. “Little Fairy, you… you are too reckless. I… I said that you can contract him, but I didn’t say that you can establish a demonic god contract with him. This… This is not my fault. ”

“Very good, very good. Buttface, it seems that I have been too merciful to you. After I settle the matter in front of me, I will let you know what it means to be miserable! “Yun chujiu sneered.

She was so regretful that her intestines were turning green!

No wonder that Old Devil had established a demonic god contract with her so easily. It turned out that he was certain that there was no possibility of swapping master and servant. Damn Buttface!

When the other dumb cubs heard this, they immediately began to beat up buttface. It was because of his careless words that they were all implicated. He was really asking for a beating!

Buttface was beaten up until he cried like a ghost and howled like a wolf. In his panic, he shouted, “Wait! Wait! Little Fairy, I thought of a crucial matter.”

Yun chujiu narrowed her eyes and gestured for the other dumb cubs to let go of him. She asked, “What is it?”

Buttface narrowed his swollen eyes and said,

“Little Fairy, your parents are suspected of the demon race. You might also have the bloodline of the demon race.

“Moreover, you were the ghost ancestor and the demon ancestor in your previous life. You are definitely not a human. Maybe you can successfully swap master and servant.

“Why don’t you give it a try? If you don’t succeed, you can deal with me later! ”

Yun Chujiu’s heart skipped a beat. What Buttface said was not without reason.

It was better to give it a try first. If she failed, it would not matter. That Old Devil was very fond of achievement and needed manpower urgently. She could fool him.

(‘I will try to switch master and servant in a while. If there is any progress, that

Old Devil will definitely kill me. When that time comes, it will be up to you. ”

Buttface immediately said confidently, “Little Fairy, don’t worry. I, Buttface, will protect you with my life! ”

Hun Dun angrily slapped buttface away. “You weakling! Get Out of my way! If I wait for you to save the little girl, grass will grow on her grave!”

Buttface fell and choked. He said angrily, “That’s because I haven’t recovered my strength. Otherwise, You Baldy wouldn’t be a match for me! ”

Hun Dun’s biggest taboo was to be called Baldy, so he immediately wanted to fight with buttface.

Yun Chujiu said with a cold face, “Enough! If you want to fight, wait until I take care of the Old Devil. If I fail, all of you won’t be able to recover. All of you, be more energetic! ”

After saying that, Yun Chujiu gave another order to the six demon wolves and then began to sit cross-legged and meditate.

The six demon wolves looked at each other. They were really unlucky!

This female devil actually wanted to contract that Old Devil. Wasn’t she courting death? ! But what could they do. ? They could only obey obediently. Otherwise, they would definitely die before this female devil.

In Yun Chujiu’s Sea of consciousness, the Yuan Shen that was quietly meditating suddenly opened its eyes. Its sharp gaze swept across the surrounding black gas in her sea of consciousness.

With a sudden wave of her hand, several purple lightning bolts shot towards

the black gas.

Her attack was very sudden. At this time, the old man was taking a nap. It was the time when he was most relaxed. Thus, those purple lightning bolts seemed to have struck the black gas.

The black gas immediately weakened a little, but it also woke the old man up.

A thunderous roar sounded in Yun chujiu’s spiritual sense, “Junior, what are you trying to do?”

Yun chujiu ignored him and continued to command the purple lightning to attack the black gas. Since the black gas could weaken, it meant that there was a possibility of it turning back to its master.. She could not give up halfway!

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