The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 5694 - Chapter 5694: Chapter 5694, do you eat wolf meat?

Chapter 5694: Chapter 5694, do you eat wolf meat?

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Just as the liquid merged into the old man’s and Yun Chujiu’s brows, Yun chujiu noticed that the liquid had turned into several streaks of black qi that lingered in her sea of consciousness.

In addition, she noticed that her spiritual sense seemed to have invaded the old man’s spiritual sense, but it was very weak.

This was probably the difference between a master and a servant. If she wanted to switch between master and servant, she needed to suppress the Black Qi in her sea of consciousness. At the same time, she also needed to strengthen her control over the old man’s spiritual sense.

However, she could not act rashly for the time being. This old thing’s cultivation was much higher than hers. Moreover, this was his territory, so she had to take things slowly.

When the old man saw that the contract was successful, his attitude towards Yun Chujiu became better. After all, once the demonic god contract was established, he did not need to worry about the little girl in front of him having any other intentions, because a single thought from him could make her suffer so much that she wished she could live or even die.

As for the possibility that the demon god contract might have a master-servant swap, it was not within the old man’s considerations.

Yun Chujiu’s face revealed an extremely happy expression. “Senior, I will definitely do my best to serve you in the future. I wonder if you can get used to the food of our human race? Why don’t I kill a demon wolf and roast it for you

The Six Demon Wolves. ” … ”

Doesn’t your conscience hurt when you say that?

The old man was very satisfied with Yun Chujiu’s hospitality. He smiled and said, “I don’t care about the appetite. Besides, it doesn’t matter if the demon race doesn’t eat for a long time.

I’m a little tired. Help me keep an eye on these humans and Demon Beasts. I’ll take a short break. ”

“Senior, don’t worry. Not even an ant can escape, let alone these cultivators and Demon Beasts! “Yun chujiu said confidently.

The old man nodded in satisfaction. His whole body turned into a cloud of black mist and disappeared into the ceiling of the cave.

Afraid that the old man was observing her in the dark, Hei Xinjiu pretended to be on high alert. She looked around as carefully as she could.

However, a dim light flashed in her lowered eyes, and she established a connection witn tne dumb cuties m tne spiritual beast poucn agam.

As soon as she established a connection, Hun Dun said in a muffled voice, “You were fooled by Buttface! It is impossible for a human to contract a demon. He is just talking nonsense!”

Buttface quibbled, “Just because others can’t do it, doesn’t mean that the little fairy can’t do it! Others can’t contract with you, so why are you obediently here now?

Hun Dun was infuriated by Buttface. “I just haven’t grown any hair. Otherwise,

I will kill you, you son of a B * Tch! ”

“Alright, stop arguing. Let me ask you, do you know about the demon god contract? I have established a demon god contract with that Old Thing Now. How can I quickly swap master and servant?”Yun chujiu asked.

Hun Dun was stunned at first, then he roared, “Are you a pig? ! You actually established a demon god contract with him? ! Swap master and servant? What a fantasy!

“If I knew you were so stupid, I wouldn’t have established a contract with you in the first place! ”

Yun chujiu frowned, “That Sha MO said that as long as the servant’s spiritual sense is strong enough, he can swap master and servant. My spiritual sense is definitely stronger than his. Why Can ‘t I swap master and servant?”

Hun Dun glared at Buttface. “Speak! ”

Buttface realized that he had most likely caused trouble. He said weakly, “That… that little fairy, since the demon god contract is called the Demon God contract, it is because this kind of contract is mainly aimed at the demon race.

“The side that can become the master can only be the demon race, and you are a human, so… you know..”

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