The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 48 - Not Any Ordinary Bald Head

'Really ugly... Really ugly…'

Yun Chujiu was thankful that her hair had all been burned off, or else she would have definitely been so infuriated right then that her hair would probably start burning. 'This pretty boy's mouth is really foul!'

After Di Beiming finished speaking, he quickly went away with An Feng and An Ying. He looked as if he was fleeing after being defeated. 

"Supreme Lord, is there something urgent going on in the palace?" An Feng asked curiously.

Di Beiming glared at him fiercely. "Why are you following me? Shouldn't you go back to protect that dark-skinned thing?!"

An Feng hunched his shoulders. "Supreme Lord, you can rest assured that I will protect the ninth young mistress and guarantee that she will not be hurt at all!"

"An Feng, has your brain been functioning right lately? Do you need to go to One Thousand Feet Lake to refresh your mind?" Di Beiming calmed down and glanced at An Feng coldly.

An Feng suddenly became alarmed. After he remembered what Di Beiming told him last time, he quickly said, "Supreme Lord, I understand! If the ninth young mistress' life is not threatened, I will not take any action."

Di Beiming scoffed coldly. "Do not let this happen again!"

Once An Feng watched Di Beiming leave into the distance, he wiped off his cold sweat and returned to the Yun family. 

Yun Chujiu rested her chin on her hands and started to worry. 'I can say that the big tree in the courtyard was struck down by lightning, but what am I supposed to say about the door?'

After thinking for a while, Yun Chujiu's eyes lit up, and she had an idea in her head.

Yun Chujiu unsealed Chun Yu's sleep acupuncture point, and the little girl shouted when she opened her eyes. "Milady, are you okay? What happened? I heard a bang, and I lost consciousness after that."

"Ahem! A powerful person came here yesterday!" Yun Chujiu started to spout nonsense with a serious face. 

"A powerful person? Milady, why did a powerful person come here? Why did he break our door? He didn't do anything to you, did he?" Chun Yu looked worried.

"Not only did that powerful person not hurt me, but he also accepted me as a disciple! I'll be able to become a cultivator in the future!" Yun Chujiu said excitedly.

Chun Yu had a simple personality, and she did not doubt Yun Chujiu's words. "Really? That's really great! Milady, where is your master?" she said happily.

"Ahem! My master has an unsightly appearance and is unwilling to be seen by others. He left after guiding me a little. He will teach me again another day." Yun Chujiu was getting better at lying.

An Feng was hiding in the dark, and the corners of his lips unwittingly twitched... 'This dark-skinned lass is really good at spinning tales... Our Supreme Lord is so handsome that mortals and gods are envious of him. How could she say that he looks unsightly? Ninth Young Mistress, how could you say something like that without feeling guilty?!'

After Yun Chujiu ate her lunch, she skipped out of her courtyard wearing a bamboo hat.

"Grandpa! Grandpa! Your granddaughter, Young Jiu is here to see you!" Yun Chujiu yelled cheerfully outside Yun Xiaotian's study.

"Come in!" Yun Xiaotian's hearty voice came from the room.

Yun Chujiu leaped into the room and grinned at Yun Xiaotian. "Grandpa, I'm here to tell you a piece of great news!"

"Great news? It's not raining outside, why are you wearing a bamboo hat?" Yun Xiaotian asked in puzzlement. 

"Lalala! Grandpa, what do you think of my new hairstyle? Isn't it shiny?" Yun Chujiu took off the bamboo hat swiftly!

Yun Xiaotian jumped out of his seat in shock! He trembled as he pointed at Yun Chujiu. "Ridiculous! You're being plain ridiculous right now! Are you going to be a nun?!"

"Grandfather, don't be angry! Calm down! Listen to my explanation! My bald head is not any ordinary bald head. This is a symbol of intelligence and wisdom. This is proof that I have become someone amazing in just one move!" Yun Chujiu said with a grin. 

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