The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 47 - Your Smile Is Really Ugly

"Dark-skinned thing, you caused me to be struck by celestial lightning. How do you think you should be sentenced?" Di Beiming stared at Yun Chujiu eerily.

Yun Chujiu's head worked fast, and she quickly she understood the meat of the situation, so she spoke in a slightly shy tone, "Prince Charming, this just shows that the heavens have determined that we share a fate together! If it wasn't for the celestial lightning, how would I have gotten to know you, Prince Charming? The celestial lightning is our matchmaker!" 

However, she actually felt that her anger had been vented slightly. 'Serves you right! Why didn't the lightning kill you?! Anyway, this may turn out to be a good method. Next time, if I have a similar chance, I'll hold this pretty boy and let the celestial lightning kill him!'

Di Beiming had no idea that Yun Chujiu was actually vying for his death. He carefully and deliberately thought Yun Chujiu's words through, and he felt a strange feeling in his heart. It was as though there were small feathers gently brushing over it.

"Prince Charming? Prince Charming? Is my situation normal or not?" When Yun Chujiu saw that Di Beiming was not speaking, she felt incredibly ill at ease. 

It was only then that Di Beiming's mind returned to the present. "Your situation is unheard of. Although a normal lightning spirit root can absorb the power of lightning, it is only limited to absorbing wandering lightning elements. The power of lightning is very wild. If it's absorbed directly, best-case scenario, it damages the Dantian region, but worst-case scenario, the cultivator does not survive!"

"But I'm still alive and kicking!" Yun Chujiu said, feeling puzzled.

"Well, your situation is relatively rare, and the purple celestial lightning usually strikes only when the cultivator is trying to get through a tribulation. Why would it chase after you? It's really strange!" Di Beiming furrowed his eyebrows. He did not like such situations, where things were out of his control, and he had a feeling that this dark-skinned thing would soon escape his grasp. 

Yun Chujiu made a sarcastic quip in her mind. 'Hmph, didn't you pretend to be all high and mighty and say that you'd guide me just now?! Nonsense! So you don't know what's going on with me either!'

Di Beiming glanced at Yun Chujiu, and he instantly saw the disdain that fleeted in her eyes. 

Di Beiming became livid!

"Dark-skinned thing, how dare you look down on me?! Do you want to die?"

Yun Chujiu shrank back in fear. 'What the heck?! Does this pretty boy know how to read minds?!'

"Ah, Prince Charming, I-I didn't mean that! I was just scoffing at myself! Don't I just look like trash? If even you have never heard of this situation before, then I definitely have no hope in becoming a cultivator!"

Yun Chujiu's words were full of loopholes, but Di Beiming's mind was in disarray at the moment, so he did not think too much into it. He furrowed his eyebrows. "Although your situation is a little special, it's only because the source of your spiritual energy is somewhat peculiar. I will have no problems guiding you."

"Okay! I believe you, Prince Charming! No matter what you say, I believe you!" Yun Chujiu shamelessly wore an infatuated look, fearing that Di Beiming would further pursue the previous matter.

Di Beiming was currently eager to figure out the reason behind Yun Chujiu's special physical constitution, so he stood up and walked away. "Dark-skinned thing, I will go back and look up some information. I'll return and guide you in a few days' time."

'Holy cow! He's finally leaving! Hurry up and go away!'

Yun Chujiu forced down the joy in her heart and pretended to look reluctant while she said, "Prince Charming, you're leaving so soon? I can't quite bear seeing you leave."

"Yes." After Di Beiming heard what Yun Chujiu said, he felt incredibly pleased. He stopped moving for a brief moment. "I will have someone send you the Hair-growth Pill you asked for."

Yun Chujiu showed a sincere smile on her face this time. "Prince Charming! Thank you! You are such a good person!"

Di Beiming looked at Yun Chujiu's little face, which lit up when she smiled, and his heart started to race. He scowled and barked, "Your smile is really ugly. Stop smiling at others in the future!" 

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