The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 45 - Please Help Me, Prince Charming!

Yun Chujiu gnashed her teeth in secret. 'Excuse you! What does being hungry have anything to do with me?! Am I your mom or dad?!'

But while Yun Chujiu thought gloomily in her heart, she said, "Prince Charming, your breakfast is still warm, I'll bring it to you now!"

Yun Chujiu felt that she would definitely go crazy if she continued acting like this.

Yun Chujiu carried a food box and went into the room in a servile manner. Luckily, the three people outside had only eaten the food in one food box in the morning, and, as it happened, she could just give this food box to Di Beiming. 

Di Beiming was leaning against the bedside lackadaisically, and he smiled a little when he saw Yun Chujiu striding inside. 

"Prince Charming, you're awake now? Why do you look even more charming after your sleep?" Yun Chujiu put on a fawning look. 

Di Beiming had enjoyed Yun Chujiu's "great confession" and hummed faintly. He moved in front of the table and ate his breakfast slowly. 

Yun Chujiu put her hands under her chin and kept looking at Di Beiming without blinking. 

'Darn it... How could this pretty boy be so good looking?! It's so unreasonable! I really wish I can draw a small tortoise on his face. Let's see whether he'll still look so pretty even after that.' As Yun Chujiu continued thinking, an enigmatic smile showed up on her face. 

Di Beiming naturally noticed Yun Chujiu's passionate gaze and felt proud. This dark-skinned thing must be deeply in love with me, or else she would not look so infatuated even when she looks at me eat!'

After Di Beiming ate his meal, he coughed, and Yun Chujiu snapped out of her "sweet dream".

"Prince Charming, you finished eating?"


"Prince Charming, let me give you a massage!" Yun Chujiu quickly tried to curry favor with Di Beijing when she remembered the Hair-growth Pill An Feng mentioned.

Di Beiming was stunned. He was still not used to having someone be so near to him. But he was not that averse to Yun Chujiu's presence, and as if he were granting a special favor to Yun Chujiu, he said, "Alright. Since you're so sincere, I'll allow you to do it."

Yun Chujiu felt like strangling this pretty boy who just loved to pretend to be cool. But unfortunately for her, she could only think about it. 

Yun Chujiu ran behind Di Beiming in a servile manner and started to seriously message Di Beiming's shoulders. 

In the beginning, Di Beiming's body was quite taut. But no one knew whether it was because Yun Chujiu's skills were really good, or whether it was for some other reason, but Di Beiming slowly relaxed, and he felt that the sensation of being massaged was actually pretty good. Even the dazzling sunlight shining from outside became pleasing to the eyes. 

"Prince Charming, could you help me out a little?" Yun Chujiu finally let the cat out of the bag.

"Speak," said Di Beiming faintly with his eyes closed. 

"Well... isn't my hair all gone? I'm really a little ugly because of it, and I know that you have a lot of methods up your sleeves, so could you help me get some pills that will promote hair growth?"

"How did you lose your hair?" Di Beiming did not agree nor disagree. 

Yun Chujiu blinked, thought about things for a while, and decided to tell the truth. "I mean, I'm useless when it comes to cultivation, right? But after being struck by lightning yesterday, I found out that I can absorb the power of lightning. So, I climbed up to the tree and wanted to absorb more. But I didn't expect myself to overdo it, so I ended up like this."

Di Beiming's expression changed. "What? Absorbing the power of lightning?"

Di Beiming thought about this for a moment. Then, an expression of realization appeared on his face. 'It's no wonder why I wasn't able to help clear the dark-skinned thing's blocked meridian system last time. So, she has the rare lightning spirit root!'

Yun Chujiu was a bit worried when she saw Di Beiming not speaking for a while, "Prince Charming, is something wrong?"

Di Beiming had a thought appear in his head, and he solemnly said, "Yes. The cultivation of lightning spirit roots is different from the cultivation of other spirit roots. If no one guides you, it'll be very easy for you to go through qi deviation."

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