The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 44 - Sooner or Later, You’ll Belong to the Supreme Lord

"I'll go collect breakfast. Both of you, make sure you guard the house well." Yun Chujiu was highly skilled in making a fuss out of a casual remark. Once she became aware of the change in attitude within the two guards toward her, Yun Chujiu put on a really good act of acting as their superior. 

"Yes! Ninth Young Mistress, remember to bring our share too!" An Feng said in an apple-polishing tone. 

Yun Chujiu agreed to his request and strode out the courtyard.

Along the way, the people who met the ninth young mistress were puzzled as to why she put on a bamboo hat over her head. Yet, no one dared to ask, and they saw no strange behaviour from her either. 

When Yun Chujiu reached the main kitchen, she ordered the servants to pack two full boxes of food. 

Yun Chujiu carried the food boxes and went back to her courtyard. Then, she called An Feng and An Yin over for breakfast.

After breakfast, Yun Chujiu put on an act of leaning against the rattan chair in a relaxed manner so that she could start digging for information. 

"How should I call both of you?"

"This humble servant is An Feng!"

"This humble servant is An Yin!"

When Yun Chujiu heard how these two people referred to themselves, she thought to herself. 'You're the pretty boy's servants, why are you referring to yourselves as "humble servants" in front of me?'

Yun Chujiu went ahead and said, "Oh, come now, I don't deserve this! Both of you are masters in cultivation, how could you call yourselves servants in front of a loser who cannot practice cultivation?!"

An Feng tried to please her by saying, "Ninth Young Mistress, sooner or later, you'll belong to the supreme lord. You're our mistress, and we're your servants. So, it's only proper to address ourselves as servants in front of you."

Yun Chujiu was so shocked that she fell on her butt. Once she scrambled to her feet, she chuckled dryly, "It's too early to say those things. The supreme lord has very high standards, and people like me might not even get noticed by him."

An Feng suddenly raised his tone. "Ninth Young Mistress, please don't look down on yourself! I can tell that the supreme lord is absolutely, completely, certainly, utterly satisfied with you! Or else, how could our supreme lord hug you when he's usually a clean freak, much less sleep on your bed?!"

Yun Chujiu just continued chuckling dryly without saying anything. 'That's a cosmic joke if I ever heard one. That pretty boy is just raring to kill me, and if it weren't for me shamelessly flattering him, I think I might have lost my life! Fancying me? He thinks I'm stupid, huh?!'

But Yun Chujiu was happy that these two guards had a misunderstanding. She switched the topic of conversation, "An Feng, just now, you told your supreme lord that I'm not dead yet. What's that all about?"

An Feng blinked. He was not as stupid as to tell the truth. So he grinned and said, "Our supreme lord suddenly felt a pain in his heart yesterday night, and he thought something happened to you, so we rushed over that same night. I noticed there was nothing abnormal in the residence and went to inform the supreme lord. But, heh, I didn't expect that I'd get chased out by the supreme lord!"

Yun Chujiu naturally did not believe in the nonsense An Feng just spouted away, but she had not expected Di Beiming to send someone to protect her in secret, so she did not continue demanding answers. 

An Feng sighed in relief in his mind. 'It's not easy to trick this dark-skinned lass. I need to be more careful later on.' 

"Ninth Young Mistress, what's wrong with your hair and eyebrows?" An Feng pretended like he knew nothing. 

"I accidentally got struck by lightning." Yun Chujiu just whipped out a half-truth.

An Feng was cackling in amusement in his heart. 'Accidentally? Aren't you the one who went out of her way to attract lightning?! But why did you go and attract lightning, anyway?'

"Ninth Young Mistress, our supreme lord can get a Hair-growth Pill for you. After dissolving it in water, wipe it on your head, and it can speed up hair growth. Once our supreme lord is awake, you can ask it from him." An Feng then thought. 'Supreme Lord, this is all I can help you with. I hope you can reduce my punishment because of this.'

Just as he expected, happiness bloomed on Yun Chujiu's face. "Is that true? If I use this Hair-growth Pill, how long will it take before my hair grows?"

"Although it can't help you recover it to the point that it used to be, it can still help you gain an inch per day."

Yun Chujiu nodded. 'It's fine even if it's just an inch per day. It's better than being bald." 

Yun Chujiu made up her mind. No matter what, she would absolutely get the Hair-growth Pill from the pretty boy later on. 

Two hours later, Di Beiming's voice traveled out lackadaisically from the room. "Dark-skinned thing, I'm hungry."

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