The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 324 - I’ll Take It

Chapter 324: I’ll Take It

Yun Chujiu accepted the Spirit Stones, and her smile immediately brightened. “Brother Wuji, you’re really a generous tycoon! Are you thirsty? Let me make you a pot of tea, okay?”

“Little Sister Jiu, I’m not thirsty! Let’s chat!” Xue Wuji shook his head like a rattle-drum. What a joke! This little girl was so ruthless. A pot of tea would probably cost him ten thousand Spirit Stones!

“Brother Wuji, I originally wanted to give you a pot of tea. Since that’s the case, I’ll drink it myself!” Yun Chujiu poured a cup of tea and sipped it.

The dishes Xue Wuji ate were a little salty. Initially, he did not think much of it. Now that he heard the sound of Yun Chujiu drinking water, he immediately felt thirsty.

“Little Sister Jiu, I’m also a little thirsty.”

Yun Chujiu smiled and poured a cup for Xue Wuji. “Big Brother Wuji, please have some tea.”

Xue Wuji’s depression dissipated a little, and he drank the tea in one gulp.

Yun Chujiu helped fill another cup, and Xue Wuji drank it all.

After drinking three cups in a row, Xue Wuji put down the teacup. “Little Sister Jiu, there’s no need to pour. I don’t want to drink anymore.”

“Brother Wuji, one cup costs ten thousand Spirit Stones, and three cups costs thirty thousand Spirit Stones. Pay up!”

“What? Didn’t you say you would give it to me as a gift?”

“Yeah, didn’t you want the pot of tea that I gave you as a gift? These three cups are for a fee! Brother Wuji, are you trying to renege on your promise? If you don’t want to give it to me, then so be it. I can’t beat you anyway! Sigh, Prince Charming never reneges on his promise. He always pays up without hesitation.”

Xue Wuji felt like his head was about to burst!

This wretched girl was really crafty!

He was so angry!

Xue Wuji endured but did not make a move. He squeezed out a smile and said, “Little Sister Jiu, you’re really lively! Isn’t it just thirty thousand Spirit Stones? Take it!”

“Brother Wuji is really a good person who keeps his word! Brother Wuji, do you want to have some spirit fruits?”

“Are you going to charge me?” Xue Wuji gritted his teeth and asked.

“Of course I do! Brother Wu Ji, it can’t be that you can’t afford it, right? Since you can’t afford it, then forget it. I’ll sell it to my Prince Charming!”

“I can’t afford it? Hmph! Bring me as many as you have!” Xue Wuji straightened his back. ‘This young master is much richer than that expressionless man!’

Secret agent Huahua rubbed his forehead. ‘Young Master, where is your usual shrewdness? Why do you always look like a fool when you’re with this little girl?? She’s obviously trying to trick you!!’

Sure enough, Yun Chujiu smiled and produced a basket of red fruits, each of which was only the size of a thumb.

“Brother Wuji, there are a total of five hundred and eighty coral fruits costing one hundred Spirit Stones each, which comes to a total of fifty-eight thousand Spirit Stones. Pay up!”

Xue Wuji jumped up immediately. “One Spirit Stone can buy a whole cart of these lousy coral fruits on the streets. You’re selling them to me for fifty-eight thousand? Are you trying to rob me?”

Yun Chujiu pouted her mouth aggrievedly. “Brother Wuji, the coral fruits you mentioned are from the demonic beast forest. I picked these from the ancient mystic dimension!

The ancient mystic dimension has disappeared so these coral fruits are precious! If it weren’t for our good relationship, I wouldn’t have sold them to you. It’s fine if you don’t buy them, but when the Prince Charming comes, I’ll sell them to him. Maybe he’ll give me a hundred thousand Spirit Stones for them!”

Xue Wuji snorted coldly, “No matter where you pick them, they’re just coral fruits without any spiritual essence! I don’t believe that Di Beiming would pay a hundred thousand Spirit Stones for this damn thing!”

As soon as Xue Wuji finished his words, a cold voice was heard. “Black Thing, I’ll pay two hundred thousand Spirit Stones for these fruits.”

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