The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 323 - Young Master, Please Wake Up

Chapter 323: Young Master, Please Wake Up

“Little Sister Jiu, you really know how to talk. I haven’t seen you in a while. Did you miss your big brother? Here, take these flowers!” Xue Wuji took out a bunch of colorful wild flowers from his storage ring and handed it to Yun Chujiu.

Yun Chujiu casually took it and said, “Big Brother Wuji, this good-looking but useless thing is not as practical as two meat buns. Next time, don’t do such a stupid thing!”

Xue Wuji was speechless.

Secret agent Huahua remembered that his young master had confidently said that Yun Chujiu would be overjoyed when she saw the flowers. She would definitely be moved to tears. ‘Young Master, does your pride hurt?’

Xue Wuji looked at Yun Chujiu casually throwing the bouquet of wild flowers that he had carefully arranged on the stone table. He was so angry that his heart was twitching. This stupid girl had no aesthetic sense at all! She actually abused his hard work!

“Brother Wuji, why do you look so pale? Are you hungry?” Yun Chujiu asked with a smile.

“I was in a hurry to see you. I haven’t had lunch yet!” Xue Wuji loosened his fists in his sleeve. ‘This darn girl still cares about me!’

Yun Chujiu’s eyes lit up. “Brother Wuji, what do you want to eat? I have everything here.”

“Anything! Anything is fine!” Xue Wuji felt even more touched. ‘This stupid girl is so considerate toward me!’

Yun Chujiu quickly took out a table of food from her storage ring. Seeing that the bouquet of wild flowers was in the way, she pushed it to the ground.

The corner of Xue Wuji’s eyes twitched violently. ‘This little girl is really not romantic! However, at least she still has some feelings for me. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have taken the initiative to prepare food for me.’

Xue Wuji was really a little hungry. He picked up his chopsticks and started eating.

“Little Sister Jiu, your food is not bad! I’m about to fall in love with you!” After Xue Wuji had eaten his fill, he leaned back slightly on the recliner. His long and narrow phoenix eyes were filled with charm as he looked at Yun Chujiu with deep affection.

When Yun Chujiu heard Xue Wuji’s words, she was stunned.

Xue Wuji was pleased with himself. Hmph, a little girl who had never seen the world was a piece of cake for this young master. As long as he used some tricks, she would be completely loyal to him. ‘Di Beiming, just you wait to be cuckolded!’

“Brother Wuji, what did you say just now? I was just calculating the bill and didn’t hear clearly! We’re old acquaintances. How about this, I will give you a discount for this table of dishes. You only need to pay me a hundred thousand Spirit Stones!” Yun Chujiu said with a smile.

Xue Wuji almost fell off his chair!


Was she not mesmerized by him? Was she counting money?!

Secret agent Huahua quietly stepped back. ‘Young Master, you better be careful. Why don’t you learn your lesson? The little girl doesn’t even like you! Wake up!’

Xue Wuji gritted his teeth. “Little Sister Jiu, I remember you said last time that you wouldn’t charge me for my meals in the future.”

Yun Chujiu blinked her eyes. “I didn’t charge you for your food. I charged you for the vegetables. I didn’t include the rice.”

Xue Wuji was speechless.

“Brother Wuji, are you trying to go back on your word? No wonder Prince Charming said that you’re a cheapskate! Prince Charming is always very generous! Hmph!” Yun Chujiu curled her lips with a look of disdain.

Xue Wuji was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. He immediately became anxious. “He’s the cheapskate! Little Sister Jiu, I was joking with you just now! It’s just a hundred thousand Spirit Stone, isn’t it? Take it!”

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